10 Child Stars Who Were Worse Than Justin Bieber

It’s hard to imagine that there is a person (let alone multiple people) worse than Canadian export, YouTube sensation, and former child star Justin Bieber.  However, if there is one thing that has proven true over and over again, it’s that you can always count on a child star for some good ol’ fashion American drama.

Maybe they slowly go off the deep end because can feel their parent’s jealousy as they effortlessly make money. Maybe it’s because they are in charge of a family’s livelihood at such a young age, or maybe it’s because once they become the breadwinner, their parents can no longer tell them what to do. Regardless of the reason, child stars, when given the choice of going down the right path or the wrong one, almost always listen to the devil on their shoulder.

And who can blame them really? Just because you play a goody-two-shoes on T.V. doesn't mean you want to live like one.

Here are 10 former child stars who make the Biebs look like an angel.

9 Danny Bonaduce

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It doesn't matter how old you are. Danny Bonaduce has transcended all age and gender gaps and lives in history as one of the worse child-star-turned-awful-adults in history. As an adorable red head on The Partridge Family, he was quick, funny, and even likable. As he progressed into adulthood, he went down a path that quickly transgressed into the what could easily be considered the douchiest behavior of all time.

Between a severe cocaine addiction and a reality show in which he berated his wife, Bonaduce quickly lost anything resembling admiration, and now this divorced, short-statured former child star is hosting a radio show in Los Angeles.

8 9: Lindsay Lohan

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No child star list would be complete without the presence of one Miss Lindsay Lohan. Her breakout role was Disney's remake of The Parent Trap. From there she went on to get rave reviews for other films before suddenly veering off and entering dangerous territory.

Her short-lived music career, fashion line, bad acting, and insane family put a strain on Lohan, and she in turn became Hollywood's next notorious bad girl. She was arrested for DUIs, drug possession and even theft. She became a producer's worst nightmare, not rehearsing lines, missing scenes, and eventually she ended up with a stint in rehab.

Her latest reality show on Oprah's Own Network received not-so-rave-reviews, and her admission of suffering a miscarriage has left her in a position that can be described as precarious at best.

7 8: Jodie Sweetin

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Jodie, Jodie, Jodie, you were the younger sister big sisters everywhere in America loved to hate. As her role in Full House as Stephanie, she was adorable - albeit somewhat annoying. In other words, she played the part perfectly. When the role ended in 1995, Sweetin tried to resume life as a "normal" person by attending high school and college, then marrying and divorcing twice.

All of this is well and good and not too tragic. It was Sweetin's admission of getting hooked on meth that earns her a spot on this list. Yes, it's normal to experiment with drugs, however, trying one that is very addictive simply because you're "bored" and letting it take over your life? Come on Stephanie. You know better than that.

6 7: Britney Spears


When someone suffers from a mental disorder, it's probably not fair to put them on this list, however, when someone suffers a mental breakdown partly due to a drug induced state of insanity, well, Britney, you've earned your spot. All started out well and good when she was a star on Disney's The Mickey Mouse Club, but cut to a decade later and who was being escorted out of her house by police after locking herself in her own bathroom? You guessed it, it was Britney, Bitch.

After multiple public "episodes" such as shaving her head and attacking paparazzi with an umbrella, slumping on a curb, and being escorted out of her home, Britney was placed under the watchful conservatorship of her father. She lost custody of her two sons and access to her own money. Today, with her residency as a Las Vegas performance, she is trying to get her life back, but is still not allowed to be fully in control.

5 6: Amanda Bynes

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Poor Amanda Bynes.  She was a child star that all child stars hope to be: She was pretty, funny, got her lines right, and was on a the hit show All That. But then something went awry. This spunky, gorgeous girl began to emit erratic behavior that ultimately led to a hospitalization into a mental facility.

Things began to go down hill when Ms. Bynes was arrested several times for DUI, hit and run charges (which were later dismissed), throwing a bong from her window, accusing a police officer of "slapping her in the vagina," and starting a small fire in a neighbor's driveway. Basically, just another day in the life of a child star.

Finally, her parents stepped in and sent her to a facility and enrolled her in the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in an effort to keep her bizarre behavior under control. 

4 5: Corey Haim

Something seems amiss when a list of child stars includes one Corey and not the other, however Corey Haim lived a harder, more tragic story than Corey Feldman, which is why he is on this list.

Haim was once a teen idol of epic proportions. His face was plastered over every teen magazine known to man, starring in movies alongside a best friend who shared his name, and lived a life that most can only dream of.

Unfortunately, Haim had serious demons to contend with; he was molested at a young age and had serious problems with drug addiction. This eventually led him to attempt suicide multiple times, and to an accidental drug overdose which led to his untimely death at age 38.

4: Macaulay Culkin

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The days of Macaulay Culkin being an adorable kid that's home alone are long gone. After playing America's cutest little smarty pants for years, he decided to go in the exact opposite direction. Heroin addiction, marrying at age 18, divorcing his parents, and being arrested for marijuana possession are among the items that contributed to this former good boy's adventures in badness.

Culkin was also known for his close friendship with Michael Jackson when he was younger, which leads us to the next person on the list.

3 3: Michael Jackson

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Yes, he is the king of pop, and possibly the greatest entertainer of all times, however, he still was a child star that went awry.

As the youngest of the Jackson 5, he was brilliant, with the voice of an angel and the moves of a professional dancer. However, as he aged, he became more and more, well... weird.  Multiple plastic surgeries changed the way he looked, odd behavior resulted in child molestation allegations (which were later settled), and he even dangled his own child (Blanket) off a balcony. He may have been the greatest entertainer, but he was morally questionable at best.

2 2: Bobby Brown

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This one is a little bit out there, however, it's true, Bobby Brown was a child star who did in fact turn out to be worse than Justin Bieber.

At the ripe old age of nine, Mr. Brown joined the band New Edition. It is documented that "behavioral problems" got him kicked out of the band years later as a 16 year old. Bouncing back and becoming an award winning musical artist was no feat for Bobby. As a matter of fact, marrying celebrity songstress Whitney Houston wasn't a challenge either.

He had everything that anyone could ever ask for, a beautiful wife, a beautiful child, a beautiful voice, money, fame... what could go wrong? Oh, just drug addiction, multiple stints in rehab, arrests for assault, battery, DUI, and drug possession. He has been singled out as being responsible for destroying Whitney Houston's life due to his influence on her and cajoling her into a lifestyle of drugs and alcohol.

1 1: Miley Cyrus

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Once the Disney Channel sweetheart who went by the name of Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus has done everything in her power to give Bieber a run for his money. Shedding her old peaches and cream reputation, she went down the complete opposite path, forcing her fans to disown her and creating loyalty with new ones who appreciate a more wild child personality.

The controversial VMA performance that featured her "twerking" in barely any clothing was enough to recognize that Hannah Montana was firmly in the grave. That insane and shocking performance was followed by multiple images of the former child star smoking pot, posing in various lingerie, and always with her (inhumanly long) tongue fishing about  like a female Gene Simmons tribute.

She hasn't done the worst things of the people on this list, but she fell far, fast, and in sight of her impressionable young fans. Ms. Cyrus takes the #1 spot when it comes to being a child star worse than Justin Bieber.

So far, The Kardashian kids have kept themselves off of this list, but it could be only a matter of time. Kylie and Kendall, we're looking at you.

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