10 Expensive Items From The House of Solid Gold

When it comes to opulence and luxury, people generally think of two things: money, diamonds and gold. Whether you want to show off your success or you just want a one of a kind item that packs a real punch, gold is the precious metal of choice.

Sure, gold rings, watches, pens and other fine jewelry are standard, but what about the truly unique? While you don't see it every day, there are very cool products out there made out of solid gold, including skateboards, guitar picks and shoelaces.

Today, we're talking about the unique gold items found at The House of Solid Gold, a gold luxury company created and developed by designer Hugh Power. While they provide the standard fair for gold, they're made special by the interesting and somewhat wacky items they've made out of pure gold.

Read on for our list of 10 cool and unique gold luxury items sold by The House of Solid Gold.

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Golden Gourmet PB&J
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10 Golden Gourmet PB&J Sandwich - $299

Golden Gourmet PB&J
Via: www.thehouseofsolidgold.com

When most people think of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, they usually think of their kids or their own childhood memories. Still, this classic sandwich doesn't have to be relegated to the younger generations--it can be decadent and luxurious as well. Red's Golden Gourmet restaurant, located in Point Loma, California, teamed up with The House of Solid Gold to create the Golden Gourmet PB&J Sandwich. It happens to be the world's most expensive PB&J. The sandwich features brioche, all natural peanut butter, honey, premium bacon, blueberries, bananas and cherry jam. Then, each half of the sandwich is speared by a 24K gold toothpick crafted by The House of Solid Gold. This decadent lunch will run you $299.

9 18K Solid Gold Guitar Pick - $795

Gold Guitar Pick
Via: www.thehouseofsolidgold.com

You can bet that some of the most famous and wealthiest musicians in the world could afford to play their guitars with The House of Solid Gold's 18K Solid Gold Guitar Pick. Even corporate executives can show off their love for guitars with this little item. These are standard sized guitar picks handmade out of solid 18K gold coming in at 0.025 thousandths of an inch thick. Though they're shiny and beautiful, they were made to be played. Each pick also comes with a black leather travel case and a 3D display case. Pick this up for $795 per guitar pick.

8 24K Gold Vermeil Chopsticks - $3,995

Gold Chopsticks
Via: www.thehouseofsolidgold.com

Imagine eating sushi in style with some golden chopsticks. That's what The House of Solid Gold had in mind with their 24K Gold Vermeil Chopsticks. These use the vermeil gold technique which uses pure silver as the base with electroplated 24K gold. The chopsticks come in a black leather holder and 3D display case for when you want to take them with you or show them off. They also unscrew in the middle of each chopstick for when you want to save space while traveling the world. These handcrafted gold chopsticks go for $3,995 per pair.

7 Mr. Kennedy Golden Shoelaces - $14,995

Gold Shoelaces
Via: www.thehouseofsolidgold.com

So many people spend large amounts of money on their shoes. When you see tours of wealthy homes, you'll inevitably see an entire wall of shoes. But, why use the cotton laces that come with these shoes when you can thread a pair of golden shoelaces into your pair of kicks? The House of Solid Gold sells the Mr. Kennedy Golden Shoelaces. They're handmade out of 24K gold, and the handcrafting process takes 120 hours for each pair. You might think that these $14,995 gold shoelaces are just fancy showpieces. While you don't have to wear them in your shoes, that's what they were made for. According to The House of Solid Gold, they can stand up to regular use and feature a lifetime warranty.

6 Golden Skateboard - $15,000

Via: www.thehouseofsolidgold.com

Imagine owning a skateboard that you can both ride and display in your home as a piece of opulent art. That was the idea with The House of Solid Gold's Golden Skateboard. In addition to being made out of pure 24K gold electroplate it is also a fully functioning skateboard. Artist Matthew Willet designed the skateboards for SHUT skateboards and each one is numbered by the artist. Because of the amount of gold and quality craftsmanship, this is the world's most expensive skateboard. If you want to ride in style, find this gold skateboard for $15,000.

5 Clutch Purse by Van Cleef & Arpel - $57,995

Via: www.thehouseofsolidgold.com

Most of the items sold by The House of Solid Gold can be ordered multiple times by multiple people. But, what about those with rich taste who want something one of a kind? In this case, there's the Clutch Purse by Van Cleef & Arpel. The House of Solid Gold has only one of these. Created by Van Cleef & Arpel, the clutch is crafted from pure 18K solid gold, weighing 15 ounces. The clutch has several compartments and even comes with a mirror and a solid gold lipstick case. If you want to snatch this one up, get it for $57,995.

4 CliC Gold Readers - $75,000

CliC Gold Readers
Via: www.thehouseofsolidgold.com

The House of Solid Gold saw a niche in the gold market that few had filled: gold reading glasses. After all, most people just wear standard plastic or steel frames when they're ready to read. Instead, the elite of the world can now wear reading glasses made of 18K solid gold with the CliC Gold Readers. In addition to being made of solid gold, these glasses also feature the recent glasses trend of the magnetic click feature. The glasses open in the front, separating at the bridge between the lenses. You can pick these up for $75,000 per pair.

3 Soccer Futbol - $375,000

Via: www.thehouseofsolidgold.com

Whether you know it as soccer or football, there are millions of fans of the sport in the world. Those out there with expensive taste and an unbending love for soccer will enjoy The House of Solid Gold's Soccer Futbol. While you definitely wouldn't want to kick this around the soccer field, it is true to size at a FIFA size 4. It's made of 23.5 ounces of 18K solid white gold and crusted with 536.43 carats of black and white diamonds to create that classic soccer ball pattern. Because of the large size and amount of precious metal and gems, this opulent gold soccer ball goes for $375,000.

2 Roulette Wheel Set - $500,000

Via: www.thehouseofsolidgold.com

When it's time to gamble in style, The House of Solid Gold has the Roulette Wheel Set. French designer Bernard Maquin supervised over 30 craftsmen in the creation of this one of a kind gambling set. It features over three kilograms of 14K gold, 300 kilograms of pure silver and 298 carats of diamonds to create this flashy roulette wheel and its accompanying accessories. You get everything you need for a game, including a case, ball-launcher, diamond-studded rake and silver chips. If you want this for your next in-home game of roulette, you can pick it up for $500,000.

1 24K Gold Extreme Mountain Bike - $1 Million

Via: www.thehouseofsolidgold.com

You often hear of cars, boats and motorcycles being status symbols. But what about bicycles? The House of Solid Gold offers the 24K Gold Extreme Mountain Bike, which has the distinction of being the most expensive extreme mountain bike at $1 million. The company worked with professional mountain biker and extreme race enthusiast Dan Bull to create this luxurious bike. In addition to the gold-covered frame, the House of Solid Gold emblem is encrusted with 600 black diamonds and 500 golden sapphires. Not only is this an expensive bike--to say the least--it's also super exclusive. There will only be 13 of these bikes made.

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