10 Events Likely To Happen In Game Of Thrones Season 6

Season 5 ended with such excitement and so many 'what will happen next?' type  cliffhangers. It's that time of year again to start trying to figure out what will occur in Season 6. Why? Filming for season 6 started earlier this month. It's always fun to look at the sets and try to ascertain what the different layouts mean, and what characters are doing when seen in locations where they don't belong. Immediately after the end of season 5, virtually everyone on the show went through so many interviews that they invariably gave us clues. New and old characters were announced for season 6, one of whom is Ned Stark who is slated to return. Wait, but isn't he dead since forever? Is Stannis really dead? Can Jon Snow be resurrected? Can there possibly be enough snow to cushion Sansa's fall? I mean have you ever tried to jump into snow as a kid? It's not that soft. Who is next to die?

There are so many candidates, as there are so many grudges, and possible revenge scenarios especially from the "House of Lannister". You know Cersei won't let anything go. Is she the next one to go? She has enough grudges and enemies. By next month most of these theories will have changed, but that's the fun about this show. We can talk about it for months on end and still never figure out what perverted plot twist will end up hitting the screen next Spring.

10 Can Jon Snow Be Resurrected?

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Let's get this one out of the way first. If you have any doubt about Jon Snow's resurrection, here's a direct quote from David Nutter, director of the finale at Comic-Con: “Three weeks ago, I was in the company of the President of the United States. He turned to me, put his hand on my shoulder, and said, ‘You didn’t kill Jon Snow did you?’”“I said, ‘Jon Snow is deader than dead,’” the director recalls. “I thought I was going to be sent to Guantanamo or something, but fortunately I’m here — but he’s dead.” Nutter added that Obama also complained, “You keep killing off my favorite characters.” You can't lie to the President. That can't be good for your career can it? So he is dead. Also, note that Kit Harington (the actor portraying Jon Snow) was not at Comic-Con.

For the hopeful, here are some "facts" that allow us to cling to the small chance that he can be saved. Fans believe that the Red Witch, Melisandre can resurrect Jon Snow. She is of course last seen at Castle Black. Jon Snow is also not dead in George R.R. Martin's books. But the books do differ from the show quite often. Kit Harrington has been seen in Belfast recently, the main filming location of the show. Why is he there? Another picture that found its way on the net shows the set from Magheramorne, where scenes from Castle Black are filmed. In this blurry picture one can see a crane, indicating shots taken from above and black smoke. If Kit Harrington has been seen near the set, this is probably going to be Jon Snow's cremation scene. But fans are hoping that it's going to be his resurrection scene.

The following info provides the biggest hope of Jon's resurrection. Filming is being done at a new location at Castillo de Zafra, located in Guadalajara, Spain. This set is supposed to be the Tower of Joy. Why is this a huge deal? In the books, the Tower is the location of a fight where Lyanna Stark told Ned Stark some sort of secret. Lyanna Stark is the sister of Ned Stark and has never been seen on the show, as she died before the show started. Popular theory is that the secret has something to do with Jon's parents. So fans are hoping that Jon will be there to hear this secret.

9 New Cast Members


Max Von Sydow (pictured above) will be on the show on a limited basis as the Three-Eyed-Raven. This means that the paraplegic young character Bran Stark, will also return. According to Entertainment Weekly, the Three-Eyed-Raven is supposed to teach Bran how to "fly". More details in a later section of the article. Ian MacShane is supposed to have a limited role as Randall Tarly, father of Samwell Tarly. Harry Potter actor Freddie Stroma, is cast as Samwell Tarly's younger brother and heir to the family fortune Dickon. Pilou Asbæk of The Borgias, has been cast as Euron Greyjoy, a swashbuckling Pirate and brother of Balon Greyjoy. Who is Balon you may ask? More on that further down.

The staff behind Games of Thrones have placed ads for the following actors who have not been confirmed yet. These ads include: a Priest in his mid 40s or 50s, who is an ex soldier type, an elegant lead actress in her 40's, a Priestess in her mid 20s, a tall fierce warrior in his 30s or 40s, and 3 young boys aged 7-12. Only time will tell who these characters will be. It's speculated that the boys will be used in flashback scenes showing Ned Stark when he was young.

8 Cast Members Set To Come Back


Remember the Red Wedding, when more Starks were killed, and everyone was disappointed that there were no more Starks left to contend for the Iron Throne? The mastermind behind the massacre Walder Frey, is coming back after not appearing since season 3. The actor who plays Walder (David Bradley) was seen in Belfast, Northern Ireland. As noted before this is the primary filming location. Ned Stark is slated to return, but is he really still alive? Some fans claim that no one ever saw his head get chopped off in season 1, as his daughters turned away. Most likely though, he'll be back in a few flashback scenes. As mentioned before, Brandon Stark will return which means his companions Hodor and Meera should return. Balon Greyjoy, the depressing self proclaimed King of the iron islands should return, as should the rest of Theon Greyjoy's family.

7 The Emergence of The GreyJoy Family


Theon Greyjoy was pivotal in season 5, as the finale showed him redeeming his life of betrayal, cowardice and servitude by helping Sansa Stark escape. Alfie Allen, the actor playing Theon, was spotted in the Irish town of Ballintoy, site of the Iron Islands. So Theon is returning home, but will he be accepted by his Father? It probably won't matter. One death that is almost certain to occur is that of Balon Greyjoy. This somewhat dull character is the self-proclaimed King of the Iron Islands who in his mind, has no sons left since Theon doesn't have his manhood anymore. On the Carrick a Rede Bridge near the set, a dangling rope can be seen. This probably means that the Balon will probably strangle himself early on in the show, as he has done in the books. But who will take over? Maybe Theon or his sister? It probably will be new character, Eulon Greyjoy, Balon's exiled brother.

The heroic bad guy/good guy/mad/ruthless/pirate adds a very colorful character to the otherwise dull islands. In some leaked stories, Eulon will hire a faceless assassin to do the killing and make it look like a suicide. So it looks like the Greyjoy's may start to play a pivotal role.

6 Will The Tarly's Become More Important In The Plot?

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Castle Black is generally where ex-cons and juvenile delinquents go to serve a greater purpose. A small fact revealed ever so briefly this season is that Samwell Tarly is neither. He is actually a rich kid from a very affluent family sent to the Castle and stripped of his inheritance because his father thought he was too cowardly and too much of a drunk. I'm note sure how Sam and Gilly could possibly go back to Castle Black once they find out about Jon Snow's death, but at least for the start of season 6, Sam will be in Oldtown. There he will study and learn how to be a "Maester". Fans assume this because filming started in Girona, Spain, where its beautiful cathedral is rumored to be the site of Oldtown (since the site closely resembles the description of Oldtown in the books). We know Samwell Tarly's father is coming back in just a limited role. So why would we think that the writers have something big in store for the Tarly's? It's the appearance of Randyll Tarly, Sam's younger brother and heir to the family fortune. In the books, Randyll (an ally of the Tyrell family) marches to Kings Landing and holds a seat of power, in large part because of Cersei's successful plot to imprison Margaery Tyrell.

5 War With Dorne


The single most overlooked death in the media from season 5, is the death of Cersei and Jamie Lannister's daughter Myrcellawho was poisoned by Prince Oberyn’s lover Ellaria Sand, with a fatal kiss. You know this will lead to big battles, numerous killings and some big power changes in season 6. Cersei has now lost 2 of her 3 children. She won't let this go. Quoting Dan Weiss and David Benioff, “It’s an act of war by the person who perpetrated it,” Weiss said: “But I don’t think Cersei is going to be particularly interested in whose fault it was that this happened to her daughter—it happened in Dorne. She might be in a more bellicose frame of mind than usual when she finds out.”

According to actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, “Cersei has someone she could enact revenge on—Trystane... He’s supposed to take his father’s seat on the council. I think maybe Jaime should just ask the captain, ‘Just drop me off—I’ll build a little house over there!’”. Dead princes and princesses is always a recipe for war.

4 Varys' True Intentions Will Come To Light


Seasons 4 and 5 saw the emergence of Kings Landing council member Littlefinger. Who else on the council is as devious as Littlefinger? The answer is Varys. He undeniably doesn't have the temperament to rule, but he definitely controls things behind the scenes. The question is, what are his goals? He has helped Daenys Targaryen from day one, this season helping Tyrion Lannister escape in order to meet the queen. He says that he wants peace in the realm, but does he really want a Targaryen invasion of Kings Landing?

3 Are There Any Starks Left Who Can Make A Difference?

If anyone is counting, there are 4 Stark members left. All teenagers and children with Sansa being the eldest. Can any of them possibly contend for the Iron Throne? We do know that Sansa seems to be in everyone's plans to take over Winterfell. She has enough value and enough people protecting her, that she should survive. So far photos of her have leaked on a brand new set, meaning she could end up living in a brand new castle in season 6.

The youngest, Rickon (not seen in a while), is publicly presumed dead and was last seen with Osha. No news about him. Leaked footage from the city of Girona, Spain, where the city of Braavos is set, has Arya performing stunts high in the city with the use of ropes. What this means is yet to be seen, but can such stunts be done without eyesight? Does she at least get her eyesight back? Arya was also seen swimming in Carnlough, Northern Ireland, a site with no specific setting in the film as of yet. Is she finally leaving Braavos? The biggest news so far though, involves Bran StarkSeason 6 will see him advance his training, thus honing his greatest skill of entering and controlling the minds of animals. What makes him unique is that he once showed that he could control the minds of humans as well, a rare gift in Westeros.

2 Jamie Lannister Will Turn Against His Sister And Lover


Is there anyone on the show that has made as big a turn as Jamie Lannister? He went from throwing a young Bran Stark from a high window ledge, to probably one of the kindest and level headed characters on the show. The problem is that Cersei hasn't changed. There is also Brienne in the picture as a love interest. It's a given that Cersei will want revenge for the death of her daughter, and you know it will be against the wrong person. Will Jamie allow a war to start because of this? Will their last remaining child die from this? The biggest reason that Jamie might turn against Cersei is the prophecy revealed in season 5. As most people remember in a flashback sequence, a young Cersei forced Maggie The Frog into prophesying her future. The prophecy stated that Cersei would bear 3 golden haired children, all of whom would die. Once the children were dead, the final prophecy was that Cersei would die at the hands of the Valonquar (meaning younger brother). Cersei believes this is Tyrion, but Jamie (although her twin) was actually born a few seconds before her, thus making him her younger brother. He's already killed one mad King, why not another?

1 Cersei Will Die


Okay, so this is an easy one, as it has been prophesied, and it also appears on everyone's preview list year after year. But it has to happen this year. How many enemies can you possibly make before you run out of friends? In season 6 she will seek vengeance on both the High Sparrow and Dorne, who will be forced to retaliate. The Tyrell's will most surely get back at her, they already killed her first son. She has a younger brother who she hates and blames for the death of all of her children. She has one more child left to die before she goes as well, and you just have a feeling this is the year. But so far she has appeared in more episodes then everyone (except her shorter, younger and more popular brother). So can a character so entrenched in the plot year after year possibly go?

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