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10 Comic Book Characters That Marvel Stole From DC

10 Comic Book Characters That Marvel Stole From DC

The first thing that comes to your mind when you think about comic books is probably Marvel or DC comics. There are many great comic book publishers, but these two are simply the best of the best. Both are insanely popular, especially in the last couple of years when many great comics were transformed into action blockbusters that earned a ton of cash around the world. Many fans around the globe love both publishers but usually people are leaning towards the one or the other. From the dawn of time, one question remains unanswered: which came first, the chicken or the egg? In this case, the chicken can be Marvel and the egg can be DC comics. If you consider that DC is several years older than Marvel, it is entirely possible that Marvel borrowed a few ideas for its characters. We love both of them, but you can’t deny the facts. There are way more than ten characters that Marvel stole from DC, but I will list only the most important and famous ones. Don’t get me wrong; there are some superheroes that DC copied from Marvel, but that is a subject for another comparison. I wrote this list randomly and tried to be as objective as possible because we are fans of both publishers equally.

Prepare for some serious mind-boggling facts!

10. Green Arrow / Hawkeye


Their only power lies in their bow and different type of arrows. Both Green Arrow and Hawkeye are properly media exposed in last few years on TV (in Arrow) and in cinema (The Avengers films). Both heroes are known for their responsibility, sense of humor and incredible courage to face great opponents with nothing but their bow and arrow. Green Arrow is designed as modern Robin Hood and dressed in green while Hawkeye is often seen in purple colored robes. If you are wondering who has drawn inspiration from whom, keep in mind that Green Arrow first appeared in 1941 and Hawkeye was created in 1964.

9. Brainiac / Ultron


These two characters have immeasurable, constantly upgrading artificial intelligence and are one of the most deadly enemies of good guys in Marvel and DC comics. Because of their incredible knowledge and skillset, they are very hard to beat. Even if they had been beaten, they would return deadlier than ever. Ok, we know that they are quite unpleasant, but the question is who is original and who stole the idea? DC’s Brainiac was created back in 1958, and Marvel’s Ultron arrived ten years later on the scene, in 1968. The winner and the original genius of the galaxy, Brainiac.

8. Deathstroke / Deadpool

Deathstroke---Deadpool steal

One of them is Slade Wilson; the other is Wade Wilson. Both of them are mercenaries with the incredible skill set and healing factor. In one corner, Deathstroke and in the other corner, Deadpool. This one is a very obvious rip-off, but instead of only stealing the character, creators of Merc with the mouth aka Deadpool gave him something that no character has, self-awareness. Yes, he is aware that he is in comics. Yes, he has an unbelievable sense of humor and yes, Ryan Raynolds was born to play Deadpool in the motion picture. Deathstroke was created in 1981 while Deadpool became alive in 1991, enough time to borrow the idea, don’t you think?

7. Solomon Grundy / The Hulk

They are incredibly powerful, super beings who have a high healing factor, an incredible level of strength, speed, stamina, endurance and so on. Besides that, they are not the brightest characters around, at least when Hulk is not in his human form because then he is one of the smartest. Not many people know that when Hulk was created, he was colored gray (just like Solomon Grundy) but after some problems in printing he turned out green, and the rest is history. Solomon Grundy was created in 1944 and Hulk, while more popular character without a shadow of a doubt, first appeared 1962 in Marvel comics.

6. The Flash / Quicksilver



They are both most famous speedsters of their realms with various other abilities, but the question is who arrived on this world quicker (pun intended)? Several people wore the mantle of The Flash throughout the years while Quicksilver was always represented by only one man, Pietro Maximoff. Both characters are drawn in different colors, and they have entirely dissimilar backgrounds, but they have the most important thing in common, and that is the ability to move and think at unbelievable speed. The Flash was created in 1940, and Quicksilver first appeared in 1964. The Flash obviously arrived faster.

5. Darkseid / Thanos



They are both omnipotent alien demi-gods with large bodies and purple skin, but one of them was a clear inspiration to other. The artist Jim Starlin, who created Thanos, openly admitted that he was heavily influenced by DC’s Darkseid character when creating his masterpiece. Both supervillains have nearly unlimited strength, speed, stamina, invulnerability, incredible intellect and are masters in the arts of war. They are of the strongest beings in their universes, and they are giving headaches to superheroes of both Marvel and DC. Darkseid was created in 1970, and Thanos arrived three years later in 1973.

Again, no sense of originality from Marvel.

4. The Atom / The Ant-man



You can’t see them; you can’t hear them, and BAM… you’re knocked out! It is how you can describe these characters in a funny but accurate way. Both Atom and the Ant-man share the same abilities, like size-shifting while maintaining the level of strength or even increase it. Both are geniuses in their respective way and have to wear a particular suit built especially for size changing.

Who stole from whom?

DC’s Atom was published in 1940, and the Ant-man was released in 1962. We think that it is more than obvious who is the clone around here.

3. Clayface / Sandman



Clayface is a famous supervillain from DC Universe that most of the times picks a fight with none other than The Dark Knight himself. Sandman was Spider-Man’s nemesis but later became his ally. Besides the Spider-Man, he was soon depicted in other comics like The Fantastic Four and The Hulk. They both have similar powers and abilities like shape-shifting (because they are made out of clay or sand, respectively), increased strength, ability to transform into a weapon of some sort, and so on. Clayface was created in 1940, and Sandman was created in 1963, more than two decades later.

2. Catwoman / Black Cat



They are both sexy, chic and wear tight black latex suits. They have a thing for stealing and living on the edge. Selina Kyle, and Felicia Hardy are the best cat-burglars of their respected universes. While we can’t argue which character is better, more skilled or sexier, we can certainly say which borrowed from whom. Catwoman was firstly introduced in 1940 in Batman comic while the Black Cat was introduced to the comic book world in 1979 in The Amazing Spider-Man series. Catwoman is created nearly 40 years before Marv Wolfman, and Keith Pollard decided to create their famous heroine.

1. Batman / Iron Man



You probably think that these characters are light years apart and have nothing in common. In one way you are right, and that is their physical appearance because they are total opposites in this regard.

On the other hand, they are incredibly similar in more ways than one.

They are quite intelligent and don’t have any super powers. Besides that, they are multi-millionaires, playboys, utterly brilliant people who design and build their suits, gadgets and weapons. The Dark Knight first appeared in 1939, and Iron man first appeared in 1963, so it is very clear who the copycat is.

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