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10 Cheating Celebs Who Were Outed By The Public

10 Cheating Celebs Who Were Outed By The Public


Adultery is awful to say the least. No one deserves to be cheated on, but cheating can be million times worse than it already is if other people find out about your personal business. Nobody knows this better than celebrities. Famous people do not have the luxury of keeping their personal lives private. So not only does their business become public knowledge, but sometimes the public finds out what is happening in their lives before they know themselves. Many celebrities found out they were getting cheated on in a very public manner.

From paparazzi photos to social media posts to humiliating portrayals on reality television, there have been plenty of times that celebrities found out that their lover was stepping out on them at the same time we all did. It has to be a million times more brutal to find out that your man was stepping out on you in public than if you had the privacy to deal with it yourself. As if cheating was not already hurtful enough, it is absolutely awful that these people had to go through this kind of struggle in the spotlight.

Even though celebs are rich, successful, and gorgeous, they are not immune to heartbreak. They are people just like us and they too can become victims of reckless adultery. I could never imagine scrolling through my social media feeds to see pictures of someone cheating on me without any warning. It is just so savage and adds an extra, unnecessary sting, to the initial hurt.

I really feel for these ten celebrities who had to find out they were getting cheated on in a very public manner. These were the 10 cheating celebs who got outed in a public manner,

10. Chris Brown Fathered A Baby… With Another Woman



Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran had a tumultuous relationship to say the least. They had a lot of very public ups and downs that did not involve any third parties, but shit really hit the fan when there were rumors of Chris Brown cheating on Karrueche Tran with a woman named Nia Guzman. Well, that gossip proved to be way more than a rumor because Nia Guzman had Chris Brown’s baby. So the adultery evidence was undeniable with that one. This all put Karrueche in an extremely tough spot and put an unbelievable strain on an already troubled relationship. Talk about a blindside!

9. Scott Disick Was Photographed With An Ex

scott chloe


Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick were really the epitome of #RelationshipGoals. They were both hot and hilarious on Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Without these two, the show would be a total snooze fest. They have the most adorable kids. I can go on and on. They had an unconventional relationship with Kourtney refusing to get married, but they really seemed to make it work, even with Scott’s substance abuse issues. The Kardashians fandom basically imploded when pics of Scott lounging around and touching ex girlfriend Chloe Bartoli surfaced. The fans, along with Kourtney herself, were completely blindsided, and the couple broke up. There’s only so much a person can take and it was just too tough for Kourtney to deal with the public nature of the betrayal. The fans still have hope that these two can reconcile somehow, but they have a lot to overcome.

8. Liam Hemsworth Got With January Jones At An Oscars Party

Thankfully, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are back together and she’s wearing her old engagement ring again so all is good, but it was a long time coming. Liam was spotted making out with and getting in a car with actress January Jones at an after party for the 2013 Oscars while he was dating Miley. The paparazzi were all over that situation and the photos were published immediately so Miley saw the pics at the same time the rest of us did. But it seems like time heals all wounds and I’m sure there were plenty of apologies because young Hollywood’s favorite couple is back together.

7. Married Man Josh Duggar Was On Ashley Madison



When the Duggar family first appeared on reality television, they were sticklers for morality. Now, they are just shrouded in scandal and a lot of that is thanks to Josh Duggar. On top of other things, it was revealed that Josh Duggar had an account on the site Ashley Madison when it was hacked. Ashley Madison is a dating service for people who are in marriages or relationships looking for someone to have affairs with. So having a membership on this site is not something that can be easily justified. Publicly, Josh and his wife Anna are still together.

6. Paparazzi Catches Jason Aldean With Brittany Kerr

shutterstock_265102778 (1)

Jason Aldean seemed like he was in a happy marriage with his high school sweetheart Jessica Ussery for 15 years. Then the paparazzi spotted the country singer making out with former American Idol contestant Brittany Kerr. The two made an announcement about trying to make their marriage work, but they did not remain together. I don’t know if it’s the cheating or the fact that it was so public that they couldn’t get past it, but Jason Aldean is now married to Brittany Kerr so maybe he just found love at an inconvenient time? Poor Jessica though. No one, let alone the mother of someone’s children, deserves to be humiliated in that way. No matter what the circumstances were, it was definitely not acceptable.

5. Lamar Odom Posted A Video Admitting That He Cheated On Khloe


Khloe Kardashian was (and is?) such a super wife to Lamar Odom. She really is the ultimate ride or die chick. She took care of her man and kept his private life private for as long as she could. Then a video surfaced on the internet of a seemingly not sober Lamar Odom rapping and bragging about cheating on Khloe. Everyone saw it and it was absolutely humiliating. It was the final straw and she was done….for the time being. As we all know, these two have been hanging out lately “as friends” since Khloe has been taking care of him after his overdose, but all of the fans are still rooting for this estranged couple.

4. Kristen Stewart Was Photographed With A Producer



Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson were such a power couple for the teen fandom. Everyone loved that the two Twilight stars were together in real life and their fans were really rooting for them. Shit hit the fan when Kristen Stewart was photographed getting cozy with producer Rupert Sanders. They were touching each other and making out and I guess they had no idea that the cameras were there. Oh and this dude was also married. The whole thing was such a mess and poor Robert Pattinson got completely blindsided by the photos. She really did him dirty with this one.

3. Kelsey Grammer Dumps Camille, Admits To Affair 


Everyone who watched Real Housewives of Beverly Hills during its first season really felt for Camille Grammer when it came to the demise of her marriage with Kelsey Grammer. She was all about being the perfect wife and mother for the famous actor and then he suddenly became distant. Then he told her that he was having an affair for six months and that she still had to accompany him on the red carpet and play the part of a dutiful wife. Camille hoped that she would be able to win him back, but she was not successful and she has to live with the humiliation she went through on reality television for the rest of her life. Poor Camille!

2. Hugh Grant And His Lady Of The Night


I have no idea why anyone would step out on Elizabeth Hurley, but Hugh Grant decided that it was a good idea for some unknown reason. While he was in California promoting a film, he was trolling the Sunset Strip and picked up a prostitute known as Divine Brown. He paid her $60 to perform oral sex on him in the street nearby and he got caught and arrested. So Elizabeth Hurley had to find out about this when his mugshot surfaced along with the scandalous news story. They were able to work things out for a little bit and did not immediately break up, but I’m sure their relationship was pretty rocky ever following the incident.

1. Jessica Simpson Caught Leaving Adam Levine’s Hotel Room

It seems like a lifetime ago that Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson were a happily married couple, but they were. And not only that but they really were the “It” couple for quite a while since they had a reality TV show that focused on their marriage called Newlyweds. So it was pretty shocking when paparazzi photographed a married Jessica Simpson leaving the hotel where Adam Levine was staying in the shirt he was wearing the night before. It was an extremely blatant walk of shame and no matter what was going on with their marriage, it had to hurt Nick Lachey for that infidelity to play out publicly.

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