10 Characters That Will Probably Die During Marvel's Phase 3

United we stand, divided we fall. Or at least that's how we plan to envision the events that are bound to ensue in Marvel's Phase 3. It's been a long ways away since we bore witness to the central Avengers members come together back in 2012, and an even longer ways since Robert Downey Jr. kicked this whole franchise off with the first solo Iron Man film; alas, nothing lasts forever.

With Marvel entering their final phase for the foreseeable future, we'll most likely have to welcome in a bunch of new contenders as well as say goodbye to the ones we've come to know and love. If there's anything that fans have learned from the second Avengers film, it's that the studio is in no way afraid to disrupt their lighthearted hopeful tone to kill off a character that fans were only just getting attached to.

Without getting too deep into contracts and actors' conflicting obligations, there are a couple of characters on the roster who simply won't be able to avoid their untimely fate by the end of Infinity Wars. Read on at your own discretion.

10 Nick Fury


After the events that unfolded during Captain America: Winter Soldier, the death of this allusive eye-patched spy was fairly inevitable. Nick Fury has not only lost nearly all of his most valuable resources with his falling out with S.H.I.E.L.D., but his relevance in the MCU as well. With the Avengers already fully formed and operating as their own separate entity, Fury's only other reasonable fate in the franchise is to end up as some casualty that will further the events of the plot.

Aside from this, the actor that portrays the character, Samuel L. Jackson, has formally announced his contract being up in two more appearances.

9 War Machine


This selection may appear as a cheap shot due to to the character's scene in the Captain America: Civil War trailer, but there is a bit more evidence that points to the Iron Man sidekick meeting a deadly fate sooner than later.

As most expect, there will need to be a fairly strong driving force as to why Tony Stark would side with the government in signing the Sokovia Accords, and an even deeper reason as to why he would be willing to take down Captain America. James Rhodes has lacked a defined purpose since the events of Iron Man 2, and what better way to utilize him than to serve as a plot device.

8 Hank Pym


With the recent confirmation of an Ant-Man sequel on the way, it is fairly safe to say that we'll be seeing Michael Douglas' rendition of Hank Pym again.

Hank's role in the Ant-Man film was to pass the torch to Scott Lang as the next incarnation of the miniaturizing superhero, leaving his role in the MCU fairly negligible.

While there's no reason for Hank to be killed off, there really isn't a reason for him to return either. If anything, his death can better serve as a plot device for Hope Pym to pick up the mantle as The Wasp.

7 Hawkeye


It would be sad to see this character die before he got the recognition he deserved, but seeing as how many new characters will be entering Marvel's Phase 3, that may just have to be the cold hard reality.

Hawkeye has been a doomed character from the beginning, however Marvel did try to ground him in some reality with the introduction of his family in Avengers: Age of Ultron. This may just be a set-up for us to sympathize harder with his death when his time comes, but we just don't see how this character will stand the test of time.

6 Drax the Destroyer


This alien has been built for war, allowing us to assume that he'll at least make it up until the fight with Thanos, however we've also come to know the character to bite off more than he can chew.

Drax had made clear fairly early in Guardians of the Galaxy that he had an eternal hatred for Thanos and would want nothing more than to defeat him in combat. While we've yet gotten to see the villain's true power on the big screen, it's safe to assume that he'll be humbling a lot of characters in the MCU, including this hothead.

5 Vision


While the artificially intelligent android only recently made his way into the superhero team, one shouldn't be surprised to see this character meet his end by Infinity Wars.

But how could you even defeat a synthetic being made of vibranium? Well, unfortunately for Vision, his one and only weakness lays in plain sight, and it also happens to be one key artifact the Mad Titan Thanos needs to complete his conquest of the galaxy. This, of course, is none other than the Mind Gem, and it only seems fitting for this to be the way Vision goes out.

4 Thor


The Son of Asgard's trilogy is slated to end with Ragnarok, an infamous story within Norse mythology that illustrates the death of all the gods.

Now while the title of the third film isn't a direct death sentence for Thor, the film has been teased to change things for the character indefinitely. Apart from this, Thor has perished a number of different times in the comics to extend the plot of certain stories, and later brought back or incarnated as a different version of the hero.

3 Thanos


Well, here's a shocking entry. The big bad villain in the final showdown of Infinity Wars is likely to meet his end during the second half, but he's not expected to go down without taking a few others with him.

Seeing as how Marvel has built up to Thanos' war against the Avengers with slight appearances in mid-credits scenes, it is highly unlikely that they would find a resolve without him dying. Whatever plans are in development for post-Infinity Wars, the death of the Mad Titan will be essential in moving things forward.

2 Iron Man


It's only make sense that the long running franchise ends with the character that started it all.

If there's one thing MCU fans can rely on, is that while there's an Avengers team, there will always be an Iron Man, however we can't say the same for Robert Downey Jr., the actor that portrays him. With the actor getting up there in age, it's inevitable that he won't be able to hold the torch for much longer, and the only sensible decision in recasting the character is sending him off in the most honorable way possible.

1 Captain America


Fans can rest easy at night knowing even though Steve Rogers may meet an untimely end, there are enough characters in the MCU with more than enough 'Captain' in them.

Much like Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans has grown wary of wielding his shield and has recently expressed his interest in working behind the camera instead of in front of it. While actors reprising roles in films largely comes down to contractual obligations, this particular case may work out to make the MCU more canon to the comic books.



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10 Characters That Will Probably Die During Marvel's Phase 3