10 Craziest Fan Experiences of Celebrities

Being an extremely famous Hollywood celebrity comes with a lot of perks. Fame and fortune are just two of these. In addition, Hollywood stars also get to tour the world and become super popular. Their popularity rating becomes so massive that their fans are driven to do some crazy things.

So what are these crazy things that we are talking about? If you really want to know and if you want to keep your obsessions under control, then take a look at this list we have compiled of the 10 craziest fan experiences of famous Hollywood celebrities.

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10 The Polite and Sweet Video Fan

A lot of people think of asking their favourite Hollywood celebrity out on a date with them; something that they can only dream of. However, on July of 2011, Sergeant Scott Moore made this dream of his come true when he uploaded a video on YouTube. In the video, the Sergeant asked Mila Kunis to be his date at the Marine Corps Ball that was going to take place in North Carolina the same year. After being coaxed by Justin Timberlake, Kunis’ Friends With Benefits co-star, she agreed to the date. This resulted in a massive trend where anyone who owns a video camera uploaded videos asking their own favourite Hollywood celebrities out on dates.

9 The Tattooed Fan

While a lot of people out there have the gift of gab, not everyone has the ability to find and use the right words that will allow them to express their love and devotion to their favourite Hollywood celebrities. So what do they do? They get a picture of their favourite stars tattooed on their bodies. One Britney Spears fan went so far as to have her entire face tattooed on his back. Yes, this is pretty over excessive, but it is in no way dangerous. Everyone has the right to do whatever he or she want with their own bodies, as long as they are not affecting others.

8 The Pretty Humorous Fan

At the 2011 PaleyFest, Stephen Moyer, star of the True Blood TV series, was asked about his fan interactions. He admitted that he had quite a few humorous fan experiences, with some men asking him to leave voice mails for their wives as his True Blood character, Bill. His male fans told him that if he did it, they were going to get laid. Moyer also admitted that while it was an odd request, he still did it a few times for his fans.

7 The ‘Peetaphiles’ Fan

With The Hunger Games becoming a new favourite, fans are now getting more and more obsessed with the movies’ stars. This is something that Josh Hutcherson, the actor who plays Peeta in the movie, is just becoming aware of. In an interview on Conan, Hutcherson described the creative signs that his fans made since the movie was launched, where they call themselves as the ‘Peetaphiles’. Some fans have even combined the names of Peeta and Katniss (something that is common with both movie and TV series love teams), forming the nickname ‘Peeniss’. Yes, these are full of underlying sexual references, but they are still quite safe.

6 The Stripper Fan

At a 2009 concert in Madrid where The Jonas Brothers played, the trio was faced with an overzealous fan. While they were performing, a man jumped and rushed on the stage, stripped off his shirt, then circled the band. Joe, Nick, and Kevin did not pay attention to him. What they did instead was to just keep on playing like there was no one shirtless running around them.

5 The Delusional Fan

The first five experiences of famous Hollywood stars mentioned above are still in the ‘under control’ category. However, this is where things start to get more than just a little ‘crazy’. At the 2012 PaleyFest, Joe Manganiello, one of the stars of the TV series True Blood, shared an experience where a fan asked him to lick her wounds at a ComiCon event. She may have thought that her injuries would go away, seeing that werewolf saliva has been said to have healing powers.

4 The Vampire-Bite Lover Fan

It is safe to say that the vampire craze has been a direct result of the movie and TV series Twilight, The Vampire Diaries, and True Blood. However, there are just some people who have some difficulties knowing the difference between reality and fantasy. Many fans of these series have asked the vampire actors to take a bite off of them. Say for instance, Paul Wesley, whose role is Stefan Salvatore in The Vampire Diaries, told New York magazine that he has a lot of photos where he is biting people on their necks.

3 The Chasing Fan

TwiHards, the name that fans of the Twilight movies refer to themselves, can be a crazy bunch when they are together. An accident that took place in the summer of 2009 is proof of this. A group of TwiHards female fans chased Robert Pattinson across the street, where he was hit and grazed by a car.

2 The Girls-Gone-Wild Fan

These vampire movie and TV series fans are definitely a little more dangerous than those that were previously mentioned. Taylor Lautner, one of the actors who played in the Twilight movies, shared with Parade.com of his experience where 2,000 girls broke through the lobby of his hotel in Brazil in order to get to his room and reach him. It was so bad that the hotel had to call the National Guard to handle the situation.

1 The Death Threat Fan

When rumours about Justin Bieber dating Selena Gomez circulated both online and offline, many of the male pop singer’s fans became extremely angry. There were some who went as far as sending death threats towards the former Disney star’s direction. Yes, it is completely understandable to be sad and heartbroken when your celebrity crush begins dating someone else than you, but it does not mean that you have the right to send death threats to that ‘someone else.’

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