10 Famous Celebs You Didn’t Know Hate Their Parents

It's always sad to see celeb parents fighting with their children, but for the most part, the parents are usually blamed. As crazy as it sounds, these so-called parents get caught up in the idea that they may deserve a percentage of what their children make because they helped them get to where they are. Or better yet, some even think that because they gave birth to them, their celeb child needs to spoil them with fame and fortune, which is totally bizarre, and has been one of the main reasons why a lot of famous faces have ditched their parents. Some of the biggest names in Hollywood have been betrayed by the closest people to them -- their parents -- who have sold them out to tabloids, written books about them, and spilled secrets that nobody knew about in TV interviews. As sickening as it may sound, there is no reason why someone should have to put up with parents that are so vile in exposing their child in nasty ways just for the sake of money and a little bit of fame. See how these 10 famous celebs have dealt with their parents who they are said to hate with a passion.


10 Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan’s relationship with her father has always been frosty to begin with. Ever since LiLo blossomed into one of the biggest names in Hollywood, Michael more or less became a distraction for his daughter, who couldn’t concentrate on her career due to daddy’s shenanigans. Their frosty relationship stemmed all the way back to when Lindsay was still a child, the time she would witness her mother Dina, face physical abuse from Michael. To this day, Lindsay and her father have a very estranged relationship — Lindsay is most certainly closer with her mother.

9 Janet Jackson


Janet Jackson and the rest of her siblings hated their father Joe Jackson, and this was no secret. The songstress, along with her famous brother Michael Jackson, were reportedly whooped for the most absurd reasons at times. Furthermore, Janet explained that Joe never allowed her to call him “father” or “daddy,” and instead always had to refer to him by his actual name, already causing a rift between father and daughter. The two are certainly not close — Joe was not present at Jackson’s wedding when she married Wissam Al Mana, showing you just how much Janet resents her dad for what he did to her and her siblings.

8 Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie’s hatred for her father Jon Voight, is no secret. The actress has found it incredibly hard to forgive her famous father for walking out on the family in 1977, leaving his ex-wife, Marcheline Bertrand, along with two children to care for. According to several news outlets, Voight had been cheating on Marcheline, and despite being very young at that time, Angelina quickly picked up on what was going on as she got older. She had tried to mend things with her father after he had exposed her to the media, but it was unnecessary at that point — she was done with her father. And her mother’s death in 2007 didn’t make it any easier.

7 Eminem


Eminem has also been very vocal on how much he hates his dad for leaving him and his mother all alone when he was just a baby. Bruce Mathers Marshall was believed to have walked out on Eminem as a toddler and rarely communicated with the family he left behind, up until he stopped calling completely. Though he’s probably kicking himself for leaving his son, who is known as one of the biggest rappers in the world now, Em has admitted that the loss of a father figure in his life had deeply affected his childhood, his surroundings and how he dealt with things as a teen.

6 Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston was reportedly disgusted with her mother Nancy Dow, when she made the daring decision to sell her daughter out to the press for the sake of money. Jennifer was stunned by the fact that her own mother was selling stories about her daughter whenever she could, which consequently saw Aniston keep a distance from Dow. Jennifer has not found it in herself to forgive her mother, fearing that if she gets back into her mother’s life, the same thing will happen again and again. Jennifer just won’t put up with it, and therefore, keeps a permanent distance.

5 Drew Barrymore


Can you believe that Drew Barrymore went to rehab at age 14 and 15 following her emancipation from her parents as a teenager? Crazy. But what’s even more crazy is her mother Jaid, who allegedly used her daughter to get into all the cool nightclubs at the time, was supposedly failing in her duties to care for Drew as a child. Her troubled upbringing in a household with a mother who didn’t have her best interest at heart had Barrymore spiral out of control from an early age. Drew recently admitted in an interview that she can never be cordial with her mother again.

4 Adele

Adele and her mother were walked out on by the singer’s father Mark Evans, when she was just a child, and Adele hated her dad for it. Her mother didn’t have the most money, so there was always a struggle to make sure the songstress was well-taken care of, but somehow they managed, up until Adele became a superstar. Ironically, Mark then tried to get back in touch with the successful singer, telling the press he misses his beloved daughter and is sorry for walking out on the family. Adele was not having any of it. She still hates him to this day.


3 Christian Bale


Christian Bale seems like a respectful guy, right? Well, in 2008 when his mother Jenny James, decided to make uncalled for remarks against his wife, Sibi Blazic, the actor lost it and ended up getting into a heated argument with his mother and his siblings. No one knows for sure what really happened, or what was said at the time, but it was clearly bad enough for Christian, who cut all ties with his family since then. Back in 2012, his mother publicly apologized for her actions, but it is still unclear whether Bale has forgiven her yet.

2 Macaulay Culkin

This must be one of the saddest stories. Macaulay Culkin was one of the most adored childhood stars of the 90s, but his father Kit, would make life a living hell for the young boy by signing him up for movie roles and endorsement deals non-stop. It became so hectic for Macaulay because he couldn’t keep up with all the things his alcoholic father was signing him up for. And the worst part was that the childhood star didn’t see all of the money he was supposed to have earned.

1 Kelly Rowland


Kelly Rowland has not spoken to her father Christopher Lovett, in 20 years, according to what she told a magazine in 2012. According to the former Destiny’s Child member, her father was an alcoholic, who made times incredibly hard for Kelly and her mother Doris, who eventually had enough and moved her daughter into a new home. During this time, Kelly would develop a close friendship with Beyonce while Doris continued working hard to provide for her daughter as a single mother. Kelly resented her father for what he did to her and her mother, that’s for sure.



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