10 Film And TV Characters Not Hot Enough For Their Roles

There is probably nothing more annoying than watching a show and realizing that the character that is supposed to be the temptress, the beef cake, and the eye candy is nothing but a huge flop. What makes it even worse is when they have quite possibly the worst attitude on the planet and they think that people have to take their crap because, well, they're hot. TV and film lovers tune in for a small number of main reasons; the entertainment (of course), the actors and if you are a huge media buff, then the characters and the connections which you as a viewer feel with them. When a writer creates a character influential enough to strike every emotion in you, you know that they have done a good job; however, one thing that can completely ruin that character along with their crappy attitudes, flaws and basic personality, is their serious lacking in the looks department. Let’s be more specific; it is more about when the character looks nothing like what you thought and they are a hassle to deal with. There are a few minor rules to follow when designing a character that comes off as someone who should be able to get away with busting your chops, and one of the main requirements is their looks. Let’s be clear, you do not have to be the hottest thing on the planet in order to be a complete meany to people, but it definitely softens the blow. If you are going to create a character with huge flaws at least give them the looks to back it up. Here is a list of a few TV and film characters that are just not hot enough to have to put up with their crap.

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10 Mickey Rourke – Everything

It is not just one character with actor Mickey Rourke; he is normally cast in roles that portray him as a brooding, troubled man who is just oh, so hot. This makes every girls nurturing side come out and think we can help him, change him and ultimately, make him a better person. While that seems to be an attractive quality to some women, has anyone ever really looked at Rourke? His looks do not match the roles he is playing (you’re only hot when you’re miserable when you are actually hot). He is put in these leading man roles where he has the opportunity to whisk these beautiful women off of their feet but unfortunately, he just does not have that leading man look; not anymore at least.

9 Dee Reynolds – It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia


Dee Reynolds (played by Kaitlin Olson) is a colossal mess, not only does she not know how to stay out of trouble, but she can also be a giant b****. Like her counterparts, she is narcissistic and self involved. She is constantly wondering why she can never have a great relationship and she is adamant that she is one of the "hot girls", but truth be told Dee is not hot enough to have the attitude she has (or the ignorant opinions she so frequently states). Her brother and his friends constantly remind her of how not hot she is, yet her delusions keep telling her she is.

8 Sherlock – Sherlock Holmes


When one thinks of a character that is as smart as a whip detective like Sherlock Holmes, they normally associate him with a man who can hold his own and look pretty darn cute doing it; but instead our modern day example is Benedict Cumberbatch. Not even the costumes and the great acting can hide the fact that he is just not our ideal image of what Sherlock Holmes should be. So yes, he has become somewhat of a heart throb forced on us by Hollywood and the media, but that does not mean he is right for the role of a detective who has been around for more years than anyone can count and has a ridiculously huge cult following.

7 Rachel Berry – Glee


One word, annoying; the character of Rachel Berry was (for lack of a better word) a loser in high school, until a glee club boosted her popularity and all of a sudden, all of the guys wanted her. Realistically, she was a huge nerd who wore knee socks and dreamed of being Liza Minnelli (no one wants to be Liza Minnelli). We quickly find out that she comes with a whole lot of baggage and is super clingy; in no day and age is clingy-ness cool or attractive. Rachel was not hot enough to be so troublesome; yes, she got Finn, but yet she continuously tried to compete with Quinn, the hot head cheerleader.

6 Nancy Botwin – Weeds


This troublemaker can be such a headache. Yes, we can all admit that the idea of a lonely housewife who has to sell weed to support her family is intriguing, and let’s be honest who is not attracted to a bad girl? Where the dilemma comes in is how taxing Nancy quickly became to those around her. Played by Mary Louise Parker, Nancy always had a man wrapped tightly enough around her finger that she eventually never heard the word “no”. However, if you take a long hard look at Nancy, you can easily see how unattractive her manipulative attitude was.

5 Hannah Horvath –Girls


Now this may sound like shade, but it is more of a well thought out observation. Actress Lena Dunham created a show with a “powerful”, “thought provoking” main character; then conveniently casted herself in that role. The character is supposed to be a female in her 20’s trying to navigate life post grad; she complains about everything and is so utterly self involved that you would assume that she is a super hot chick who can complain about anything simply because she is hot. This is not the case, however. Hannah is not necessarily hot enough to be complaining about every last thing in her eye line.

4 Sookie Stackhouse – True Blood


The character of Sookie Stackhouse was supposed to be this innocent, virginal young woman who was somewhat of a recluse due to her “special power”. She was hated by many of the town’s people because they feared that she would read their minds. She was supposed to be this lust-after character who was almost unattainable, but her description was such a disappointment. For a character that has blond hair, big brown eyes, a fit body and can fill out a sundress, she sure is a frustration to look at. She was played by actress Anna Paquin in the HBO rendition, which kind of helped the situation. Overall she is not hot enough for all the trouble she has caused.

3 Lori Grimes – The Walking Dead


Oh geez, where to start with Lori Grimes. Let’s begin with how drastically different she looks from the graphic novels to the TV series, and second let's discuss what a questionable wife she was to Rick. Her look overall is basic; flat hair, a manly face and her attitude is piss poor. Even as Rick tries to make the best of their situation, she flat out refuses to appreciate that she is even surviving (as clearly most people are not). She is not hot enough for someone who is responsible for breaking up a solid friendship between Rick and Shane.

2 Cersei Lannister – Game Of Thrones


This crazy girl thinks that she has everyone at her finger tips and unfortunately for the most part, she does. After all, she is (or was) the queen. But the real question is, is Cersei worth all of the trouble she seems to cause? On top of being a complete bore, she is so miserable and so very evil. She seems to hate everyone around her including some of her relatives, and we all know that misery and hatefulness is not attractive. Cersei is just not hot enough, especially in this past season where she seems to get a tiny dose of her own medicine.

1 Anastasia Steele – 50 Shades of Grey


50 Shades of Grey has been a hot button topic for some time now and when there was an announcement that the popular book would be made into a film, the description of main character Anastasia Steele, was on everyone’s mind. The book describes her as somewhat mousey, a quiet, innocent girl who gets entangled in this bizarre love story with a sadistic male. One would look at this and assume a vixen (or even a hotter description of a girl) would be best for this role, but that simply was not the case. Things took another turn for the worse when they casted Dakota Johnson in the coveted role of Anastasia.

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