10 Fans Who Scored Big By Marrying Their Favorite Celeb

It’s no secret that celebs have hundreds of fans. Many of these admirers claim to be in love with their favorite celebrity, and claim that they would marry them in a heartbeat. For some people, this is actually a reality. Yes, there are individuals who are actually married to the celebrity of their dreams. Of course, some of the individuals who married their favorite famous people are also celebrities, but that doesn’t make the marriage any less of a dream come true.

Marrying a celebrity, whether you’re already in the public eye or not, is not without its challenges. You have to prepare for crowds of people taking pictures of you and your partner everywhere you go. There will be rumors swirling that the two of you are on the rocks if you ever show up anywhere without your spouse. You’re not allowed to be seen out with certain people, because it will start a manufactured scandal that can boost the careers of you and your spouse, especially if you pretend to be devastated. These factors seem like a fair trade-off for people who don’t mind the negative aspects of the spotlight if it means coming home to a famous spouse every night. Here are 10 fans who actually ended up marrying their favorite celebrity.

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10 Surata McCants


McCants likely thought she was dreaming when she and American Idol winner Ruben Studdard got married. Surata voted for Studdard to win American Idol, but didn’t think she’d be thanked in such a grand fashion. The two met when Ruben was signing CDs at a Wal-Mart in 2006. Two years later, the couple exchanged vows during a private ceremony in Alabama. Unfortunately, the marriage didn’t last and the divorce was finalized in 2012. Aside from winning American Idol, Studdard is also the winner of several other awards for his singing talent, including three BET Awards, three Billboard Music Awards and a Grammy.

9 Cash Warren

8 Kelly Preston

The actress and model was already pretty well known when she met her future husband, John Travolta. When the two worked together on the 1987 movie The Experts, they knew they were attracted to each other, but kept things innocent and professional because they were both in relationships. Kelly states that she enjoyed the kissing scenes with John a lot, but didn’t think the two would end up together. Travolta states the he admired the fact that Kelly was willing to stick it out with her husband at the time, and felt that she showed strength and character. So, maybe Travolta was actually a fan of Preston’s. Clearly, the couple are fans of each other, because they’ve been married for 23 years!

7 Daniel Moder


Daniel Moder is a cinematographer whose dreams came true when he and wife Julia Roberts, exchanged vows. Daniel Moder was working with the famous actress on the set of a movie, and reportedly, she made the first move. Both Moder and Roberts had been married before, which may have been the reason it seems that neither party were shy about making the most out of their relationship. Roberts, of course, had a successful career before meeting Moder, and is still well-known for films like Pretty Woman, Mystic Pizza, Pelican Brief and Runaway Bride. Moder is known for his work on the films Mr. and Mrs. Smith, The Normal Heart , Spider-Man 3 and The Secret In Their Eyes, a movie that his wife is starring in.

6 Luciana Bozan Barroso

The name may not ring a bell, but when you see Barroso walking the red carpet with her famous hubby, you instantly know who she is. Luciana is married to Matt Damon, and she used to be a bartender in Miami before the two got hitched. While Luciana is stunningly beautiful, people were shocked to hear that she and Damon were becoming husband and wife. This shock may be due to the fact that Matt Damon is known for dating hot movie stars, including Winona Ryder and Minnie Driver. The pair have been married since 2005 and have four children together. So, from the looks of it, their relationship is pretty solid.

5 Adam Shulman

4 Alice Kim

Alice Kim used to be a waitress in 2004, which is how she and husband Nicolas Cage met. He fell in love with her and married her the same year they met. But even before the two tied the knot, Kim was seen with Cage at various red carpet events, which was obviously a sign that he was serious about her. According to reports, Cage was in the mood for Asian food one day and went to the restaurant where Kim worked. The rest, as they say, is history. In addition to marrying a pretty Asian waitress, Cage is also known for his work in the films Con Air, City of Angels and National Treasure. Nicolas Cage was previously married to Lisa Marie Presley. Years before that relationship, he and actress Patricia Arquette were husband and wife.

3 Kayte Walsh

Walsh is married to Kelsey Grammer of Cheers and Frasier. Kayte Walsh was just a British flight attendant before she decided to be bold and make her interest in Grammer known. Now, the two are married and have two children. The pair seem very happy together and Kelsey has even expressed the love and peace he feels as a result of being in the relationship. Sure, people have had opinions about their union. However, it’s safe to say that Walsh probably doesn’t pay too much attention to people’s opinions. If she did, she may not be a rich, veteran actor’s wife.

2 Jillian Fink

There’s a good chance you’ve never heard of Jillian Fink. But if you’ve seen Patrick Dempsey on the red carpet and noticed the strikingly beautiful woman on his arm, you know who Fink is. The two married in 1999, after Jillian made it clear to Patrick that she was enamored with him. Jillian is a hairstylist and makeup artist, and did Patrick’s makeup and hair for his appearances on Grey’s Anatomy, as the handsome doctor Derek Shepherd. The couple are now separating, since Jillian filed for divorce in 2015. However, it was presumably a good run, since the pair have three children to show for their union. Years before tying the knot with Fink, Dempsey was married to his acting coach, who was also his best friend’s mom.

1 Katie Holmes

Even though Holmes is an accomplished actress in her own right, she expressed her love for Tom Cruise long before she was a main cast member on Dawson’s Creek. As a teenager, she stated that she’d love to marry Tom Cruise one day, and she did just that in 2006. The two have a daughter together, and unfortunately divorced six years later. Cruise has also been married to fellow actor Nicole Kidman, and the former couple have two adopted children together. Katie Holmes has been rumored to be dating Jamie Foxx, who is a good friend of Tom Cruise’s. Ouch.

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