10 Facts About Hillary Clinton You Need To Know

Hillary Clinton is the favourite to be the next President of the United States, but could her history of scandals and controversy leave her open to being trumped in the 2016 election?

Boasting a long political career of achievements and successes, Clinton certainly has the experience and knowledge to be the United States' first female President. Not only that, but because Clinton has been involved in politics for so long, voters have the luxury of not having to do too much research in finding who she is and what she stands for. However, unfortunately for Clinton, her political career has also been plagued with scandal after scandal. Indeed, in the past four years alone, Clinton has been heavily criticized for her role in the Benghazi attacks and her decision to use a private email for work related to the US State department.

However, instead of focusing on the recent scandals which are more well known, this article will reveal the scandals and unnerving facts that US voters are less likely to know about. For instance, how many knew that Hillary Clinton is currently the first and only First Lady in modern history to be Subpoenaed? Or that Time Warner - the owners of CNN - are one of Clinton's top financial contributors?

Ultimately, the intention of this article isn't to demonize the Presidential candidate, rather it's too educate voters on the facts they may not know so that they're better informed come election day.

10 Clinton Is The First And Only First Lady To Be Subpoenaed

9 Hillary Clinton Used To Be A Registered Republican

8 Time Warner Is One Of Hillary Clinton's Largest Donors

7 Clinton Used To Oppose Same-Sex Marriage

It's been often said that a good politician is someone who says what the majority of people want to hear. If this statement is true, Hillary is a fantastic politician. For example, when the general US public opposed same-sex marriage, so did Clinton. In 2000, then New York Senator Clinton publicly stated she would have voted in favour of the Defence of Marriage Act (DOMA), a law signed by her husband in 1996 which prohibited the federal government recognizing same-sex marriages. In fact, before 2005 when she began to shift her stance on the matter, there were many occasions when Clinton came out denouncing same-sex marriage.

6 Hillary Has Received Donations From Donald Trump & Attended His Wedding

5 Clinton Voted For The Iraq War


4 Clinton Once Laughed At The Death Of A Foreign Leader

3 Secretary Clinton Refused To List Boko Haram As A Terrorist Organization

2 Clinton's Top Financial Contributions Come From Wall Street

1 Clinton Once Referred To Young Kids As "Super-Predators" Whilst Pushing Her Husband's Crime Bill

Whilst First Lady, Hillary Clinton campaigned for her husband's 1994 crime bill, which saw an unprecedented number of African-Americans put in jail - often for petty crimes like smoking marijuana. However, this point isn't about the crime bill itself, rather it's about the language Clinton used when promoting the bill. Speaking in New Hampshire on January 25, 1996, Clinton referred to gang members and drug dealers as "super-predators," individuals with no empathy and no conscience who needed to be brought to heel.  What's wrong with this term isn't that it was used to justify mass incarceration, but that it's been historically used to refer specifically to African-Americans. Recently, Clinton  reportedly admitted she regretted using the term and wouldn't do so again.


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10 Facts About Hillary Clinton You Need To Know