10 Celebs You Would Never Believe Are Related

When it comes to celebrities, we usually know about all their latest scandals. One thing we seem to neglect is that, well, they are people themselves, and they have families of their own. Much like in the common world, children often take after their parents or their closest influences. If your mother or father was a doctor or an accountant, maybe you would feel comfortable in that field as well.

For a celebrity, growing up backstage and watching your family act or direct can have a great appeal. Some might even argue that fame and acting lies in their bloodline, and with so much proof to that matter, who are we to rebuttal.

Have you even looked at an actor and thought, "What made them who they are today?" Well it's your family more often than not that shapes you into your mold. Here are some actors and directors who have inspired their family members to reach out and touch base.

11 Lily and Alfie Allen - Sister and Brother


Not everyone knows the name Alfie Allen but when his face appears on screen, there is a common outrage amongst Game Of Thrones fans. He is best known for his treacherous role as Theon Greyjoy on HBO's 2011 hit series and whenever his name is spoken or his character present, it leaves the viewer with a slimy vermin feeling. But what we did not know about this actor is that he is the younger brother of pop star Lily Allen as well as the subject of Lily's song "Alfie" where she sings of a younger sibling.

10 Julia and Emma Roberts - Aunt and Niece


Julia Roberts is known as America's Sweetheart, one of the most beautiful, talented and respected female actresses of all time. She has been a part of the movie industry since 1987 and has not stopped yet. Robert's niece Emma could not get enough of the acting world and spent much of her earlier years exploring her aunts many sets and deciding whether she could be a part of it. Emma started early enough in 2001 as Jonny Depp's daughter in Blow, and from then on her passion has only grown. Much like her aunt, her beauty and talent is hard to miss. She has been acting since she was a little girl and now as a woman she has taken on more dubious roles as demonstrated in Scream 4 and in American Horror Story.

9 Tom Cruise and William Mapother - Cousins


We all know who Tom Cruise is. The famous actor who has both inspired and shocked us throughout his career but when the name William Mapother comes up, more often than not our minds draw a blank. Who is William Mapother? Well for starters he is Cruise's younger cousin, but we can all agree that he is much much more than that. Mapother has been cast in Lost as one of "The others" and also appeared in 2011's Another Earth and 2004's The Grudge. It is needless to say that Mapother has made a name for himself and been able to step out from beneath his older cousins shadow as he's clearly demonstrated when he himself said "As I've amassed a body of work, the questions about Tom have gone away."

8 Quincy and Rashida Jones - Father and daughter


The name Quincy Jones might be the most reputable name in the music and TV business. Not only has he won 26 Grammys, but he has changed the music world as we know it, even going as far as becoming Michael Jackson's producer for the "Thriller" album that sold over 100 million copies worldwide. Quincy also composed the theme song to The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air and was the show's executive producer. It's safe to say that Quincy Jones is the man. Another major accomplishment in Jones' life is that he fathered the beautiful and talented actress Rashida Jones. Quincy Jones , undoubtedly spread his knack for fame and talent to his daughter which she expresses with ease with her comedic personality.

7 Melissa and Jenny McCarthy - Cousins


Jenny and Melissa McCarthy may be cousins, but they approached the limelight in very different manners. Whichever way they reached it, they got where they are today by being smart, funny, beautiful woman. Jenny McCarthy has come a long way from her debut in 1993's Playboy Magazine. She went from modeling to becoming a TV host and a reputable author of successful pregnancy and motherhood books. Melissa on the other hand started directly on TV as Gilmore Girls' lovable Sookie . From then on she has landed numerous roles and truly shown off her exceptional talent in making us laugh out loud. It goes without saying that this cousin duo is nothing but loveable.


5 Nicolas Cage and Sofia Coppola - Cousins


Nicolas Cage has made quite the name for himself in show business; he is a well respected actor who does not seem to quit and always keeps it hip. He operates in a vast range which is demonstrated as he jumps from his role in National Treasure to his role as Daddy in Kick-Ass. What we don’t know about Cage is that he comes from a family of directors. Take his Cousin Sofia Coppola for example: The first American woman to be nominated for the Best Director Academy award, Coppola is no new face to the directing world. She has directed the films Somewhere (2010), Lost in Translation (2003) and many more.

4 The Olsen twins and Elizabeth Olsen - Sisters


At this point in time, if you don't know who the Olsen Twins are, the only explanation is that you've lived under a rock for the past 25 years and should seek sunlight immediately. These twins have grown up in the spotlight and become multi-millionaires with the help of their clothing line and numerous films. But what we don't know about the Olsens is that there's another sister, and she is also an actress. Elizabeth Olsen is the younger sister to the Olsen Twins, and although she also grew up wanting to be an actress, it did not come as easily for her as it did her sisters. Surely enough Elizabeth has clawed her way into showbiz and does a great job at it. In the past couple years she has appeared in movies such as The Avengers: Age Of Ultron and Godzilla. As the Olsen Twins dwindle in fame, Elizabeth floats on up.

3 John and Joan Cusack - Brother and Sister


If almost having the same name does not denounce their relationship then their resemblance sure does. John and Joan Cusack have successfully made a career in the acting world without letting fame get them stuck in the spotlight. These well-grounded actors like to keep to themselves and the audience does not seem to mind as long as they keep their careers alive. To be fair these siblings come from a long line of actors and producers; acting seems to be in their blood as well as humility.

2 Drew Barrymore and Steven Spielberg - Godfather/Goddaughter


Steven Spielberg might be the best known director, producer and writer in Hollywood as well as one of the wealthiest filmmakers. When his goddaughter Drew Barrymore came to him with the dream of becoming an actress, it wasn't long before she was taken into Hollywood’s arms. Being Stephen Spielberg’s god daughter does have its perks, but Barrymore cannot entirely devote her career to this relationship. Having a hookup can only take you so far; it is Barrymore’s raw talent that got her where she is today.

1 Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson - Mother/Daughter


Goldie Hawn is an actress who saw her debut in the early 1970's, her beauty and talent took her a long way and she dazzled her audience with her quirky personality. Most commonly remembered in 1993's Death Becomes Her, Hawn will always be known as a game changer. It can be argued that she was so great that she had to release some of her talent onto her children, and without fail Hawn's Spawn Kate Hudson inherited her mother’s qualities so she could be in the spotlight herself. Hudson is most commonly known for her roles in Almost Famous and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, but she is also known in the industry for her solid work ethic and heart wrenching smile.

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10 Celebs You Would Never Believe Are Related