10 Embarrassing Facts Selena Gomez Wants You To Forget

Selena Gomez doesn't have a lot of secrets. That is for sure.  She is one of our biggest stars, her career as an actress and as a singer are both going extremely well. But just like any big star,  she has been around for a long time in the public eye, and people talk about her. They talk about her a lot. So with that said there must be things Selena wishes that her fans, and the general public, would forget all about.

We aren't talking about things like going out with Justin Bieber of course. Although she might just wish that people would forget about that, she has to face some sort of reality. We are talking more about those little things that aren't necessarily big scandals, but rather moments in her young career that you know she just wishes people would totally forget about.

Well good luck with that Selena, you are one of the world's biggest stars, so it is pretty unlikely that people will just forget, and if they do there are always articles out there, just like this one, to remind them.

Here are 10 Things That Selena Gomez Wants You To Forget

10 PETA Was Mad At Her


9 That Time She Fell Off The Stage


8 She Was A Sears Model


7 Selena Loves Pickles


6 Huge Crush On Shia LeBeouf

5 She Had Two Failed TV Pilots

4 Selena Dated Nick Jonas


3 Ran Away From Jennifer Aniston

2 She Has Lupus

1 Her Role In Getaway


We are sure she would love it if people would forget about this one. The movie Selena starred in called  Getaway was a complete dud, with a bad script, that got really bad reviews. and there also were some bad actors in it. One of them was Selena. She was so bad in this role that she was nominated for a Razzle award, as the worst actress for her role in the movie. She wasn't named the worst actress, but I am sure being nominated was enough. Without a shadow of a doubt, Getaway is something I am sure Selena wishes people would forget about.


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10 Embarrassing Facts Selena Gomez Wants You To Forget