10 Famous People With Shocking Sleeping Habits

Many of us are very particular about the way we sleep, and some of our sleeping habits may seem quite strange to others. There are lots of interesting behaviors people can exhibit while they are sleeping, whether that be snoring, sleepwalking, or talking in your sleep. If you snore you are far from alone; about 90 million Americans snore and 37 million of them do so on a consistent basis.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, humans are the only mammals that will willingly delay sleep for a variety of reasons. We have all heard that adults need eight hours of sleep, but that number varies based on the individual and can be anywhere between six to ten hours a night. Celebrities are not immune from strange sleeping habits, and reading some of these odd things that they do may actually help you feel better about your sleeping issues. From creating special rooms to positioning themselves in a specific manner, here are the 10 strangest celebrity sleeping habits.

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10 Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey is a very successful singer who has sold more than 200 million records across the world. Her most important asset is obviously her voice, and Mariah has to sleep a lot in order to keep sounding her best. It turns out that Mariah Carey sleeps about twice as much as the average person. Mariah has said that she has to sleep for a whopping 15 hours just to “sing the way I want to”. Not only that, but the diva sleeps with “20 humidifiers around my bed. Basically, it’s like sleeping in a steam room”. Carey has also said that if she is exhausted she has trouble hitting the high notes.

9 Eminem

via theguardian.com

Eminem may rap about some dark subject matter, but the hip hop star cannot sleep unless he is surrounded by total darkness. Apparently he is very picky about his sleeping conditions and is not afraid to ask for his demands to be met at the hotels he stays in. Eminem likes white noise to play on the TV as well as through speakers. He also has requested that tinfoil be wrapped around his hotel windows. This contrast of white noise and total darkness helps him stay on track when he goes on tour and constantly changes time-zones. Eminem has also struggled with a dependency on sleep medication, for which he entered drug rehab.

8 Winston Churchill

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Famed United Kingdom Prime Minister Winston Churchill would take a long two hour nap every day at about 5 p.m., possibly to keep him going for long nights. Churchill’s routine consisted of his so called “siesta” after he had a weak whiskey and soda, and he claimed the nap actually helped him get a day and a half’s worth of work done in 24 hours. His work helped Churchill to become one of the most influential British people in history. Sir Winston was a night owl and worked throughout the night, sometimes holding War Cabinet meetings from his bathtub. Churchill was the first person to become an honorary citizen of the United States and won a Nobel Prize in Literature.

7 Tom Cruise

Apparently Tom Cruise snores so loudly that he has had a sound-proof bedroom created to sleep in so that no one has to be kept awake at night. One of his visitors commented that “Whoever uses the snoring room cannot be heard outside the locked door.” Before that, his wife Katie Holmes had to sleep in a separate bedroom because Tom’s snoring problem was so bad. Not only did they have their own rooms, but Tom stayed in the north wing on the second floor while Katie had rooms on the south wing of that floor. A similar “snoratorium” has also been built for “Judge Judy” Judith Sheindlin.

6 Stephen King

Famed horror writer Stephen King is obsessed with pillows. In his biography, King revealed that he makes sure to wash his hands before going to bed, although the does not know why. He claims that “the pillows are supposed to be pointed a certain way. The open side of the pillowcase is supposed to the pointed in toward the other side of the bed.” This may seem a bit odd, but there is no doubting King’s genius. The subject of sleep has also made its way into King’s works including his 2013 novel Doctor Sleep and the 1992 film Sleepwalkers.

5 Lady Gaga

You may remember the “egg” that eccentric singer Lady Gaga arrived in at the 2011 Grammy Awards. Gaga was carried down the red carpet inside of her egg which she used for the performance of her hit single “Born This Way”. The even stranger thing is that Lady Gaga claimed that she felt very at home inside the egg and took it home to spend time in it and even slept inside of it. Gaga called the egg a “vessel” and claimed to stay inside of it for three days. Lady Gaga has had four #1 albums and three #1 singles in her career.

4 Charles Dickens

via wikipedia.org

Charles Dickens was best known for his literary works including Oliver Twist, A Christmas Carol, A Tale of Two Cities, David Copperfield, and Great Expectations, which he also had for a good night’s sleep. Dickens struggled with insomnia and certainly had a strange sleeping habit. The late great author traveled with a compass because he had to make sure he was always facing north when he was sleeping (or attempting to). Dickens somehow believed that not only would this help him sleep, it would also improve his creativity. Whether or not it worked, he was known for his literary genius which continues to impress new generations, mainly through the film adaptation of A Christmas Carol.

3 Leonardo da Vinci

via huffingtonpost.com

Leonardo da Vinci was certainly a brilliant genius, so maybe we should consider following his sleeping habits. Da Vinci was known for far more than just his art, and was a strict follower of the Uberman sleep cycle which is a polyphasic sleep schedule. The cycle that Da Vinci followed includes taking a 20 minute nap every four hours. This may have given him more time to work on his art, inventions, and science experiments. Leonardo da Vinci’s best known works include the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper. He is also credited with inventing the helicopter, parachute, and modern tanks.

2 Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps may be one of the greatest Olympic swimmers of all time, but he needs his rest in order to swim that fast. He sleeps in a high altitude sleeping chamber that makes his body work extra hard to produce red blood cells and refresh his muscles with oxygen. Phelps told 60 Minutes “Once I’m already in my room I still have to open a door to get into my bed. It’s just like a giant box. It’s like ‘boy and the bubble’.” Phelps also said that this chamber helps him out with his performance endurance. Phelps has won 22 Olympic medals including 18 gold medals.

1 Nikola Tesla

via wikipedia.org

Tesla is a much celebrated inventor and engineer who is best known for contributing to the design of the alternating current electricity system. Like many other great minds, he tried to get the most time out of his day dedicated to his work. He followed a similar system to Leonardo da Vinci and claimed that he never slept for more than two hours a day. Tesla even claimed to once work for 84 hours straight without sleeping or getting any rest. He spoke of the thrill of being an inventor by saying that “such emotions make a man forget food, sleep, friends, love, everything.”


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