10 Crazy Things Celebs Have Done For Love

Rich people are just like us; when we get into relationships, we don't really think about some of the things we do because one is so caught up in the romance. Instead, we are so blindsided by the fact that our actions may not always be the best, but because we love our partners so much, we'd do some crazy things for them -- even if it involves a lot of money. The kind of money you don't have but are willing to bother your parents about, assuring them that you'll pay them back. These ten celebrities are no different, having done some crazy things just for the sake of showing their partner's how much they love them. Most of these couples are no longer together, which may seem odd considering that the majority of them were getting spoiled like a five-year-old child, but clearly they couldn't care less about the money their exes had. Still, it is outrageous to see how some of these celebs have used their fame and fortune to further themselves in their relationship, supposedly all for the sake of love. Here are 10 of the craziest things your favorite celebrities have done for love.


10 Justin Bieber Renting Out Staples Center For Selena

Justin Bieber made sure all his fans were aware of the fact that he was dating Selena Gomez when he surprised his then-girlfriend with a visit to the Staples Center. And while you’re probably thinking that this was an average day, presumably seeing the two catch a concert of some sort — you are wrong. Bieber rented out the entire Staples Centre so that he could spoil his ex with roses, fancy meals and a private screening of Selena’s favorite movie Titanic. The event itself reportedly cost the Biebs over $150,000.

9 Taylor Swift Purchasing Home Near Conor Kennedy

Taylor Swift has always been a little weird when she gets into relationships. But good weird, if that’s even a thing. Well, you judge for yourself. Swift’s romance with Conor Kennedy hit off right away, but while the couple were still getting to know each other, the songstress made the daring move to purchase a home just minutes away from Conor’s home in Cape Cod. Taylor was said to have been so in love that she wanted to be closer to her beau, who was probably freaked out by the idea, simply because their relationship was still so fresh. They broke up months later. Are you surprised?

8 Kanye West Renting Out The AT&T Park

Kanye West can be romantic when he wants to be. Just ask Kim Kardashian, the woman who was spoiled with a private viewing at the AT&T park where Kanye proposed to her, accompanied by all their family members and friends. The event was super special as it also featured an orchestra and explosive fireworks during the proposal. The proposal just so happened to be shown on Keeping Up With the Kardashians later that year, which kinda took away how special it was, but still crazily cool.

7 Jason Derulo’s ‘Marry Me’ Proposal Song

A year before their break-up, Jason Derulo had made it pretty clear that he wanted Jordin Sparks to have his babies right after they marry. How do we know this? Well, his song Marry Me was pretty self-explanatory, where the singer reveals how badly he wants to put a ring on Sparks’ finger, which was supposed to happen, but things turned left when the two suddenly decided to call it quits. Nonetheless, the gesture in making a song about one’s forthcoming proposal before doing it seemed cute — at least that’s what his lady fans thought. It’s romantic, that’s for sure.

6 Kristen Stewart’s Apology

Kristen Stewart really dug herself into a hole she didn’t want to be in when she infamously cheated on Robert Pattinson with her movie director fling, Rupert Sanders. The twosome had formed a relationship while they shot scenes for Snow White and the Huntsman, followed with intimate photos being leaked to several media outlets, leaving fans stunned. Kristen was wrong for what she did, but her public apology to Pattinson seemed sincere, honest and apologetic. Considering the fact that Stewart hates the media, paparazzi and public speaking, her statement on her wrongdoings seemed like a nice gesture to admit her mistake and ask for forgiveness.

5 Jessica Simpson’s Hair Color Change For John Mayer

Some girls will practically do anything to impress a guy right? Jessica Simpson probably knows a thing or two about that after it was heavily reported that when the songstress began dating ex boyfriend John Mayer, she purposely went from blonde to brunette to feel closer to her beau. It seemed kind of strange when Jessica debuted her new hairstyle though, purely for the fact that they looked more like siblings as opposed to lovers, but Simpson didn’t seem to care — she was head over heels in love with John.

4 Brody Jenner Getting Avril Lavigne Tattoos

This is the absolute worst. While it’s great that these celebs go into a relationship thinking it will last forever, seeing the outcome of most Hollywood relationships, they never last. So it seemed crazy to see Brody Jenner getting a tattoo of his then-girlfriend Avril Lavigne, on his arm. The tattoo read ‘Avril’ in scribbly writing and it was appalling to look at — but word at the time was that Lavigne had gotten the same tattoo on her arm with Jenner’s first name on it. Both of them reportedly ended up getting their tattoos lasered off within weeks after their break-up.


3 Johnny Depp Builds A Bar For New Wife

Johnny Depp is romantic and he has done some crazy things for love. Amber Heard would know all about it. Her husband was so in love with her when they first met on the set of The Rum Diary, that he ended up buying Heard her very own bar in the Bahamas. But that’s not all. The bar was designed in the style that was shown in the movie, supposedly because it meant something significant to the twosome — perhaps that was their first scene together? Regardless of what it was, Amber is said to be in love with the bar.

2 Khloe Kardashian Buying Lamar A $400,000 Rolls Royce

Khloe Kardashian may be a lot of things, but when it comes to her man, she makes sure he is taken care off… probably in more ways than one. Lamar Odom was treated to a brand new $400,000 Rolls Royce vehicle following his championship win with the LA Lakers, which seemed to have made Khloe a very proud wife. She obviously knew how much her husband had trained for the championship and felt it was only right to gift him something special and worthy.

1 Mariah Carey Rents Out Disneyland!

Nobody does it better than Mariah Carey. The ever-so-rich legendary songstress made it known just how rich she was when she rented out Disneyland just so that she could renew her vows to now ex husband, Nick Cannon. The couple celebrated their fifth anniversary at the park that had been shut down just so that Mariah and Nick could have their special day together with close friends and family members. Of course, Disneyland was probably not the key to happiness, as the couple later called it quits.



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