10 Famous Exes Who Regret Hooking Up

It's not unusual for someone to suddenly regret the people they have dated in the past, whatever their reasons may be. But it must be worse for famous people who have to deal with the public scrutiny of their exes, who they will forever be reminded by in interviews that are sure to bring up their past relationships. Many of these famous faces quickly fell in love with their partners (and even went on to marry them), only to then realize that the person they are dating (or married to) wasn't exactly their type, or better yet, they weren't the person they were when the relationship first began. Whatever the reason may be that these celebrities have for ditching their exes, all ten of them regret being with one another for different reasons explained in each entry. Are you shocked by any of the names mentioned below?

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10 Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries

Following their infamous wedding back in 2011, it took Kim Kardashian just 72 days before she would go on to realize that her then husband, Kris Humphries, just wasn’t the right man for her. While many reports have claimed that Kim trapped Kris for a $20 million check from multiple endorsements, the 34-year-old has firmly denied those reports, claiming that she regrets ever getting together with Humphries and hurting him the way she did. Her heart just wasn’t in it anymore.

9 Kanye West and Amber Rose

These two dated for two years, but things quickly turned sour when Kim Kardashian suddenly came into the picture. According to Amber Rose herself, Kim was the reason behind her split to Kanye West, who would go on to state in an interview with The Breakfast Club that if Kim had agreed to date (and marry) him back in 2006 when he made his first moves on her, Kanye would have never dated Amber to begin with. Ouch, that's gotta sting.

8 Taylor Swift and John Mayer


Taylor Swift was absolutely devastated when she would go on to learn that her ex-boyfriend, John Mayer, was no longer interested in her, resulting in a bitter breakup. There were rumors going around at the time that the reason why John split up with Taylor was simply down to the supposed fact that he saw her more as a friend than someone he could sleep next to. Taylor didn’t find it flattering to hear that about her, hence why she went on to write somewhat of a payback song against the singer, titled Dear John.

7 Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown


Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown were pretty much known as a bittersweet couple; there was no denying that they loved one another, but them being together formed a toxic romance. The former R&B singer is heavily blamed for allegedly introducing Whitney to hardcore drugs at the peak of her career, and while she went on to continue the drugs up until her death, she eventually saw sense in divorcing the man she once considered the love of her life. Houston admits that the relationship was bad for her, saying that the best thing that came out of it was her daughter Bobbi Kristina, and nothing more.

6 Amy Winehouse and Blake-Fielder Civil


Amy Winehouse’s entire Back to Black album is dedicated to her former husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, the man who is reportedly responsible for dragging the songstress down the path of cocaine, heroin, amongst other things. The twosome seemed to have had a great relationship until things became rocky and physical fights would occur inside their Camden home. Amy would go on to learn that Blake was cheating on her with other women, resulting in a quick divorce that left her absolutely heartbroken. She somewhat lost the passion to write music up until her untimely death when she had stressed to start working on her third studio album. Nonetheless, Amy had said that Blake was someone she could’ve definitely done without, and her parents agree.

5 Rita Ora and Rob Kardashian


2012 was a great year for Rita Ora, who had landed three UK number 1 singles, named the best-selling artist of that same year in Great Britain, along with a soaring romance with Rob Kardashian. Well, at least it seemed that way. In December 2012, Rob made shocking allegations, claiming that Rita had cheated on him with twenty men after she made it known that she wanted to break up with him. Ora went on to say that Rob was bitter that she ended their relationship and seemingly behaved like a five-year-old to make false rumors about her. Rita has publicly admitted to having found her relationship to Rob a mistake and judging by the way that the TV-star behaved, he sees things the same way.

4 Mel B and Eddie Murphy


Their romance certainly didn’t last long. Mel B and Eddie Murphy seemed like a nice couple for the few months that they were dating. But when Eddie went on to call it quits following the revelation that Mel was pregnant, the former Spice Girls member was left fuming. Not only was she annoyed by the idea of being dumped by a man she had so much in common with, she was also pregnant with his child, which Eddie infamously denied. It turned out that the comedian was the child’s father and has been paying child support ever since. Had he stayed with her, he would’ve avoided paying an alleged $20,000 a month. Both of them regret being with one another.

3 Nicole Scherzinger and Lewis Hamilton


So sad. Nicole Scherzinger is said to have been demanding ex-boyfriend, Lewis Hamilton, to settle down and start a family with her, but it seemed like he just wasn’t interested in becoming a father. Which would explain why she would go on to dump him — still, eight years of just being known as the girlfriend is pretty pathetic, too. Nicole so desperately wanted to be known as more than just a girlfriend, she wanted to be a mother and a wife, reports allege. So, of course, Nicole would regret wasting eight precious years with someone who just couldn’t make his mind up on whether he wanted kids or not.

2 Holly Madison and Hugh Hefner

Is anybody really shocked that these two regret dating one another? Holly Madison has promoted her latest memoir all summer long, where she reveals how much she hated being in a relationship with Hugh Hefner, the man who would go on to change the model’s life forever. While many perks came with living at the mansion, Holly says that Hugh definitely had her in control — as a grown adult, she was still given allowances and curfews which she had to follow. Oh, and there was sex involved whenever Hugh wanted it. Yikes!

1 Ariana Grande and Big Sean

Big Sean thought he had found the love of his life last year when he and Ariana Grande began dating one another. The songstress and her rapper beau had it all worked out… up until Ariana allegedly started demanding flashy gifts and private jet flights around the world from her lover, who most certainly didn’t appreciate being the cash cow. Sean, who came from a rough upbringing in Detroit, values every dollar he makes, so to splash up to $10,000 for his girlfriend to fly on a private jet under his expenses did not seem reasonable to him. He would go on to realize that Ariana was more of a materialistic person and decided to end the relationship. Regret alert.

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