10 Child Stars Who Grew Up To Be Surprisingly Gorgeous

Nerdy. Stocky. Awkward. Pudgy. Clumsy. These kids weren't necessarily ugly; they had their charm and were, of course, cute. But no one could have predicted just how hot they would truly become as adults. Some lost weight; others gained mass, while still others just grew into their natural beauty.

The Harry Potter series, in particular saw, its young and often nerdy actors blossom into stunning adults. Disney also had its fair share of child stars growing up to be heartthrobs. These star kids and tweens did, of course, have the budget and the personal stylists to ensure their transition from duckling to swan was as smooth as possible. Would everyone manage the growing up thing as easily if they had the million dollar means?

In 2015, the world has almost forgotten how these stars looked way back when, because they've blossomed into gorgeous A-listers who could rival even the most established Hollywood beauty on the red carpet. They've really come into their own, becoming style icons and sex symbols. Constantly being in the public eye certainly helped, although good genes and a little maintenance and upkeep have gone a long way. Puberty: These 10 kids did it right.

10 Shia Labeouf

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From humble beginnings as a Disney star to Hollywood blockbuster-maker, from A-lister to hipster artist with some issues, Shia Labeouf has done so much in his relatively short career.

He started off as a spunky troublemaker whose immaturity got him into lots of trouble in Even Stevens. Curly-haired and pre-pubescent, Shia continued to ride the wave of his Disney fame, getting the lead role in "Holes". As he matured, so too did his roles, as he went on to support Will Smith and Keanu Reeves in "I, Robot" and "Constantine" respectively.

Although already a household name, Shia reached international stardom as the star of the "Transformers" franchise. His quirky, nervous persona matched perfectly with Megan Fox’s sex appeal, creating a hot movie duo that made men all around the world jealous of Mr. Labeouf.

Shia’s fame dropped a little after he was accused of plagiarism, made some disparaging remarks against Hollywood royalty, and started behaving bizarrely in public (once infamously showing up with a brown bag over his head, bearing the words 'I am not famous anymore'). However, he’s since embraced his creative side and tackled many more indie films.

9 Abigail Breslin

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Abigail Breslin made her big screen debut in M. Night Shyamalan’s “Signs” as Mel Gibson’s adorable child. It was her role in “Little Miss Sunshine” as the titular character, however, that launched her to superstardom. It is arguably her most recognised role, for good reason.

Spectacles. Two big front teeth. Undeniably awkward. Pudgy. That 80s wardrobe. If ever there was a dweeby look, Abigail had mastered it for her role as the aspiring Little Miss Sunshine. She brought together her whole on-screen family and stole moviegoers’ hearts everywhere.

In recent years, she has shed that awkward look and nerdy image to sprout into a true beauty capable of kicking ass, as audiences will witness in her next film, “Final Girl”. From nerdy and awkward to elegant and ravishing, Abigail Breslin has definitely grown into her own unique brand of beauty.

8 Joseph Gordon Levitt

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Who knew that long-haired dork from the TV series 3rd Rock from the Sun would turn into one of Hollywood’s biggest – and hottest – actors?

Joseph Gordon-Levitt started off his career working TV shows before finally hitting it big with a show about aliens on Earth who observe human behaviour. He starred as Tommy Solomon, an adolescent who was actually an old and wise alien.

Joseph took a break from acting to focus on his studies. He returned to Tinseltown and tackled some movie projects such as "Mysterious Skin", "Brick" and "The Lookout". His matured look and amazing acting ability made Hollywood take notice. He starred in a string of massively successful movies such as "Inception", "The Dark Knight Rises" and "Looper".

Suave, dapper and only growing in popularity, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is looking to hit it big again in 2015, this time lining up films that could garner his some recognition come awards time.

7 Kristen Stewart

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No one could have predicted that a short-haired tomboy would become the beautiful face of a billion dollar franchise.

At a still relatively young age of 25, Kristen Stewart has taken the world by storm ever since she netted the role of a lifetime in “Twilight”. Before she was the stunning Bella Swan, however, Kristen had a knack for scoring roles as a tomboyish daughter to troubled mothers in “The Safety of Objects” and “Panic Room”.

Kristen found some success in supporting roles over the next few years. Her big breakthrough came, of course, when she was chosen to play the lead in Stephanie Meyer’s bestselling movie adaptation of her “Twilight” book series.

Although the saga is done and over with, Kristen has kept her stock high by starring in movies such as “Snow White and the Huntsman” and “Still Alice”. The sky’s the limit for what this gorgeous actress can achieve.

6 Georgie Henley

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At the tender age of 10, Georgie Henley was chosen to play the cutest little Lucy Pevensie in the “Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe”. Seeing her today, she’s a beautiful English rose in full bloom.

Sporting luscious auburn hair, Georgie has grown out of her cute phase and has captured the hearts of men everywhere with her piercing green eyes, infectious charm, adorable accent and unparalleled charisma.

With the Chronicles of Narnia as well as her role of Jane Eyre under her belt, fans of hers are excited to see what this British beauty does next.

5 Jonathan Lipnicki

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Don’t get it wrong, Johnathan Lipnicki was always a cutie with his blonde hair and nerdy glasses. He stole moviegoers’ hearts as Renee Zellweger’s son in "Jerry Maguire", made his name as the older brother of the adopted talking mouse "Stuart Little", and found success alongside Bow Wow in "Like Mike".

He fell off the Hollywood radar during his teenage years – an awkward time for everyone, it seems. He’s kept busy with TV shows, indie films and his work with philanthropy. Most notably, fitness has become his passion. Jonathan has turned himself into a gym rat, becoming a heartthrob in the process with a killer body. He’s currently training in Mixed Martial Arts, though he remains uncertain if he'll ever compete at a professional level.

Whether it’s on the silver screen, on our TV sets or in the ring, here’s hoping Jonathan continues his success in all his endeavours.

4 Bonnie Wright

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The Boy Who Lived sure knew how to choose his women!

Bonnie Wright is known for her role as Harry Potter’s love interest in the wizarding franchise. Portraying the youngest Weasley – red hair and all – was a tall task for Bonnie, but she pulled it off splendidly and became one of the fan favorites.

Bonnie, now 24, has flourished into a beautiful young woman with fiery red hair, overflowing with class and elegance. Since her time on the Harry Potter franchise, she has starred in films such as “After the Dark” and “Before I Sleep”. She’s also dabbled in other ventures, such as writing a screenplay with fellow Potter alumni David Thewlis and trying her hand at modelling. It can be safely assumed that she has the looks to succeed in the fashion world.

3 Alexa Vega

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By bye Carmen! Hello hottie!

Seeing this sexy transformation happen before our eyes has been a treat, as the young, tough girl from the “Spy Kids” franchise turned into a sexy vixen.

Alexa Vega had her fair share of movie roles from a tender age. Playing the role of Carmen Cortez alongside on-screen brother, Daryl Sabara, Alexa’s stock skyrocketed with “Spy Kids” and its sequels. She followed up by starring as Ruby in the television show “Ruby & The Rockits”, while landing the lead role in “Repo! The Generic Opera”.

Like many before her, Alexa has recently chosen more adult parts to coincide with her growing maturity. Roles in “Machete Kills” and “Sin City: A Dame to Kill For” have made this sensual Colombian a sexy starlet to look out for.

2 Josh Peck

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Who would have thought that the chubby kid from “Drake & Josh” would turn out to be such a hunk?

The classic Nickelodeon show saw two very different dudes live under the same roof as step brothers. Josh Peck played the role of Josh Nichols, a funny and smart teenager on the dorkier side that matched up well with Drake Parker’s womanising, immature persona.

Josh lost a considerable amount of weight since the show began to air, growing into his natural good looks. Some stubble here, a little bit of style there, and voila! Not much else is needed to let those piercing eyes and handsome smile do their thing.

In more recent years, Josh has lent his voice to the “Ice Age” franchise as well as the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle” television show. You could see him next in James Franco’s “Bukowski”, where he stars as the controversial author.

1 Matthew Lewis

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If anyone claims to have seen this coming, they are lying. No one could have predicted how the clumsy, ill-fated Neville Longbottom would turn into such a hottie. The buck teeth, confused look and all-around awkwardness that was Neville were so utterly uninviting, fans couldn’t help but always pity him.

Enter puberty. Matthew Lewis reaped the rewards of a generous bodily change, capturing the hearts of millions of women around the world with his tremendous good looks and overall sex appeal.

The dopey, dumbfounded Longbottom had the last laugh, as Matthew grew into his looks and is now revered as the most handsome of the Potter bunch. Tall, dapper and certainly good looking, the 25-year old actor now stars in the military drama “Bluestone 42”.

Going from NOT to HOT in just a few short years, Matthew has given every single young person hope that they can grow up to be a stunner.

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