10 Facts About Brooklyn Nine-Nine That Will Surprise You

Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the hit comedy show from Fox is near the end of its fantastic third season. Though a fourth season hasn't yet been confirmed, many are confident that it will return due to the program's unceasing popularity.

With shows like these it's always a fun idea to take a look at their origins, and some behind the scenes trivia. Jake Peralta, Rosa Diaz, Terry Jeffords, and of course Captain Raymond Holt are complicated characters once you get to take a closer look at them, as they're filled with background information and minor quirks that the average viewer doesn't easily pick up on.

In addition, the origins of the program and history involving the production crew is a complicated mess that contains a handful of interesting facts and trivia, so without further ado, here's 10 things you didn't know about Brooklyn Nine-Nine!


10 The Samberg-Peretti Connection


Starting off with an odd entry is this little tid-bit. Andy Samberg plays the lead character of Jake Peralta, and Chelsea Peretti plays the supporting role of Gina Linetti. Both characters state at some point in the show that they've grown up together, starting in elementary school.

Interestingly, this is very close to the truth, as both Andy and Chelsea actually had this experience in real life, and was ultimately added into the show because of this. Reports contradict though if Chelsea was cast as Gina prior to this bit of character history, or if Samberg helped her gain the role after the detail was added.

9 Amy's Baby Bump

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It's a tricky thing when an actress gets pregnant. Studios try all sorts of strange ways to hide the baby bump because the pain of reorganizing a schedule is surprisingly much more difficult, expensive, and time consuming.

When things like this happen, a few routes are commonly taken: tricky camera angles, digital reduction, or recording the actress' scenes before anyone could notice. Brooklyn Nine-Nine tried that first option occasionally with Melissa Fumero. In addition, they made her character, Amy, bring around large bags or just have her lower half obstructed during most of season 3.

A strange choice, but it's understandable that they didn't go for another common option in television: making the character pregnant to match the actress.

8 Samberg's Exit Strategy


Anyone who watches and enjoys Brooklyn Nine-Nine is more than familiar with actor Andy Samberg's portrayal of Jake Peralta. But what some may not know is that he'd intended to stay as far from television as possible before joining the hit comedy.

Following his departure from Saturday Night Live in 2012, Samberg personally decided to avoid television and instead aim his attention towards film. Of course, that all changed when he came across the script for Brooklyn Nine-Nine, thinking it was pure genius that he just had to take part in.

7 Playing Cops

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Acting can be a difficult thing to do properly. That being said, modern film and television tries to go out of the way to guarantee quality performances, most of the time.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is no exception, as all of the cast members who act as members of the Brooklyn precinct were required to undergo professional police training, in addition to firearms training. Although the action in the show is limited, this allows the cast to carry that frame of mind to the screen.

6 Terry's Inner Artist

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Within the first season of the hit comedy series, there's a moment wherein Amy Santiago needs to find somebody to sketch her a perp, but unfortunately the man who usually does it has called in sick. She finds Terry and asks him if he'd be willing to draw the perp instead.

This was inspired by an actual event that happened in actor Terry Crews' life. Several years ago, Crews worked on a news station, and a similar event happened where the normal sketch artist called in sick, and he was asked to temporarily fill the role.

5 Captain Holt - Unsafe Gun Holster


Captain Raymond Holt arguably is the oddest man in the precinct, which is a lot considering that Hitchcock and Scully are around. He's an incredibly self-dedicated police officer who obsesses over following every detail of the law to an absolutely indescribable degree... except when it comes to firearms.

The holster that Captain Holt uses to carry his weapon is actually extremely unsafe. It has a thumb-break retention strap that could interfere with drawing his revolver during a firefight. Additionally, the trigger guard is absent, meaning that the hammer could be pulled back accidentally, or intentionally by a criminal, and be fired within the holster, which in turn could lead to an even shorter career for the captain.

4 Stephanie Vs. Rosa


Stephanie Beatriz plays the role of Rosa Diaz, an all-around badass woman who doesn't express her emotions. Unless it's the joy from seeing someone else suffer, she's pretty good at expressing the whole "anger" thing.

But the thing is that Beatriz insists that she herself is a complete and polar opposite to Rosa, saying she's a very kind-hearted woman who always looks after her family and friends. It's funny how sometimes the roles one plays are so drastically different from who that person actually is.


3 Parks & Recreation


One of the most common comparisons of Brooklyn Nine-Nine is to the beloved show Parks & Recreation, and this is well founded.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine borrows plenty from the program, for example, Chelsea Peretti has actually written a handful of episodes for Parks & Recreation before joining the newer show.

In addition, the filming format is done essentially beat-for-beat, including adding in a few extra takes during filming where the actors can improvise lines and see where things head.

2 Who Is The Mysterious Detective Daniels?

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This one's more of a mystery than anything. Way back in the pilot episode, Holt asks Jeffords to talk about each of the detectives working at the precinct. Jeffords starts off by listing Hitchcock, Scully, and Daniels, who are worthless but make good company.

It's not that uncommon for characters in a pilot episode to wind up on the chopping block, but the odd thing is that there's no record of the actress who played Daniels. There's nothing listed as a cast member either online or the episode itself, and there's been no answer as to why the character was taken out in the first place.

1 Terry's Toddlers

Via Fox

One of the most endearing characters in Brooklyn Nine-Nine is Terry Jeffords, a large muscular man with a heart of gold. One of the subjects most brought up to Terry in the show is about his kids, he loves them to bits and it definitely shows.

The reason is due to the fact that the actor Terry Crews actually has five children: Azriel, Isaiah, Wynfrey, Naomi, and Tera. He channels his affections for his own children when acting as the character on screen. I bet Jeffords would love to have as many kids as his actor does.

Sources: IMDB

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