10 Craziest Things Celebs Have Done To Win Back An Ex

Breaking up is hard to do, sometimes. Whether you’re famous or not, you can’t really help who you fall for. Of course, you can help what you do about your feelings, but when you’re in love and focused on getting your ex back, you’re likely to do some crazy things. Unfortunately, celebrity status doesn’t exempt you from being head over heels about someone, and doing some borderline crazy things to show your former significant other that you want to rekindle a relationship.

Of course, everyone deals with break-ups differently. Some wait quietly to see if their ex will realize that breaking up was a mistake. Some follow their ex’s every move, hoping to “run into” him or her at a party or social event. Some celebs even write songs and devote entire albums to an ex, which doesn’t always work out, although it is a nice gesture. Are these acts of desperation signs that the romance is still alive? Or, are they signs that an ex is obsessed and doesn’t want to accept that their former love has moved on? Either way, these stories are, if nothing else, entertaining. Here are 10 of the craziest things a celebrity has done to win back an ex.


10 Kristen Stewart

The Twilight star dated her co-star Rob Pattinson for the duration of the movie franchise. Some would say that the relationship was staged for the purpose of promoting the movies. However, there is speculation that the two were truly in love. When Stewart was shooting the movie Snow White And the Huntsman, she had an affair with the director, who was married at the time. This reportedly devastated Rob Pattinson so much that he threatened to stop acting. Perhaps Kristen heard about this and didn’t want her love to give up his passion, so the two decided to work things out once Stewart apologized and the two started appearing at awards shows together again. These days, it has been reported that Pattinson and Stewart are no longer together, and Kristen is dating a woman. It seems the “selfless” act of love on Stewart’s part wasn’t enough to keep the relationship together.

9 Justin Timberlake


Timberlake and actress Jessica Biel were in an on and off relationship since 2007. The two broke up after rumors started swirling that Justin Timberlake was cheating on Biel with his Friends With Benefits co-star, Mila Kunis. In an attempt to win Jessica back, Timberlake proposed to her, which was allegedly something she’d wanted him to do for a long time. Apparently, Timberlake’s passionate attempt to get his ex back worked. The two tied the knot, and have since kept their marriage somewhat private. Biel and Timberlake have both expressed their excitement about their marriage publicly. They also recently welcomed a baby boy.

8 Stephen Craig

Stephen Craig was a former basketball star and known womanizer. He married 1970s icon, singer and performer Marie Osmond in 1982, and the two had a son together. Three years later, they divorced. Obviously, Craig has given up his philandering ways, and asked for Osmond’s hand in marriage again decades later. The two got married for the second time in 2011, and Marie Osmond wore the same wedding gown she wore for her first wedding to Craig. The Osmond family is Mormon, and the religion emphasizes the importance of marriage in order to win favor with God. The Mormon community speculates that Craig may have been celibate for the 26 years he and Osmond were apart, which is definitely unheard of in these times.

7 Miley Cyrus


Cyrus fell for actor Liam Hemsworth when the two were working on a movie together in 2009. The pair dated for a year before breaking up. Then, they got back together, and were engaged in 2012. Soon after, Miley and Liam were no longer a couple. Cyrus went on to date one of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s sons, but broke off the relationship after she saw him partying a little too hard with some girls during spring break. Miley Cyrus allegedly wrote a long letter to Hemsworth, perhaps apologizing for leaving him and asking for another chance. It appears the two are back together, but it’s not clear whether they’re planning on getting married any time soon.

6 Pink

Pink and extreme athlete Carey Hart, were married in 2006, but announced that they were separating two years later. In 2010, Pink wrote a song called So What, which was blatantly about her breakup with Hart. Carey Hart even appeared in the video! This was obviously a sign that the two were working on getting back together. Hart’s appearance in the music video is likely a sign that he understood Pink’s frustration. In 2010, the two reconciled, and welcomed a daughter the following year. Pink has stated that she and Hart are made for each other, and that no one else is crazy enough to be with either of them.

5 Larry King


Apparently, one of the crazy things Larry King did to win back his seventh wife, Shawn Southwick, was to promise not to sleep with her younger sister anymore. The veteran news talk show host was caught in the messiest of love triangles, and stated that he didn’t blame Southwick for retaliating and having an affair of her own. There have been rumors swirling around that Shawn was sleeping with the couple’s son’s former baseball coach. Hector Penate, Shawn’s lover, even stated that he felt that Larry King was in love with his sister-in-law. The situation undoubtedly stressed Southwick out, and she went to rehab in 2008 for an addiction to prescription drugs. King filed for divorce, and Southwick filed her papers shortly after. King then realized that he still wanted to be with his wife, and the two reconciled.

4 Greg Leakes

NeNe Leakes is one of the original cast members of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and still appears on the show. She has also gone on to pursue her acting dreams, and has her reality show exposure to thank for that. NeNe Leakes was married to Greg Leakes for 14 years, until speculations arose that the two were getting divorced. NeNe denied the rumors, but Greg’s son Damian, told the media that his father and stepmother were just putting on an act for the cameras. Eight months after the couple divorced, Greg made the ultimate romantic move and re-proposed to NeNe on New Year’s Eve, which completely surprised her. There are also reports that Greg apologized to NeNe for telling her that she’d be nothing without him, since Greg was the main breadwinner when the two married. Mr. Leakes also agreed to chronicle their couple’s preparation for their second marriage on the reality show spin-off, I Dream Of NeNe, which likely influenced her decision to say yes to the proposal.


3 Prince William


Prince William and Kate Middleton had a wedding that was straight out of a fairy-tale. However, their romance was not without its bumps and bruises. The pair met when they were both students at the University of St. Andrews in 2001, and started dating a few years later. In 2007, they decided to end their relationship. Some would say that Middleton was absolutely crazy for breaking up with a prince, but clearly she had her reasons. Prince William performed the ultimate act of love by asking Middleton to be his bride. This was obviously a sign that he never stopped loving her. They got married in 2011, and have two children together.

2 Robin Thicke

Robin Thicke is known for his soulful voice and catchy songs, but he’s also been in the media for some unfavorable reasons lately. There have long been speculations that Thicke had a drug and alcohol problem. He was also caught posing for a picture in a club, where he was seen cuddling up to a woman who was not Paula Patton, the actress he’d been with since his teenage years. Robin Thicke stated in several interviews that he was sorry for hurting his wife, and was clear that he wanted her back. He even recorded an entire album of love songs and entitled the project Paula. Apparently, his indiscretions were too much for Patton to tolerate, and she went through with the divorce. The former couple have one son together.

1 Chris Brown


Chris Brown has had his share of mistakes when it comes to love. He was once in a long-term relationship with singer Rihanna, but after their domestic dispute, Rihanna made it clear that she wanted nothing else to do with Brown. The two later reconciled by showing PDA at an awards show. Brown and Rihanna continued their romance for a while, until Brown met aspiring model Karreuche Tran, and began dating her. He, Rihanna and Tran were in a love triangle for a while, until Rihanna wanted out. Tran tried to stick it out with Brown, until she found out he had a child with another woman. Recently, Brown was seen following Tran around at a party hosted by Christina Milian. He then followed her to her SUV after the party. When Tran made it clear she didn’t want to talk, Brown drove to her house and banged on the door until the police were called. Later that night, Karreuche went to a diner with friends, and Chris Brown showed up there, too. Looks like Brown’s crazy moves to win back Tran aren’t working, and could get him in more legal trouble.



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