10 Extremely Niche Dating Sites

Dating sites have sprung up like rabbits having bunnies. The largest dating sites, like Match, eHarmony, OKCupid, JDate, Chemistry, Christian Mingle and Plenty of Fish, continue to garner the highest quantity of users overall mainly because they are spending the most in marketing and advertising, with few exceptions. Many people who are looking for companionship and love stay with the high volume sites even if they consider themselves to be a part of a niche. For example, although there are niche sites to attract gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgender users, many find the larger sites still offer a larger audience.

But now that sexual and romantic individuality has become a more prominent and accepted way of life, the online dating scene has been changing and niche sites are starting to take over. The problem is there are so many niche sites that promise to hook up people within their selected slice-of-life and local area, it segments the dating population and reduces the amount of users per site. After all, the smaller niche sites are competing with the big boys who have deep pockets for marketing.

Those who live in rural or smaller cities are generally out of luck with the more populated sites unless they are willing to travel a bit to meet their "soul mate." But now, if you live on a farm, are a rancher or a country enthusiast, you can head on over to the niche site, FarmersOnly.com. If you find you are in a niche that has not yet been addressed for dating, be sure to continue to search, as it is most likely only a matter of time.

It was difficult to narrow this list down to ten, so we tried to represent as many niche sites as possible to give our readers an idea of just how many ways there are to engage in a little online socializing.

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10 MillionaireMatch.com

Via: millionairematch.com

The website clearly states it is for millionaires or those who wish to date millionaires, but it is not for hunting up Sugardaddies, for which there are other sites. MillionaireMatch is selling luxury and above average odds of finding a wealthy partner. The site offers a certification process for those who want to verify their financial standings.

MillionaireMatch is one of the few niche sites that offers dating specialists, should members want help and guidance. The site also includes a luxury guide, a forum and blogs, which makes it more of a community.

9 TrekPassions.com

Via: TrekPassions.com

Love long and proper is the motto of this dating site for Star Trek, Star Wars and science fiction lovers everywhere. It's not necessarily like attending the ComicCon convention where many attendees dress up like their favorite sci fi character, but more for those who have love and appreciation for Ewoks, Spock and all things science fiction.

Having something in common can make or break a relationship, so it makes sense to find partners who understand and share your own niche interests.

8 SeaCaptainDate.com

Via: SeaCaptainDate.com

O captain, my captain! This dating site covers another great niche and calls out for users to "find your first mate." Boating isn't for everyone, so Sea Captain Date, is a practical way for craft lovers to meet up and test the waters. You do not have to have a boat to sign up but becoming a member is not free.

According to SeaCaptainsDate, there are thousands of captains on the site, so if you're looking for a nautical love interest this might be the perfect website.

7 PetPeopleMeet.com

Via: PetPeopleMeet.com

Of course, there are sites for single animal lovers and owners, such as PetPeopleMeet, DateMyPet, MustLovePets, Matchmakerpet and PetDating. This niche is specifically for those who want animals to be a part of their lives and relationships. It makes sense, as non-pet owners don't often understand the depth of love and caring that pet owners have for their little buddies, which can create interpersonal issues. There are also sites for those who own and love specific animal species, such as You Must Love Dogs and HorsePeopleDating.

Memberhip for PetPeopleMeet is free, although as with most dating sites, using some of the functions requires a membership upgrade.

6 SingleBoomers.club

Via: SingleBoomers.club

SeniorBoomers.club was developed to give seniors and baby boomers a dating sight of their own. Not all baby boomers are seniors, so they have little interest in aging themselves or dating "up" before their time.

With the high rate of divorce, coupled with those who have lost a spouse to an illness or accident, there is a large volume of singles between the ages of 50 and 68, which is the baby boomer group. Reports show that users in this niche might prefer to look for love on dating sites that are specifically designed for their age group. When placing profiles on the larger sites, this group is often left out in the cold while other users search for younger participants.

SingleBoomers.club is free to join and offers upgrades to access some of the features. Other dating sites for age-sensitive users are cropping up, such as 60istheNew60, Singleandover50, OurTime, SeniorPeopleMeet and SeniorMatch.

5 My420Dating.com

Via: My420Dating.com

420Dating caters to those who enjoy a life that includes cannibas. In most states, a medical marijuana license is a requirement for legally owning the substance, so this site has to be careful. This is another niche that is just beginning to surface. Our guess is this will become more popular as federal and state laws change.

A few other sites for this niche are StonerSingles, WeBeStoned.com/dating and 420Dating.

4 Gk2Gk.com

Via: Gk2Gk.com

With the last couple decades of international-renowned geek success, this niche is becoming a hot item. Geeks are known for having a difficult time finding love because of always being buried in their tech projects. But Geek2Geek offers the perfect venue for finding men and women who can appreciate the devotion and focus of the traditional geek and removes the old stigma that geeks are boring and uninterested.

There are a few other sites that attract this clientele, such as PopSugar, GeekWires and DateAGamer, but Gk2Gk seems to be the most popular at this point.

3 UglySchmucks.com

Via: UglySchmucks.com

Unlike it's name, this site is not for ugly people. Rather, it is a site where people want to be recognized for their inner beauty. It is also for those who are insecure about their looks and who might have low self-esteem, which is not exclusive to those who are  actually unattractive. Some of the most beautiful people do not know it and others have never spent the time exploring their own beauty, so this site could be an entrance into acceptance and personal growth. However, we have to wonder how many people would be willing to pursue relationships on a site with that moniker, as many will take it literally. There are no similar sites and it is not clear whether this niche will grow or bust at this point.

2 PunkMatch.com

Via: PunkMatch.com

PunkMatch is the perfect dating site for those who love tattoos, piercing, colorful and fun hair styles. The site claims all profiles are verified, which can mean anything from an email subscription verification to a third party method, it is not clear. The site is free to use and attracts punk rockers who are looking for love and companionship in their own special way.

On the site you will find a sub-website, Emo Dating Service, that is focused on singles who are even more rebellious and love celebrating their own uniqueness without feeling peer pressure. These people want to forge their own way and have no interest in compromising who they are.

1 PozPersonals.com

Via: PozPersonals.com

PozPersonals is one of the best dating sites for those who are HIV positive and want to meet others who are the same. The stigma of an HIV positive condition makes dating difficult, as revealing this situation takes courage and isn't always met with appreciation. Using a dating site that eliminates or reduces the need for sensitive discussions of this nature is brilliant. This site gives those who are looking for love a safe place to be honest and share pertinent information about life, health, fears and love.

There are other sites that focus on sexually-oriented ailments, such as PozSingles, Hdate, FindlovewithHerpes, PositiveSingles and STDMatch.

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