10 Female Celebrities Who Basically Got Famous For Being Pretty

Fame is a very delicate thing. Some people aspire their whole lives to gain stardom. They try it all: acting, writing, music; yet, no matter how much work they put into it, their star just doesn't rise.

Such is life.

But there is another extreme in Hollywood that seems to counteract the preceding thought. While some may struggle their whole lives and die having never tasted success, some just seemingly have to be pretty and fame just falls into their laps. The reason females are accentuated in the title is because this type of fame very rarely falls into the hands of anyone other than females.

Name one male celebrity who has never acted, never sung or done anything, and yet he is famous. You can't. He doesn't exist. But when it comes to women in Hollywood, this type of stuff happens all the time. You really just need to look the part. You have to be incredibly good looking and make yourself accessible.

Really, that is it. While a sex tape will help with this, we cannot recommend that to you in good conscience. For your consideration, here are 10 female celebrities who basically got famous for being pretty and nothing else.

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10 Tila Tequila

No one is sure how this MySpace maven landed a VH1 show that basically accentuated how much of a lost soul this girl really is. Rising to fame for God knows what, Tila Tequila ended up on a show that featured her getting into hot tubs with various guys and girls and fooling around with them.

Funny thing is, she had a pretty fast downward spiral that was done publicly, blowing a lot of people's minds in the process. She claimed the Illuminati were trying to kill her. Indeed, when the term downward spiral is used, it's not used lightly.

9 Paris Hilton

The list needs to be started with the woman who basically created the movement. What a great many people do not know is that Paris Hilton is actually brilliant. She has a very high I.Q and knew, with her familial last name, she could brand herself as the ditsy, pretty blonde and it would work. Years later, it's safe to say she is laughing all the way to the bank.

Hilton is a DJ now and supplements her income with actual work, which is nice to see. But let us not forget, her rise to fame did start with a rather infamous sex tape. This is unfortunately (or fortunately) not the last time you will see that on this list.

8 Iggy Azalea

Although many of you will cry out that she raps, there is proof out there that says otherwise.

No offense is meant, but that can hardly be called rapping. That is a woman, crouched on a stage, literally yelling noises into a microphone in front of thousands of people, praying they don't notice. Well, guess what, Iggy? They noticed.

Granted, she gets some credit for trying to be good at something, but the problem here is, she isn't. It would be like if your nine year old nephew was selling crayon drawings for thousands of dollars. It just makes no sense, much like Iggy's fame.

7 Courtney Stodden

While her 15 minutes of fame are up - people grew tired of her attention-getting antics really quickly - there was a time about three or four years back when, for some reason, every magazine and news site was talking about Courtney Stodden for no other reason than she married an actor who was way older and super creepy.

He was old enough to be her dad; they were taking pics together that, well, to put it simply, no single soul on this planet would want to see. Thankfully, over time, this woman who quickly overstayed her welcome has all but vanished over time because people stopped caring.

6 Amber Rose

While Amber Rose may look like some sexy alien that was born out of some nerd's dreams after watching too much anime, that does not counteract the fact that, outside of some modeling, the woman is basically famous for looking good and sleeping with very famous rappers.

Funny how two women who have been with Kanye West are both on this list. So apparently, if you are a woman with no talent who wants to get famous for nothing and then keep that fame, you just need a couple of rounds in the 10,000 thread count sheets with Yeezus.

Seems reasonable.

5 Kelly Osbourne

If you turn on the E! network now, you will see Kelly Osbourne talking about fashion while pointing out who looks good and who doesn't. Do we dare forget? She was just a background character on Ozzy's old reality show, one of his kids who would walk in and out of a frame while Ozzy was babbling wildly.

So how, one may wonder, has this transitioned into a career of judging other people based on what they're wearing? Her dad ate the head off a bat and snorted a line of ants off the ground. Does she have the right to be judging anyone?

Granted, she may not be as vapid as the other entries on the list. Regardless, her fame is all but inexplicable to most.

4 Katie Price

Though some American readers may be less aware of Katie Price than some of our readers over the pond, she is the British version of basically everyone on this list. She is considered an "English television personality", but that usually means co-hosting some gigs just for looking pretty. She also did a bit of modeling, but as soon as some topless photos leaked, it was like her entire country just could not get enough of her.

But if you strip away (pun intended) her situation, she is just another woman who basically rose to fame for a pretty face and nice rack. If only some men and their man-boobs were as lucky.

3 The Entire Kardashian Klan

Initially, it seemed fitting that Kim Kardashian be on the list, but the reality spreads quickly once Kim gets worked into the equation. All the other Kardshians - and Jenners - start appearing, too, and it dawns on you that none of them deserve any kind of fame, yet they have it.

While it could be said that Kim is the worst of the bunch when it comes to her narcissism, Khloe and the momma Kris are not far behind. Add to that the fact that Caitlyn now has her own show, and you can see that this family is addicted to attention, but don't back that up with any actual talent or mental worth.

2 Farrah Abraham

This recipe for fame is simple. Anyone female out there can follow this, but we cannot ensure the same end results (we also don't condone it). First, get pregnant really young. Next, land on a reality show that shows how messed up and unfit you are to be a mom. After that show becomes an afterthought and you begin to fade into obscurity, too... just make a sex tape! Release that and act shocked and upset, and just watch as your star rises again.

Such is the case of Farrah Abraham. Of course, a few years later and the world knows this woman has all but turned invisible,  but there was a time where you could not surf the web without hearing about her. Thank goodness that time has changed. And if you think it played out bad for her, there's one more...

1 Casey Johnson

This is another Paris Hilton-esque example. Casey Johnson was an heir to the Johnson & Johnson brand. She was another example of a daughter with a famous name who had done nothing at all, but landed in magazines and at premiers and all the fashion shows all over TV. For the rest of us looking in, we are left wondering: who?

Sadly... she's deceased. It just shows you how this can play out if you don't handle it correctly.

How did it happen? She refused to take her insulin for diabetes. It was literally one of the most avoidable deaths in the world. Sad and an oddly fitting way to wrap this all up. Careful what you wish for when you long for fame, because you don't always know the fine print that comes along with it.


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