10 Famous Women You Didn't Know Batted For Both Teams

Some celebrities like to make a big bang to let the world know they are comfortable announcing their sexuality. But some are quite subtle, you wouldn't notice! Most of these female stars avoid the bulk of the media and usually come out either at smaller events and interviews or suddenly appear with a girlfriend in the spotlight. As our society grows more and more liberal, it is much easier for stars now to come out of the closet and deal with less negativity than the previous decades. Yay for LGBT rights. Since celebrities like Ellen Degeneres came out publicly in the late 1990s and fought criticism, many other famous women have followed in her footsteps.

Whether it be having a current girlfriend, admitting to dating women in the past or discovering their sexuality during their careers, all these female stars have in common is that they are either bisexual, lesbian or self-labelled. Sometimes their sexuality and their experiences related to it contribute to their work through film or music, whether you noticed it or not. The surprising thing is, some of these actresses played mostly straight characters or are married to men! Did you have any idea that these famous women had already come out?

10 Lindsay Lohan

Actress Linday Lohan is definitely a name that is infamously ever-present on tabloids in the last couple of decades. Drugs, alcoholism and inappropriate affairs, Lindsay’s been caught with almost every scandal. Or has she?

9 Marilyn Monroe


8 Ke$ha

7 Fergie

6 Anna Paquin

5 Snooki

4 Cynthia Nixon

3 Christina Aguilera

2 Drew Barrymore

1 Sia

The elusive singer, who is well-known for mysteriously obscuring her face in music videos, surprisingly is one of the many public faces among LGBT celebs. She has been featured on the Advocate as an ‘out’ gay performer, and is one of the most influential Australian lesbian and gay figures according to website Same Same. Sia openly revealed that she had dated both boys and girls, with one of her female exes being fellow musician JD Samson. Not long after, Sia was tying the knot with her current husband, filmmaker Erik Lang in 2014. Sia is still passionate about gay rights, and was infuriated when politician Sarah Palin used her song Titanium at a conference where she had preached an anti-gay message. Palin was defending reality star Phil Roberston from Duck Dynasty who had received backlash for comparing bestiality to homosexuality, and Sia was quick to announce that she disapproved of and did not support Sarah Palin at all. Go Sia!



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10 Famous Women You Didn't Know Batted For Both Teams