10 Female Celebs Who Have Abused Their Men

Physical abuse is very serious, and can leave emotional scars that can take years to repair. Women are commonly the victims of domestic violence, but there are some cases in which men are abused by their female partners. Either way, physical abuse is not the right way to handle altercations, and choosing to “resolve” a disagreement through violence can only make the situation worse.

There are several reasons why a person may choose to resort to physical assault. In many of these cases, drugs or alcohol play a huge role in physical abuse. Some women inflict pain on their romantic partners as a way to protect themselves, or as a misguided attempt to display their womanhood. Some women also claim they are justified in their abusive behavior, and lashed out at their partners in self defense.

Of course, celebrities are not exempt when it comes to domestic violence. There are a few women who have been in domestic disputes with men, but are not viewed as the victim in these situations. There are several possible solutions to domestic violence, including ending the relationship, which many women have chosen to do. Some have decided to use other methods besides violence to solve their problems. Here are 10 female celebrities who have physically abused their men.

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10 Carmen Electra

9 Brenda Harvey


Brenda Harvey is best known for being Lionel Richie’s ex-wife and Nicole Richie’s adopted mother. When she found out that Lionel had been unfaithful to her in 1988, she wasn’t shy about her feelings. Rumor has it that she beat Richie up after catching him in bed with a woman in a Beverly Hills hotel room. Some stories say that Harvey pretended she was part of the room service staff when she suspected her husband was at the hotel. When she got access to the room, she attacked both Richie and his mistress. Brenda Harvey was arrested for spousal abuse, and was also charged with assault, trespassing and vandalism.

8 Emma Roberts

The talented actress and niece of Julia Roberts looks so innocent and unassuming. It’s quite a shock that she would be the aggressor in a fight. Emma was in a relationship with Evan Peters, but the two had a hard time getting along. In 2013, the police were called when Peters and Roberts got into a fight. Evan had a bloody nose and bite marks on his skin. No charges were pressed against Emma, because Evan wanted to work things out. Apparently, his method worked, because Roberts was seen wearing an engagement ring months after the incident. Hopefully, the couple will be able to solve their problems in a healthy way during their marriage.

7 Kelly Bensimon

6 Kelly Brook

5 Tonya Harding


4 Stormy Daniels

In 2009, Stormy Daniels, who is an adult film star, was arrested for domestic violence. Daniels is also known for her AVN Award wins and for posing sans clothing in Penthouse. Daniels is a 36-year-old Louisiana native who even considered running against David Vitter for the senate seat for the state of Louisiana. Her domestic violence arrest put a damper on her political future. Stormy Daniels stated that she didn’t mean to hit her husband, but was tossing a potted plant into the sink. She also threw the couple’s wedding album on the ground and broke a few candles during the dispute.

3 Tawny Kitaen

In 2002, video vixen Tawny Kitaen was arrested due to domestic violence. The actress has also been arrested for driving while intoxicated, as well as vandalism and drug possession. She’s perhaps best known for appearing in videos for the band Whitesnake in the 1980s. Kitaen was also Tom Hanks’ fiance in the 1984 film Bachelor Party. The domestic violence charge involved her then-husband, baseball player Chuck Finely. Three days after the incident, Finley filed for divorce. After a plea bargain, Tawny agreed that she would enter a spousal battery counseling program, and that she would not contact Finley. Kitaen is a mother of two.

2 Elin Nordegren


While we don’t advocate violence, we couldn’t help but let out a little cheer when Elin Nordegren, Tiger Woods’ ex-wife, chased after him with a golf club. Apparently, Woods had been cheating on his wife with several different women. This, of course, was after she landed a few scratches on his face and he tried to get away from her. Nordegren went on to land a few blows to Tiger’s SUV, and as he tried to dodge her, he ended up hitting a tree and a fire hydrant. Elin’s fit of anger was certainly understandable due to Tiger’s lies and infidelity, but she may have regretted her hot-headed actions soon after. Gladly, she has calmed down since then, and has been living pretty quietly since her split from Tiger.

1 Whitney Houston

It’s no secret that the late Whitney Houston and her husband, fellow singer Bobby Brown, had a tumultuous marriage. Their relationship was not without domestic abuse, but Brown wasn’t the one doing most of the hitting. Houston even stated in an Associated Press interview that despite what people think, Bobby had never put his hands on her, and she was the one who administered the physical abuse, not him. She also stated that the two were crazy about each other. Houston also said that when she and Brown fought, they were actually fighting for their love. It’s also public knowledge that both Houston and Brown suffered from substance abuse issues. Whitney unfortunately lost her battle with substance abuse when she passed away in 2012.

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