The 10 Hottest Wives And Girlfriends Of Comedians

Is it only the drop-dead-gorgeous men who have beautiful women on their arms? Not in the A-list world, that's for sure. Just look at the ten stunningly beautiful women on this list, married to ten tal

Is it only the drop-dead-gorgeous men who have beautiful women on their arms? Not in the A-list world, that's for sure. Just look at the ten stunningly beautiful women on this list, married to ten talented - but certainly not conventionally sexy - comedians. We’re not saying their boyfriends, husbands or wives aren't cute in their own ways, but in general the ladies on our list certainly score higher than their partners aesthetically speaking. There’s nothing like laughter to woo a girl, of course, and these women are lucky to have some of the world's funniest people by their sides - we bet those sides are in stitches most of the time!

Some of the comedians on this list may have developed a sense of humour because they weren't the hottest kids in the class or ubersmart future software engineers. Still, each comedian here has a PhD in funny, and each has made millions from their comedic gifts. Along with their fantastic humour and their admirable wealth, which ten comedians have the hottest babes around? Married, shacked up, or just enjoying some high-profile flings, the following 10 funny people have the hottest girlfriends and wives in the comedy sphere.

10 Cheech Marin: Natasha (Rubin) Marin

Cheech Marin of Cheech & Chong fame has been married three times, most recently to Natasha Rubin, a beautiful Russian pianist. She has performed widely, including at the St. Petersburg Philharmonic in Russia and Carnegie Weill Recital Hall in New York. The Marins got married in 2009. Natasha is beautiful in a dark, intense way, and looks like an exotic artist. In fact, besides playing the piano professionally  she has her own line of hand-crafted jewelry. She works in sterling silver and leather — we bet she looks good in those, too!

9 Bill Burr: Nia Renee Hill

Nia Renee Hill is an actress and filmmaker who has appeared in the TV series, Lila, Long Distance and the movie, Divorce: A Love Story. She has also worked in casting, as well as costume and wardrobe. In March 2013, Hill wrote on xoJane about feeling like a kept woman, as she was living with the successful Burr while he toured and made money, and she went from working to doing spinning classes and a lot of online shopping. But she did say that Burr was very supportive and that she had reached a place where she realized she was both lazy and ambitious, and that it was time to get moving with her latter side. Hill took her own advice - and started an advice column!

8 Ellen DeGeneres: Portia De Rossi

America's favourite talk show host is one half of one of the cutest couples on the A-list. Stand-up comedian Ellen deGeneres became a TV sensation with her sitcom, Ellen. In '97, she was one of the first high-profile women in entertainment to come out as a lesbian. A media frenzy ensued, leading to deGeneres' choice to take some time out of the limelight. In 2004 she met her future wife: Ellen famously went public with her relationship with the stunning Portia de Rossi, of Ally McBeal fame, after four years together, in 2008. The couple married the same year and have been lighting up the red carpet with Ellen's trademark personality and Portia's trademark chic style ever since.

7 Chris O'Dowd: Dawn O' Porter

Irish comedian and actor Chris O'Dowd is one of Hollywood's star comedic actors of the moment, having made a huge splash in his breakout role as Kristen Wiig's romantic interest in Bridesmaids. Although no doubt wooed by many a Hollywood starlet, O'Dowd kept it relatively local, marrying British journalist and writer Dawn Porter - who changed her name to Dawn O'Porter after their wedding, to some controversy. She's a gorgeous Scottish rose known for her quirky style, fascinating documentaries and now her novels; it seems it takes brains and beauty to land Ireland's comedic darling.

6 Jonah Hill: Brooke Glazer

Jonah Hill is a member of the nouvelle vague of  Frat Pack comedians — spearheaded by Judd Apatow and starring alongside actors like Seth Rogen, Jay Baruchel, and Jason Segel. Hill, no lightweight either figuratively or literally, has had a string of low-profile relationships with some gorgeous women, and is currently dating dietician Brooke Glazer. Glazer has a service in LA where she will go to restaurants with clients and help them order, as well as do their food shopping. She believes that her personal history with an eating disorder helps her better understand where her clients are coming from and how to help them. Lately she’s been working her magic on Hill, with one recent strange paparazzi shot showing her licking his sunglasses... Diet trick?

5 Jerry Seinfeld: Jessica (Sklar) Seinfeld

Born Nina Danielle Sklar, Jessica Seinfeld was engaged to be married when she met Jerry Seinfeld a few months before her wedding. After her honeymoon, Jessica and Jerry got together and within months her first (brief) marriage ended in divorce. The Seinfelds have now been together for 16 years, have three children, and by everyone’s accounts are very happily married. Jessica Seinfeld has written two family cookbooks and is also the founder of Baby Buggy, a non-profit organization for donating children’s items to New York City’s less fortunate. Seinfeld also started a website for beginner cooks called Do it Delicious, which she has been running for the past four years.

4 Kevin Hart: Eniko Parrish


Just last month, on her 30th birthday, comedian Kevin Hart proposed to his girlfriend of five years, Eniko Parrish. Parrish is a model and aspiring actress originally from Baltimore. The two are reportedly very cosy, and are rarely seen out without the other. Hart was previously married and has two children. Previous wife Torrei Hart, a comic like her ex, blamed Parrish for the break-up of her marriage. Hart denied the claim, stating that he has been divorced for seven years, and that Parrish had, “nothing to do with my past marriage problems in any way shape or form.”

3 Seth Rogen: Lauren Miller


Seth Rogen and his wife of three years, Lauren Miller, have been together since 2004. She had several supporting roles in his films, including, Superbad, Zack and Miri Make A Porno and 50/50. A talent in her own right (and drop-dead gorgeous!), Miller has produced, directed, edited and written for film, has worked in costume design, and assisted well-known producer Steve Starkey (Beowulf, Monster House and assistant editor on some of the Star Wars films). Her longest original work is the 2012 For a Good Time, Call…, which she wrote, produced and co-starred in with her former FSU film roommate Katie Anne Naylon.

2 Eddie Murphy: Tracey Edmonds


The first time around, Eddie Murphy was married for 13 years to Nicole Mitchell Murphy. Nicole is no plain Jane herself but Murphy got lucky the second time around too, at least in the looks department, with his current wife. Tracey Edmonds is not all looks, although she is definitely gorgeous. Edmonds is the CEO of a family-owned entertainment group, Edmonds Entertainment Group Inc. She is also COO of Our Stories Films, and sits on the board of directors for the Producers Guild of America, a national organization.  Between them, they have five beautiful children from their first marriages, which occurred over almost exactly parallel years.

1 Jason Sudeikis: Olivia Wilde


Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde met in 2011 on the set of Saturday Night Live. After a couple of years of dating, they are now engaged to be married. Wilde, born Olivia Jane Cockburn, is an actress and model, as well as a screenwriter, producer and director. She has appeared in movies like Tron: Legacy, Cowboys and Aliens, and Her, among several others, and on television, most notably on 81 episodes of the series House. Sudeikis was married before, but had his first child this past April with Wilde. Their son Otis hopefully won’t ever read the several articles about how much great sex his parents have; Sudeikis attributed this fact to his major weight loss.

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