10 Disney Princesses Who Will Turn Into Hotties

Did you know that a lot of the Disney princesses are actually teens? They seem to have completely skipped that awkward teenager phase - we’re jealous. When it comes to the princesses, in particular, Disney seems to have a bit of a formula for creating them: most of them have big eyes, tiny chins and short noses to make them seem more vulnerable and innocent. In other words, most (if not all) Disney princesses would probably grow up to be good looking. These days though, Disney is making its characters a little more diversified and not as conventionally pretty.

In celebration of our shallowness, here is a list of some of the top Disney characters who will indeed grow up to be part of the population of good looking people. There is no doubt in our minds that Minnie Mouse will definitely be quite a looker when she grows up, although she did not make it on this list. God Bless Walt Disney for creating most of these beautiful little girls and boys (we mean this in the least creepy way possible).


10 Tinker Bell - Peter Pan

Disney’s version of Peter Pan’s Tinker Bell will surely grow up to be a blonde bombshell and a little firecracker. In Disney’s version, where she is a teen, she is already quite a pretty little thing with her blonde hair and blue eyes. She’s full of sass and independence that will keep anyone on their toes. Yes, she might be a bit crazy, but a lot of people are into the crazies. At the heart of it all, she still has a warm heart and is affectionate and loyal to the ones she loves, which are certainly not bad qualities to have. Plus, she’s hand-sized and who wouldn’t want to carry their girlfriend around in their pocket? We could see her growing up to look like Michelle Williams.

9 Aurora - Sleeping Beauty


Disney’s Aurora is one of the official Disney princesses. She is only sixteen but looks well beyond her years because of her more defined face that makes her look less like a child than characters like Snow White. She has long, and wavy blonde hair, violet eyes and pink lips. It is safe to say that she will likely be one of those classic beauties when she grows up. She’s kind, loving and elegant, one you would easily want to take home (to mom). Another interesting fact? She has the least amount of dialogue out of all the Disney princesses, which is great for those who prefer their partners to not say too much. We could see her looking like Arrested Development’s, Portia de Rossi.

8 Jasmine - Aladdin 

Disney’s Jasmine, who made her debut in Aladdin, is another one of the official eight Disney princesses. She is also the second youngest, at fifteen years old. This Middle Eastern beauty with her long, thick and shiny black hair, has quite the curves at only fifteen. Her hourglass figure is one that any Kardashian would envy. Part of her personality is her sass and seductiveness, which she uses to her advantage. Even better, she is strong, independent and compassionate, which will make her even more beautiful as she grows up. We could see her grow up to look something like New Girl’s, Hannah Simone.

7 Andy David - Toy Story


Toy Story’s Andy, who is a young seventeen year old in the last and final movie, will likely have a lot of ladies wanting his attention when he goes off to college with his boyish brown hair and blue eyes. He’s caring, polite, kind and would likely make a great boyfriend - we don’t need to tell you how loyal he was to his toys for all of those years. He’s one of those “bring home to mom” types. He is also only likely to get better looking as he grows up. We could see him look something like Matt Damon.

6 Snow White - Snow White 

How could the ‘fairest of them all’ not make it on this list? Perhaps one of the most classic (and the first) of all Disney princesses, Snow White, at only fourteen years old, is already full of so much elegance, class and sophistication that she could pass as someone much older. And yet, she is the youngest of all the Disney princesses. With her slender and petite frame, ebony black hair and porcelain white skin, we have a feeling she will remain a timeless beauty as she grows up. Her round face makes her extra cute at the same time. Her kindness and optimism, two of Snow White’s defining traits, will make her shine even more. Perhaps she might grow up to look like Katy Perry. The most recent celebrity to play Snow White was Kristen Stewart in 2012’s Snow White and the Huntsmen.

5 Fa Mulan - Mulan

Disney’s Mulan is the 8th official Disney princess who made her debut in 1998. She is based on an ancient legend of a female warrior. Interestingly, she is the first Disney “princess” to not actually be a princess at all. Nevertheless, Mulan is a natural beauty with dark eyes and a very slender body. She does nothing to improve her appearance. We could see her growing up to look something like Fresh off the Boat’s, Constance Wu. Her independence and courageousness would make her even more beautiful as she grows up while her awkwardness and clumsiness would make her quite endearing.

4 Wendy Darling - Peter Pan

We could see Peter Pan’s Wendy Darling growing up to be the girl next door type - she is already quite motherly and stern at twelve years of age. She is very pretty, too, with her big, blue eyes and long eyelashes. Her imagination and adventurous spirit will make her a quirky and charming adult. She is quite chatty, so you know you’d never get bored if you were to take Wendy out on a date. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though, as she is just a child. Even the pretty little Tinker Bell was once jealous of Wendy Darling - so we know we’re on to something here. Don’t you think she would look like Scarlett Johansson when she grows up?


3 Alice - Alice in Wonderland


Disney’s adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s, Alice in Wonderland, features a slightly older Alice at ten years old. She is quite the looker for such a young girl, with classic blonde hair, big, blue eyes and fair skin. We could easily see her growing up to look something like Blake Lively. Her intelligence, curiousness and general loveliness will make her even more beautiful. Mia Wasikowska has most recently portrayed an older Alice in Tim Burton’s 2010 Alice in Wonderland. Interesting fact? In 1931, Alice in Wonderland was banned in China because it was believed that animals shouldn’t talk.

2 Moana Waialiki - Moana

Moana Waialiki is Disney’s most recent princess, she will be making her debut in the film, Moana, in November 2016. At fourteen years old, she is already a brunette beauty, which is what one might expect from a Disney princess. Her Polynesian background, dark skin, big brown eyes and long, wavy hair give her an exotic appearance. Some might say she could grow up to look something like Rihanna. As a lover of the sea, the film will see her on a journey to use her navigational skills on the seas when her family needs her help. Demi gods and spirits will also accompany her.

1 Ariel - The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid’s Ariel is another one of Disney’s official eight princesses. She spends her days daydreaming and going on adventures with Sebastian and Flounder. Her big, aqua blue eyes, long red hair and red lips will see her through into a gorgeous adult. Ariel is the only Disney princess not to be born as a human. Interestingly, Alyssa Milano’s face was used as inspiration for Ariel’s face. Her free spirit, fearlessness, adventure for life and bubbliness will make her seem young forever. We could easily see her grow up to look something like Wedding Crashers' Isla Fisher.


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