10 Famous Families Who Openly Dissed Each Other

The term to throw shade is described as publicly disrespecting or denouncing someone; the art of throwing shade has been mastered by many, as it is the new way of telling someone who you do not necessarily like to basically go kick rocks. Ultimately, a shade thrower is someone who is talking trash about someone else. Shade throwers come in all shapes, sizes and statuses; however, the best shade throwers are celebrities or associates of those celebrities (i.e family and close friends). Why? because they carry around the juiciest dirt. For instance, people like Teresa Giudice, Lindsay Lohan and even Kate Hudson have either thrown shade or experienced it publicly by the people who mean the most to them; their family. Family can be your biggest supporter or your ultimate downfall. Unfortunately for celebrities, their private lives can never stay private, especially when they have aggravated someone who holds some of their dearest secrets.

No celebrity is immune to the battle scars left behind after a public lashing; the only thing they can do is get even. Here is a list of 10 shade slinging family members who did it best.

10 Christopher Ciccone and Madonna

Most people do not know that Madonna has a brother; she never talks about him and according to him, she never talks to him either. According to Christopher Ciccone, his sister has abandoned him and the rest of the family. This apparently gave him grounds to rip apart Madonna’s character and publicly lash out at her. Ciccone has been quoted ostracizing Madonna’s voice and slamming her for "never taking a vocal class". He also released a tell-all book titled Life with My Sister Madonna, that focused on the hit maker and revealed damning accusations like a lesbian relationship, and allegations of then husband Guy Ritchie’s hatred for gay men. Christopher is constantly attacking his sister; this is a real love/hate relationship.

9 Christian Bale and Jenny James

Actor Christian Bale is not only known for his superior method acting, he is also known for his climactic temper. There have been several audios of Christian flipping out on set and on paparazzi; however, this is not the extent of his temper. He has also bashed his mother and sister in the media for filing “bogus” assault charges against him. His mother Jenny James and his sister Sharon never owned up to calling the police; in fact, thy have said they have no idea who called the police. However, his mom did make a comment about his bad temper; “Let me stop and say this, do I believe that Christian Bale has a horrible temper, when pushed? Yes”. Christian continues to keep his distance from his family.

8 Lindsay Lohan and Michael Lohan


It is common knowledge that Lindsay Lohan has a very dysfunctional family. Beginning with her rise from the Disney channel, Lindsay has struggled with her public image, but mostly with keeping her father in line. The now 28 year old no longer cares to defend her father’s actions and regularly throws shade at the questionable daddy. The star took to Twitter to call her father a “lunatic” and went on to remind her followers that “he hasn't been a part of her life in a long time”. Her siblings followed, releasing statements that bash Michael for his “absents, troubling life and negativity he brings to their family”. At least this family can agree on one thing.

7 Kate Hudson and Bill Hudson

Kate Hudson has made no secret of her hatred for her biological father, Bill Hudson. She has publicly bashed him in the media with the infamous quote; “I have a dad [Russell]. The bottom line is, you call your kids on their f***ing birthday. I'm glad I had a dad who was there on my birthday". Kate Hudson has publicly said she considers Kurt Russell to be her true dad. Well dear old dad Bill does not appreciate how she feels he has retaliated by negatively comparing Kate to her famous mother, Goldie Hawn. Bill spoke with Life and Style magazine stating, "Kate has a wandering eye, just like her mother." He also wrote a book called 2 Versions: The Other Side of Fame and Family that handed out sorted details of his marriage to Goldie and the tumultuous relationship he has with his estranged children.

6 Tori and Candy Spelling


Actress Tori Spelling and her mom Candy, have been feuding in public for years and when everyone thinks it is over, one of them takes another jab and re-ignites the awkward feud. However, Tori is seemingly the more vocal of the two; she openly criticizes her mother and makes accusations that include her being disinherited, left for broke and during an interview on Good Morning America, Tori claimed that her mother never came to visit her while she was in the hospital. Candy repeatedly has tried to defend herself against the supposed false accusations but before she did that, she penned an open letter to Tori published on TMZ that accused her of using her children as “show props”. Unfortunately for her, Tori has a bigger platform and continues to insinuate on TV that things are not good.

5 Eminem (Marshall Mathers) and Debbie Nelson


Talk about throwing shade, rapper Marshall Mathers better known as Eminem has been throwing shade at his mother since his first single “My Name Is”. He has written songs about wanting to murder her and ripped on her for being an all around crappy parent. No longer wanting to take his crap, Debbie Nelson wrote a book detailing her son’s trials and tribulations growing up and debunking his accusations about their bad relationship. She spoke to any media outlet that would have her. The shade throwing on both ends continued until recently when Eminem decided it was not worth it and wrote a song apologizing to dear old mom.

4 Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga


Although Teresa claims that family is everything to her, her funny way of showing it makes everyone question her loyalty. Teresa and her sister-in-law Melissa Gorga, have been at each other’s throats for years. Teresa hated Melissa and would openly write blogs that detailed that hated. Using all forms of social media and her reality show, Teresa bashed Melissa at every chance. Crediting Melissa for running their family, Teresa blogged about it saying; “If only my brother [Joe Gorga] was married to someone who didn't crave the spotlight, I know we’d all be a family like we always were”. Melissa hit back with accusations that detailed how Teresa tried to ruin her marriage and the “actual” rift that Teresa caused within the family.

3 Solange Knowles and Jay Z


The Knowles/Carters are a very secretive bunch, so when a tape was released involving a dramatic and very physical fight between Solange Knowles and Jay Z, it shocked the world. Now, let’s be clear this shade is not a verbal one; it is not so much what Solange said, as it is what she did; she beat Jay Z's a** in an elevator. After the fight took place Solange made a bold move and removed all of her family photos from her Instagram and Twitter account. Family photos mainly including Jay Z but some that included her sister Beyonce. It has been reported that the fight took place because Jay Z was eyeing another woman; that is shade within itself.

2 Sharon Osbourne and David Arden

Sharon Osbourne had a 20 year feud with her father before he died. She made accusations in the media that included her being badly treated by her mother and father, she blamed them as the cause of her first miscarriage, and even accused them of stealing money from Ozzy. Sharon’s brother David did not sit by and allow the accusations to take flight. He did a few interviews to try and discredit Sharon; however, she hit him right back with a hilarious dig; “We call him Fredo after the weak son in The Godfather who sold the family out – that’s my brother''.

1 Liam and Noel Gallagher


These two brothers have never hidden their hatred for one another; one minute they are on stage performing together and the next minute they are physically or verbally attacking one another. The power of media has allowed them to take subtle digs at each other. Liam reportedly treated Noel like a puppet and they constantly questioned one another’s performing skills. Let’s face it, these two just could not get along. Liam even admitted to not wanting to talk to his brother; “I've got nothing to say to him, not interested in the slightest right now.” He went on to call his brother stupid and admit that they both "talk “s***" about each other. Although, it looks like their public rift may be coming to an end soon, rumor has it that they plan on opening a bar together. Alcohol and the Gallaghers, is probably not a good combination.

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