10 Examples That Show The Kardashians Are Evil

They're one of the most famous and wealthiest families who have taken the world by storm with their crazy family history, TV shows, relationships and fashion brands. They are worshiped throughout western pop-culture by millions and so many people wish that they could be like them.

But underneath all of the glitter and glam of celebrity stardom, hidden away by the lavish jewelry, big breasts and butts and riches, lie many ugly truths that this family would wish we would all forget about. They fight tooth and nail to maintain their public images simply because that's how they stay at the top of the celebrity food chain.

This list that you are about to read will shock and open your eyes to some of the acts the “K Klan” has committed. It's surprising that they are still respected by millions of people, because if anyone else were to behave like them they would probably be mocked and shamed.

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10 Chinese Sweatshop Controversy

One of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's biggest successes have been their fashion and clothing businesses, generating millions of dollars for the couple.

But what if you were to find out exactly where some of their clothing lines come from? You'd be surprised to know that there is a great chance they are made by Chinese sweat shops. Labels such as K-Dash by Kardashian, the Kris Jenner Kollection and Shoedazzle are all manufactured in areas of China where government regulations are known to be ignored and workers treated like slaves, generally earning around $1 an hour and enduring 84 hour work weeks.

The Kardashians have been accused of turning a blind eye to human rights abuses by the China Labor Watch simply to make more money. Their multi-million dollar businesses could be run in the U.S. where they can be sure workers are given real labor rights.

9 Kris Jenner Supported Kim Having Sex At 14

The age of consent in the U.S. can vary between 16 and 18 years old depending what state you're in, but this wasn't taken into account when Kris Jenner made her decision to support Kim having sex two years below the legal age.

Kim was then in a relationship with Tito Joe Jackson, nephew of the famous Michael Jackson. Upon approaching her mother on the topic, Kris apparently didn't hesitate or establish boundaries. Beverly Hills psychotherapist Dr. Jenn Berman stated at the time of the news going public that “I do question if she’s fulfilling her role as a guide, and her responsibility as a parent.”

8 Kris Had Affairs While Her 4 Week Old Son Waited At Home


It turns out that the late Robert Kardashian wrote a diary which he left to his widow Ellen Pearson Kardashian, detailing many of Kris' behaviors and affairs. He wrote about one in particular, an affair Kris had with Todd Waterman, who was (at the time) a soccer star.

Kris would invite Todd to their house while her children were in a neighboring room, and when Todd wasn't there Kris would leave her family, time and time again to meet with the man. One entry in Robert's diary written on Christmas 1989 states “I was home alone with four kids. I put them to bed and played with them”. He also reveals that he confronted her and her lover in Todd's house while a four week old Robert Jr. waited at home.

7 7 ) Kim Exploited Her Marriage To Kris Humphries, Making Millions

The ceremony was plastered over many media outlets, and so was the divorce just 72 days later. Her wedding was turned into a four hour E! exclusive, and while the ceremony cost approximately $10 million dollars, it was mostly paid for by sponsors.

When you take into account the payments that were received for exclusive interviews and media coverage, there was a lot of money to be made. The nuptial photograph rights alone, which were sold to People Magazine, made $2.5 million. Add up all of the discounts they received from businesses wanting media coverage, selling media rights and the huge amount of dough from the E! coverage, it is estimated that this orchestrated event netted at least $17.9 million for the family.

6 Mum Marketed Kim’s Sex Tape To Become Famous

Kris Jenner has been referred to as the “momager” multiple times for her managerial role in the family, but this takes it to a whole new level.

It was Kim's sex tape with Ray J that brought international attention back to the family and launched them into the middle of the spotlight. Reports from a source inside of the family say that when a contract was made with Vivid Entertainment to distribute the video, not only were Kim and Ray J's signatures on the contract but also Kris', and that she received a payment for being the middleman.

Released at the perfect time a few months before the start of their TV show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim's tape garnered massive amounts of attention for the family, allowing them to ride their way to the top.

5 Their Disastrous Personalities Are Slowly Killing Western Culture

Being such popular figures, the K clan holds a lot of influence in what is considered normal in pop-culture and as a result, make egotism a social norm, which is replicated by thousands of fans. Here's just one example:

On the 13th of October, Lamar Odom was admitted to a Las Vegas hospital after a heavy drug binge which could have killed him. He was visited by Kloe, Kris and Kim however, the focus wasn't on Lamar's recovery. Dressed in designer clothes, followed by cameras and broadcasting to news channels, the girls became the center of attention during someone else's crisis.

Having such a massive following, their actions are glamorized by thousands of people, making the “all about me” mindset a norm and slowly removing any empathetic practices from our pop-culture.

4 Kris Jenner Used To Abuse Kim Mercilessly

In the diary written by Jenner's ex-husband, he describes in great detail some of Kris' behaviors before their divorce. As well as neglecting her children during her affair, it is stated that she and Kim would get into some very abusive fights.

Kardashian Sr. wrote: “'Kris was kicking and beating her and said she was going to kill [Kim]!”. Kim was around the age of 8 as the diary entry was written August 24th, 1989. Another entry dated the 19th of October of the same year describes Kris verbally then physically abusing Kim, stating: “Kris screamed and yelled at Kim doing her hair” and “Kris called Kim an a**hole. Her own daughter, and also hit her.” This paints a completely different picture to the one played on screen.

3 Using Bribes To Try To Stay On Top

During her relationship with Bruce Jenner, the man who Kris had an affair with while married to Rob Kardashian (Todd Waterman) released information that they had had yet another affair, disrupting Kris' marriage to Bruce. As a bribe to keep Todd from releasing this information, Kris featured him on their TV show earning him $20,000, however the payment wasn't enough to stop him from coming forward.

In a second instance on July the 17th, New York Post writer Linda Stasi, wrote a negative review for Kris Jenner's talk show Kris. She reported that hours later, 12 Magnolia cupcakes and a sterling silver pen worth $325 were delivered to her from Jenner in an attempt to change her review and improve ratings.

2 Kim Ran A Charity Auction, Donating Most Of The Money To Herself

Giving to others is always a good practice, and when the news came that Kim was doing just that, peoples' opinions began to change. However they quickly soured after finding out how much was going to charity.

The name “charity auction” implies that most of the proceeds are going to be donated, and in Kim's case the money was going towards aid for people in the Philippines after typhoon Haiyan. The problem was that she forgot to mention only 10% of her charity auction would go towards charity. Many people felt encouraged to support the typhoon relief effort and were outraged to find out that most of the money was going in to her pocket.

1 Publicly Humiliate Brother/Son For Ratings

Robert Kardashian had been dealing with depression, drug addiction, and weight problems for the past couple of years. However, all of his personal issues got used as material for his mother and sisters to broadcast to the world on Keeping Up With The Kardashians for added drama. The list includes shammy interventions portraying him as a helpless addict, stating that he parties with call girls, searching through his belongings for drugs and threatening to kick him out of his sister's house where he lives because he has no income.

Even though his personal life became dialogue for most of season 10, his family reportedly refused to share with him any of the $50 million they received from E! Television for the show.

It's reported that Rob is going to sue his family for $50 million as compensation for the continued invasion of his life and defamatory treatment.

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