10 Famous Actors Who Allegedly Bullied Their Co-Stars

While we’d all like to believe that the actors in our favorite films are best friends in real life (like Seth Rogen and James Franco’s bromance or Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s sister-like connection), the truth is that often this isn’t the case. Actors have been known to fight with one another during shooting, and there are many reasons why this might happen. One reason is that celebrities are known for having big egos, and when big egos get together, there’s bound to be some conflict. Another reason might be artistic differences. Sometimes actors don’t see eye-to-eye with one another, or they feel as though their co-stars aren’t up to their standards. Whatever the reason, actors have been clashing with one another on set for as long as movies have been made. And while usually more than one party is responsible for the conflict, sometimes one bully is solely to blame.

Here’s the list of 10 famous actors who allegedly bullied their co-stars. We say allegedly because many of these stories are based on rumors or a single actor’s account of working with another actor. But a few of the actors on this list have garnered the reputation of being serial bullies.

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10 Tommy Lee Jones and Jim Carrey

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Tommy Lee Jones and Jim Carrey worked together on Batman Forever, a film that both of them would probably rather forget about. It’s not the only thing about the film they’d probably rather forget. According to Carrey, Jones was a complete jerk to him, saying to him at one point: “I hate you. I really don’t like you… I cannot sanction your buffoonery.” To his credit, Carrey remained professional in the face of Jones’s bullying and still considers him a great actor. He believes that Jones was upset over the fact that one of Carrey’s films (Dumb and Dumber) had outperformed his film (Cobb) at the box office. Carrey’s not the only one who considered Jones a bully — director Joel Schumacher also said as much.

9 Bill Murray and Lucy Liu

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Who doesn’t love Bill Murray? He’s one of the funniest, most likeable guys in Hollywood. Well at least one person doesn’t feel that way: Lucy Liu. The two worked together on Charlie’s Angels, and apparently they didn’t get along at all. After Murray criticized Liu’s acting abilities, she reportedly physically attacked him by hitting him repeatedly. There were also reports that he had head-butted the director of the film, McG, although he later denied both claims.

Believe it or not this wasn’t the only time Murray got in a fight with a costar. He famously had a falling out with friend and Ghostbusters co-star Harold Ramis, and he also confronted Chevy Chase in the early days of Saturday Night Live, leading to a screaming match between the two. Chase insulted Murray’s skin and Murray responded by calling Chase a “medium talent.”

8 Wesley Snipes and everyone involved with Blade

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According to comedian Patton Oswalt, who starred in Blade: Trinity alongside Wesley Snipes, Snipes was crazy on the set of the film. More specifically, Oswalt said, “He wouldn’t come out of his trailer, and he would smoke weed all day.” He also attempted to strangle director David S. Goyer, and at one point asked Goyer to leave the film, to which the director responded that perhaps Snipes should leave. After that, Snipes reportedly only communicated with the director via post-it notes, writing “From Blade” at the end of each note.

7 Harrison Ford and Josh Hartnett

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Harrison Ford can be a bit of a grump sometimes. Just ask Hollywood Homicide co-star Josh Hartnett. The two got along so poorly on set that they wouldn’t look at each other and they sometimes would refuse to say their lines. They also had affectionate nicknames for one another: “punk” and “old fart” (you can guess which was which). The pair’s bad chemistry likely had something to do with the film flopping. It was panned by critics and didn’t even come close to breaking even at the box office. Their roles were previously supposed to be filled by John Travolta and Joseph Gordon-Levitt — maybe they would have gotten along better.

6 Sharon Stone and William Baldwin

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Sharon Stone is apparently so difficult to work with that a crew member urinated in her bathtub in order to get back at her. During the filming of Silver, she clashed with co-star William Baldwin. The two had to film several steamy romantic scenes, and during one particular scene, Stone decided to bite Baldwin’s tongue (she apparently bit him so hard that he had difficulty speaking for several days). Adding insult to injury, she would also use mouthwash immediately after every kiss scene with him. Not surprisingly, the two lacked romantic chemistry and the film received terrible reviews.

5 Tom Hardy and Shia LaBeouf

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Tom Hardy has a reputation for being a tough guy, both in his films and in real life. He recently clashed with co-star Charlize Theron on the set of Mad Max: Fury Road. She blamed the difficult filming conditions for their hostility, saying: “We f---in went at it… It was the isolation, and the fact that we were stuck in a rig for the entire shoot.” This wasn’t Hardy’s only run-in with a co-star, however. He also apparently didn’t get along with Shia LaBeouf — who’s not unaccustomed to getting into fights with co-stars, as well — during the filming of Lawless. The two even came to blows at one point, according to the actors. Hardy, perhaps being sarcastic, said, “I got knocked out by Shia LaBeouf, actually. In Wettest County, apparently.”

4 Steven Seagal and John Leguizamo

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This one should really come as no surprise, since Steven Seagal is known for his lack of a sense of humor (just watch his hosting gig on SNL) and his short temper. According to comedian/actor John Leguizamo, who worked with Seagal on Executive Decision, Seagal, who is a seventh degree black belt in Aikido, pushed Leguizamo against a wall and hit him with his elbow. And it was all because Leguizamo had laughed at something Seagal had said.

3 Bruce Willis and Kevin Smith

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Bruce Willis is known around Hollywood as one of the most difficult actors to work with, a reputation that he pokes fun at in What Just Happened. His most notable run-in came while filming Cop Out. According to director Kevin Smith, working with Willis was a nightmare. The Die Hard actor was uncooperative and highly critical of Smith’s directing abilities. He even refused to take part in the film’s marketing. Not mincing words, at the wrap party, Smith thanked everyone who had worked on the film except for Bruce Willis, who he called a “f****** d***.”

2 Gene Hackman and Anjelica Huston/Wes Anderson

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Gene Hackman is one of the greatest actors of the late 20th century. He won Academy Awards for his performances in The French Connection and Unforgiven. Perhaps it was because he’s such a legend that he felt he could be a jerk on the set of The Royal Tenenbaums. According to co-star Anjelica Huston, she was afraid of Hackman and felt as though she needed to protect director Wes Anderson from him. She told a story about how Hackman had told Anderson to pull up his pants and act like a man. Hackman apparently also used a four-letter word (and it doesn’t begin with f or s) to refer to the director.

1 Judy Davis and River Phoenix

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Judy Davis is a two-time Academy Award nominated actor who’s known for working with Woody Allen. She’s regarded by many as one of the best actresses in Hollywood. One of her fans was co-star River Phoenix, who was excited to work with her on the film Dark Blood. But apparently Davis didn’t feel the same way, as rumors have circulated since the film’s production in 1993 that she was an absolute bully on set. According to the director of the film, George Sluizer, Davis, who he described as “odd” and “cold,” was extremely difficult to work with and was particularly hard on Phoenix. She referred to him as “Frat Boy” and criticized his acting ability. Some people have held Davis partially responsible for the young actor’s death as a result of an accidental overdose.


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