10 Fictional Characters Who'd Make Awesome Best Friends!

What are some of your favorite television shows? Perhaps one of the biggest reasons that you love particular shows is because of certain characters. Some may be funny, others may cause you to reflect on your own life in powerful ways. Sometimes your favorite character does not come from a visual medium, but may be someone that you discover through literature or another art form.

No matter where you come across these characters, regardless of their "realness" in the world, they offer some level of joy and attachment to the viewer. It may seem only natural to imagine how that character would interact with you if they were to enter your life. Some of the most well-written characters would make awful best friends, even if you enjoy learning about them. Other characters show more heart that you could hope to find in any real person.

Some of the best fictional characters may be the ones that grow up with you in your life. Ones that you have watched or read, and may take on a whole different meaning as you move into adulthood.

When considering what fictional characters you would want to be your best friend, there are several factors that you need to consider. You need someone that you know will be loyal to you, and knows what it means to be a friend when you turn to them in your time of need. Ideally, there are qualities in these characters that you see in yourself and can comfort you in your time of need.

I'll be honest, some of the people that made this list are here because of what they represent. How could you not want a superhero to be your best friend? Just think of how convenient that would be (assuming that no super villain is after them).

No matter what qualities you desire in a best friend, I hope you will agree that everyone on this list would make a really awesome best friend.

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10 Marshall (How I Met Your Mother)

Via How I Met Your Mother Wikia

Now, I must confess, I am a pretty big fan of How I Met Your Mother. While the series definitely faltered at times, I felt that Marshall always stayed pretty consistent. Plus, you need to consider the intangibles that the "big fudge" brings to the table. As a lawyer, and eventually a judge, you know that Marshall is always going to be able to have your back both as a friend and as legal representation. Marshall is also easily the most loyal friend throughout the series, both to his friends and his wife. Not to mention, he was, in my opinion, the funniest character on the show.

9 Hurley (LOST)

Via lostpedia

Ok, there are absolute downsides to being best friends with Hurley that need to be addressed immediately. You probably aren't going to be able to do anything involving the numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 or 42. You also might need to live on an island in the middle of who knows where. But I mean besides that, Hurley is great! As my favorite character from LOST, Hurley was always known for some humor in a tight situation (also one of my traits). Not to mention there are countless situations in which you know he did everything he could to help his friends. That's loyalty that is true and tested, and would never get old to see in your best friend.

8 Chandler (FRIENDS) 

Via TheOdysseyonline

Could I BE a bigger fan?! Friends is one of the best sitcoms to ever come on television. By the time it had hit Netflix, I had already seen every episode countless times. That did not stop me from binge-watching the entire series again. Friends would not be nearly the show it is, if not for the joy that Chandler brings to the series. While I preferred Chandler prior to him and Monica, he is still absolutely hilarious and would make an excellent friend. There is also value in knowing he'll always be there for you, even when the rain starts to fall.

7 Kelso (That '70s Show)

Via Fanpop

Oh Kelso, you big dumb idiot. He sure wasn't the smartest character on the list, but that doesn't make him any less lovable! Granted you might have to live in the 70s to be impressed with things like his super cool van, but Kelso still holds value as a best friend. Kelso was always up for trying some crazy dumb stunt, and as a result was always at the center of many highjinx and hilarious adventures with his friends. Kelso has also managed to fall off the water tower and survive so you know he is plenty durable, and that can come in handy with a best friend! To top it all off, you know Kelso loves to party! Rock on, Kelso.

6 Harry Potter (...Harry Potter)

Via Wallpaperswide

Do I even need to explain how cool it would be to have Harry Potter as your friend? In a perfect world, he would be your best friend during a time where He Who Shall Not Be Named is not out trying to ruin your day. Yet without that small detail, you'd have a wizard as a best friend! "Hey Harry, I kind of feel like pizza, should we call delivery...or...y'know...you want to just take your broom over there real quick? Thanks, bro." That's a conversation you get to have. If you guys were both ever incredibly comfortable on a couch and the remote was on the other side of the room? Problem solved, even I know "Accio remote!"

5 Superman 

Via Comicvine

I'll be honest, if Superman was my best friend I would immediately want him to fly me somewhere. Plus, given that I am a writer, perhaps we'd bond over his experience at the Daily Planet (...but mostly the flying thing). Superman would rock as a best friend because just like flying, he has countless super powers that would make your everyday life easier. You need to move into a new apartment? Guess who is on your moving team. You're stuck in traffic? Not anymore, now the clouds are your traffic! Who needs a limo or a fancy car when you have your best friend to fly you around? (It's not like he would ever be busy, right?)

4 George Costanza (Seinfeld)

Via YouTube

Seinfeld is my favorite sitcom of all time and there was no way I could not include someone from the show in this list. While they can all be considered awful people for a variety of reasons, George is my favorite of the bunch. I absolutely love witty banter, and George can do it with the best of them about countless topics. The sheer ridiculous situations that he places himself in would be absolutely hilarious to witness as one of his closest friends. If you're fortunate enough to be dating him when he was working with the Yankees, that could also lead to some super cool benefits. George may be the best, best friend, if only because he would make you feel so much better about yourself because you are not him.

3 Hobbes (Calvin and Hobbes)

Via Gocomics

Is there any comic character more loyal than Hobbes? I mean his name is in the title of the comic strip itself! Calvin and Hobbes has always been a huge influence on my life. I have had different levels of appreciation for the comics through the years, but always look back fondly on the friendship between a boy and his stuffed tiger. Hobbes exhibits the qualities that matter the most in a best friend, like the ability to always be there for Calvin, and to help foster his sense of imagination. This is absolutely a nostalgic pick on my part, but I find it hard to imagine there is someone out there that hates Calvin and Hobbes.

2 Joey (FRIENDS)

Via avclub.com

Is it cheating to put two characters from the same show on my list? I guess given that I created the list, nobody is really going to stop me (I'm so rebellious!). Which is great, because as much as I'd love Chandler as my best friend, Joey might be even more fun. Just imagine Joey as your wingman. You'd have the confidence and bravado to take on all the ladies of New York City! Plus, who's going to help you finish off those 3 pizzas? You don't even have to ask, you know Joey is all over that task with you. Loyal to the end like Chandler, we'd be like the three musketeers! (Ross can come too).

1 The Genie (Aladdin) 

Via Disneywikia

There has never been a friend quite like him. The Genie would be ridiculously cool to have as your best friend. If we ignore the obvious sad angle of it being Robin Williams behind the big blue guy, the benefits of being besties with Genie might be higher than any one character on the list. Even if you only got three wishes, that's still an incredible power to be given. Genie wasn't even Aladdin's best friend! Imagine if he was. Maybe once being freed Genie would then be free to be the best best friend of all time! If you're a fan of singing and want to bust out a musical number? You better believe he is going to be right alongside you, and that is a quality that you really cannot put a price on.

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