10 Cheating Celebs Who Were Outed By The Public

Adultery is awful to say the least. No one deserves to be cheated on, but cheating can be million times worse than it already is if other people find out about your personal business. Nobody knows this better than celebrities. Famous people do not have the luxury of keeping their personal lives private. So not only does their business become public knowledge, but sometimes the public finds out what is happening in their lives before they know themselves. Many celebrities found out they were getting cheated on in a very public manner.

From paparazzi photos to social media posts to humiliating portrayals on reality television, there have been plenty of times that celebrities found out that their lover was stepping out on them at the same time we all did. It has to be a million times more brutal to find out that your man was stepping out on you in public than if you had the privacy to deal with it yourself. As if cheating was not already hurtful enough, it is absolutely awful that these people had to go through this kind of struggle in the spotlight.

Even though celebs are rich, successful, and gorgeous, they are not immune to heartbreak. They are people just like us and they too can become victims of reckless adultery. I could never imagine scrolling through my social media feeds to see pictures of someone cheating on me without any warning. It is just so savage and adds an extra, unnecessary sting, to the initial hurt.

I really feel for these ten celebrities who had to find out they were getting cheated on in a very public manner. These were the 10 cheating celebs who got outed in a public manner,

12 Chris Brown Fathered A Baby... With Another Woman


11 Scott Disick Was Photographed With An Ex


10 Liam Hemsworth Got With January Jones At An Oscars Party


8 Married Man Josh Duggar Was On Ashley Madison


7 Paparazzi Catches Jason Aldean With Brittany Kerr

6 Lamar Odom Posted A Video Admitting That He Cheated On Khloe

5 Kristen Stewart Was Photographed With A Producer


4 Kelsey Grammer Dumps Camille, Admits To Affair 

3 Hugh Grant And His Lady Of The Night

2 Jessica Simpson Caught Leaving Adam Levine's Hotel Room


It seems like a lifetime ago that Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson were a happily married couple, but they were. And not only that but they really were the "It" couple for quite a while since they had a reality TV show that focused on their marriage called Newlyweds. So it was pretty shocking when paparazzi photographed a married Jessica Simpson leaving the hotel where Adam Levine was staying in the shirt he was wearing the night before. It was an extremely blatant walk of shame and no matter what was going on with their marriage, it had to hurt Nick Lachey for that infidelity to play out publicly.

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10 Cheating Celebs Who Were Outed By The Public