10 Disturbing "What Ifs" In A Real Life Harry Potter World

Ever wondered what life would be like if we knew that Hogwarts, wizards and witches actually existed? Actually, we’d probably never know because of the amount of secrecy they uphold to their own lifes

Ever wondered what life would be like if we knew that Hogwarts, wizards and witches actually existed? Actually, we’d probably never know because of the amount of secrecy they uphold to their own lifestyle. But suppose for a minute it is all real, and right under our noses without us knowing. Aw man, that’d be something. All those cool spells we’d never see, the fantastic beasts and where we can find them, even stumbling onto a train platform that wasn’t there seconds before. How awesome would that be?!

That is until you consider the other implications of a real life Harry Potter universe. I mean, witches and wizards are pretty freaking powerful, and us Muggles, well, we just don’t compare. It might be great to live in a world where magic exists, but only if you yourself can perform it. As we all know, there isn’t much love for us regular Joe’s and Jane’s within the wizarding world. Sure there are a few that give a damn about his humans, but they are viewed like communist sympathizers in the 60s.

Here are some disturbing "What If" scenarios that would be all to real in a world of Muggles and magic.

10 What If Muggles And Wizards Really Co-Exited


If you were to walk up to a wizard, hold up a picture of George Washington or John A. MacDonald, they will have no idea who it is. There may be a few who do, those like Harry that basically grew up as a Muggle, but for the most part they would shrug it off and apparate the hell out of there. They barely have any idea about our lifestyle, our economy, or politics. Basically, if we were to ever merge the Muggle and Wizarding societies, it would be incredibly segregated and most likely filled with discrimination from both sides.

9 What If Voldemort Won


If this scenario was real, we’d all be dead. Simple as that. He has absolutely zero love for us Muggles, despite being half of one himself. And he wouldn’t just end us all at once. No. He’d take his time. Make sure we suffered the suffering he thinks we deserve. It wouldn’t just be us muggles, either. We would see the deaths and destruction of magical places as well. Like I mentioned earlier, we don't have anything to deter wizards from destroying muggles. The fact that Voldemort has been named the most powerful wizard of his time just enforces the fact we would all meet a horrifying and devastating end.

8 What If Unforgivable Curses Existed


Sure, we can defend ourselves from a mugging or protect our country with armies, but can we defend against someone literally taking control of our minds and making us do whatever they want? Well, I don’t know about you, but I sure can’t. Any Potter fan knows there are three Unforgivable Curses: Imperius, essentially mind control; Crucio, the torture curse; and Avada Kadavra, the killing curse. Any three would decimate anything us Muggles could throw against the Wizarding world. “Just launch a nuke at them!” you say? Well, besides the fact that nuking is a terrible plan and only a last resort, wizards wouldn’t even need these three curses to stop that.

7 What If Elf Slavery Was Real


Remember that thing that was abolished roughly 150 years ago? Slavery? Yeah. Not something to be taken lightly. Well, Witches and Wizards still embrace it. House Elves have been enslaved by the magic community for centuries. And why not? They are magically bound to obey every order their master gives, and must punish themselves if they disobey. They have a keen sense to find loopholes in a few orders, but overall, these guys are in it until the end. Doesn’t really seem like a fair and just lifestyle, especially in today’s time. Thankfully you can join the ranks of S.P.E.W and hopefully do something about it.

6 What If Memory Charms Could Be Cast


I’ll always remember the first time I got to sit in a plane and see the tops of the clouds. I always wanted to, and upon doing so, it felt awesome. That is until the possibility of having false memories put into my head, or even real ones taken out. Witches and Wizards can do that. Hell, each and every one of us may have met a wizard and we would never even know if they didn’t want us to. All those summers at your cabin, the vacations to exotic locales, gone in a second because someone else has other plans for your incredibly malleable brain.

5 What If Invisibility Cloaks Were Made


Probably every teenage boy's dream is to be able to stand in the girls' changing room without being noticed. Well now you can! With the Ever-Incredible Invisibility Cloak! Sure there’s more than one way to become invisible, as there are spells that will do it for you, but those will run out a lot quicker than the cloak. But let’s be honest, girls' changing rooms are the least of our worries if these exist. Say a serial killer or even a terrorist gets their hands on one. We’re doomed, and they wouldn’t even need to be a wizard or witch to use it.

4 What If Love Potions Were Brewed


Ever been so hooked on a crush that wants nothing to do with you? You’d probably want to alter their entire mindset to make them fall hopelessly and completely in love with you. With a few rose thorns, some peppermint, powdered moonstone and Ashwinder eggs, that man or woman of your dreams will be yours. Temporarily, at least. Sounds kinda cool, right? For a little while, until you realize the love you get from them is entirely synthetic. Not only that, what’s stopping a crazed stalker from using it on someone who has already found a mutual love? Divorce rates and infidelity are already sky high in the U.S. I don’t think we need any more catalysts.

3 What If Polyjuice Potions Were Brewed

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Much like if love potions existed, the implications of the Polyjuice Potion are terrifying. Is that really your mom you’ve known since birth? Or is it your crazy neighbour who never had a chance to have a family? Is that husband you’ve so lovingly stood beside for years really him, or is it your ex-boyfriend from high school you dumped because he was a little weird? It would shatter our entire reality to think someone we knew isn’t who we thought they were. This reality, however could occur without the use of Polyjuice potion. Either way - not cool wizards, not cool at all. Although if I could be Johnny Depp for a day, I’d totally do it.

2 What If Aaragog Was Real


What’s worse than finding a creepy, venomous little creature in your room? Finding out that there’s one about 20 times the size of it hiding out in the forests. Sure there’s plenty of other creatures within the Wizarding world we should look out for like giants, centaurs, werewolves, but nothing compares to big spiders. Considering those things give us the creeps when they are the size of a penny, you can imagine the amount of heart attacks that would occur when you look up to this one the size of a small car chilling in the corner. No. Thank. You.

1 What If Schools of Witchcraft and Wizardry Actually Exist


The most horrifying reality of all these "What Ifs" is that if this world truly does exist, then anyone reading this most likely never got a letter to attend a prestigious school that teaches you freaking magic. Real magic. None of that sleight of hand malarkey (which I don’t mean to disparage. Sleight of hand is badass). The truth of this means we are just humans, destined to live our lives the hard way, by working for what we get instead of flicking a wand and having our hearts desire. But maybe that’s for the best. We’re already pretty spoiled; what with being the top of the food chain on the only planet to house intelligent life within a 12 light year radius.


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10 Disturbing "What Ifs" In A Real Life Harry Potter World