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10 Famous Parents Who Destroyed Their Children’s Lives

10 Famous Parents Who Destroyed Their Children’s Lives


Yes, parenting is hard. It’s one of the most difficult things we’ll ever take on as a species, to literally assume responsibility for raising other human beings. There are bound to be bumps along the way and impossible tasks that arise. The sad thing is that there’s no text book on how to parent correctly. There’s no golden rule to parenting. Sure, there are tons of help books and websites, and we’ve all got friends who have kids which usually means endless sources to help figure it all out. But the difference between a good parent and a less than stellar one is not in the actions they put forth but in the proof of the child itself. A messed up kid is direct evidence of poor parenting and here are 10 famous parents who destroyed their children’s lives to prove that theory.

10. Kris Jenner


Kris is the Queen of the Kardashians. Yeah, you may have heard of them. They’re the TV family best known for being famous for no real reason of substance. Kris married famous athlete Bruce Jenner and the two created a blended family of their children, and even added a few more. But Kris had spent so many years in the limelight that it must have been hard for her to let go. None of the Kardashian/Jenner members are well known for doing anything other than something which directly puts spotlights on them, but to go so low as to film your daughter’s sex tape and then proceed to help circulate it to the media? That’s a bad parenting move. Yes, daughter Kim is obviously not too worried about it, but Kris’ action to constantly keep her family at the top of headlines is bound to catch up on them. Daughter Kylie has already stated that she can’t wait for their reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians to wrap up so she can go into hiding for a while.

9. Will Smith & Jada Pinkett Smith


Sure, Will Smith and wife Jada are extremely talented and well respected throughout Hollywood. They chose perfect roles and always make the best choice for their own careers. But the same can’t be said about their kid’s caree- um, lives. Will and Jada have repeatedly been known to just let their kids make their own decisions about school, work, and even sex. That wouldn’t be so shocking if Willow and Jaden weren’t underage minors.

8. Kit Culkin



Mostly known as the father of Macaulay Culkin, Kit definitely sits near the top of uber crappy parents. After thrusting son Macaulay into the child star limelight with the Home Alone movie series, Kit proceeded to greedily control all of his son’s money and assets. When Macaulay refused to keep acting, Kit forced him to keep at it but still withheld his son’s money from him. As Macaulay matured, he filed lawsuits against his father, emancipated himself, and ended up with nothing. Now Macaulay can be found lurking the alley ways of New York, looking more like a cartoon meth addict than the sweet little Kevin McAllister we all knew and loved.

7. Lauryn Hill


Wooo, this one’s a doozy. Lauryn Hill used to be one of the most famous female musicians in the world. She was extremely well respected and produced ground breaking music that fans couldn’t get enough of. Then, suddenly, she fell off the radar. So what has Miss Hill been up to? Not parenting her children, apparently. Lauryn reportedly had a failed attempt at joining a cult, to which she had planned to involve her children in. Then, just recently, she got caught for three years of tax evasion and is sentenced to prison. That’s a stellar role model there.

6. Michael Jackson



Even though his kids had repeatedly assured the word that Michael was a loving, caring, and amazing father, it’s just far too hard to believe. Again, the proof of good parenting is in the kids. And Michael Jackson’s children aren’t exactly the epitome of normal. One of them is named after a piece of linen, after all. After Michael’s death, the three kids went into hiding, the media let loose the blood hounds and tried to dig up any dirt they could find. But recently, they’ve surfaced and tried to make a life for themselves. Prince has been reported to having an eating disorder, Paris recently recovered from a suicide attempt, and Blanket has been dealing with severe bullying from his peers and is in the process of changing his name.

5. Mama June


Mama June, aka June Shannon and mother of Honey Boo Boo, takes the cake (and probably eats it, too) for title of horrible parent. Everything aside, pageant moms have the worst names among the parenting world. But Mama June’s horrendous mothering skills have been caught on camera time and time again. Recently, it was revealed that her boyfriend had been abusing her other daughter and she was forced to leave him for fear of what he’d do to Honey Boo Boo, but she also expressed her concern for their “careers”. It makes you wonder, if they weren’t TV stars, would she have left him at all?

4. Lil Wayne


Lil Wayne, super famous rapper and recording artist, has four children that he’s aware of and they each have different mothers. The father of the decade reportedly sees his kids a few times a year when he finds time in his busy schedule. But having four kids and four baby mamas is definitely not the example you want to set forth for your children, is it? Let’s not even mention some of the lyrics to Lil Wayne’s music.

3. Dina Lohan



Oh Dina, where to start? Dina is mommy dearest of sisters Lindsay and Ali. She’s a former singer and dancer and like most show biz moms, just couldn’t stand to let it go. She helped her eldest daughter Lindsay break into Hollywood with a child acting role in the movie Parent Trap. After that, Lindsay picked up tons of great roles, but in her teens she turned to drugs and alcohol, seeming unable to cope without the vices. Dina, rather than help her daughter, decided to cash in on the situation. She “wrote” a book, appeared on talk shows, and totally capitalized on her daughter’s addiction. Now that Lindsay has fallen off the radar, Dina has turned to her other daughter Ali to desperately try and remain in a shred of that limelight.

2. Lynne Spears



It’s no secret that Britney Spears has been profoundly unhappy with her career at times. Yeah, she seems to make the most of it, and continues to put out albums, but she lost her spark many, many years ago. Some say she’s trapped in a viscous circle, with no other life skills to branch out with. The music industry is all she knows and all she has known since a child, no thanks to her mother Lynne Spears. There were tons of reports back in Britney’s early days of Lynne cracking down and forcing Britney to diet, wear scantily clad outfits, and perform shows. We watched as Britney lost her love for the industry and spiraled downward, a direction that Lynne certainly didn’t help save her from.

1. Courtney Love & Kurt Cobain



This one takes the number one spot because of the heartbreaking story that goes along with it. Kurt Cobain fronted the most popular grunge rock band that has yet to ever exist: Nirvana. He met Courtney Love in the early days, back when she was just starting her own career in the music biz, and the two fell in love. It didn’t take long for the two to reproduce, and soon Courtney gave birth to daughter Frances Bean Cobain. Little Francis grew up in her parents’ spotlights and probably doesn’t remember her dad’s suicide, but she surely lives with the aftermath it ensued. Her mother didn’t take it well and sunk further down into a pit of substance abuse. It leaves one to wonder, who really raised little Cobain anyways? Frances seemed to have a good head on her shoulders, dabbling a bit with modeling. But she’s recently been reported to be dealing with her own substance abuse and we all know where that leads in this family.

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