10 Celebs You Never Knew Became Moms At A Young Age

More and more female celebrities are waiting to have children until they’re a little bit older. After all, it’s difficult to find the right man in the tricky dating world of Hollywood, where relationships are ruthlessly tracked by the paparazzi. Additionally, while some celebrities manage to become superstars before they’re of legal drinking age, many take years and years to reach their goals in the industry, and are too busy working on their careers to think about raising a family.

However, there still are some celebrities who end up having children at a very young age. And no, we’re not just talking about the reality television stars gracing shows like Teen Mom. Some celebrities ended up having children while they were just starting out in their careers. They’re often pictured alongside their teenage children while the public does a double-take, wondering how on earth someone who looks so young can have a child older than a toddler. Some of the celebrities in question are still with the father of their children, some got together after they had their child, and some have since parted ways, but either way, the 10 ladies on this list are fantastic mothers who took on the role of mom at relatively young ages.

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10 Reese Witherspoon

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Reese Witherspoon recently had a child, Tennessee, with her husband Jim Toth, but before that she was married to fellow actor Ryan Phillippe. Witherspoon met Phillippe when she was just 21, and the two married soon after, eventually having their first child when Reese was just 24. It might seem like just yesterday that Reese was snapped by the paparazzi with daughter Ava and son Deacon, but if you’ve seen any recent photos of Reese with her daughter, prepare to be surprised. Ava Phillippe is now 16 years old, and looks like a carbon copy of her famous Southern belle mother.

9 Victoria Beckham

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Victoria Beckham and soccer superstar David Beckham are one of the entertainment industry’s golden couples – they’ve been together seemingly forever, and continue to be absolutely adorable when they step on the red carpet together, particularly if their children are in tow. However, it can seem baffling to see that Victoria’s oldest son, Brooklyn Beckham, is a teenager – 16 to be specific. That’s because Victoria had her first child when she was just 24 years old. It might not seem crazy young, but Brooklyn wasn’t the only Beckham child – soon after came Romeo, Cruz, and daughter Harper. The busy mum of four only recently entered her 40s, and in addition to raising four adorable children, has managed to build a successful fashion label.

8 Aretha Franklin

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While her music is still popular today, Aretha Franklin is a legend from an earlier age, before extensive paparazzi coverage and gossip magazines. So, while a singer of her caliber nowadays would likely have his or her private life completely exposed to the public, Franklin managed to keep her legacy primarily about the music, despite some scandal in her earlier years. Franklin has four children, and her first son Clarence was born shortly after Franklin turned 14. That’s right – she was pregnant at the extremely young age of 13. Her family pitched in to help, and her grandmother and sister both took turns raising Aretha’s children while she pursued her music career.

7 Jamie Lynn Spears

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With all the drama going on with big sister Britney over the years, it definitely shocked the public when Jamie Lynn Spears revealed she was pregnant at 16. She was starring on a Disney channel show at the time, and the announcement seemingly came out of nowhere. While many assumed that Jamie Lynn would become like some of the teen moms on the infamous MTV reality show, she soon proved everyone wrong by creating a stable home for her baby girl. Now, the young mom in her 20s is happily married, and following in her big sister’s footsteps as a musician (although, rather than becoming the next pop princess, Jamie Lynn has her eyes set on the country world).

6 Solange Knowles

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It’s tough to forge a path for yourself in the entertainment industry when your big sister is one of the biggest superstars in the music industry – just as Solange Knowles, baby sister of the legendary Beyoncé. However, there was one thing that Solange beat her sister to – motherhood. While Beyoncé has a child with rapper Jay Z, Solange had her child at only 17. She had married then boyfriend Daniel Smith and gave birth to their son. The relationship didn’t last, and Knowles has since married music video director Alan Ferguson. She has been outspoken about becoming a mother so early, stating that while it wasn’t an ideal situation, her son is the greatest unplanned blessing.

5 Sofia Vergara

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Every so often, Sofia Vergara will step out on the red carpet with a fairly young gentleman who is just as handsome as Vergara is gorgeous – we’re talking about Manolo, her son. Manolo Vergara is 21 years old, something that seems absolutely insane – Sofia Vergara definitely doesn’t look old enough to have a child in his 20s. However, while Vergara’s good genes have something to do with it, it’s also because she had Manolo when she was just 19 years old. While she’s now happily married to Hollywood hunk Joe Manganiello, back when she was starting out in the industry, Vergara had married her childhood sweetheart at 18 and had Manolo soon after. While her first marriage lasted only three years, her relationship with her son remains strong.

4 Niki Taylor

via blog.marchforbabies.org

Model Niki Taylor is definitely no stranger to early milestones – she graced the cover of Vogue when she was just 15, and began her successful modeling career even earlier than that. Along the way, shortly after she had graduated high school, Taylor met Matt Martinez at an Arena football game in Miami. They eloped a few months later, and shortly after Taylor gave birth to twin sons when she was just 18. The relationship lasted less than two years after that, and Taylor went on to marry stock car racing driver Burney Lamar, with whom she also had two children. Now, Taylor’s twin boys are in their 20s, and she’s definitely one hot mama.

3 Loretta Lynn

via cmt.com

Before strong, powerful bombshells like Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood were dominating the country charts, there was a certain trailblazer that set the path for countless female country artists after her – we’re talking about Loretta Lynn. The talented country recording artist received an astounding number of accolades over the course of her career, but perhaps the most impressive fact is that she did it with several children in tow – after getting married to Oliver Lynn when she was just 15, Lynn was a mother of four before her 20th birthday. Altogether she had six children while building a legendary music career.

2 Keisha Castle-Hughes

via zimbio.com

Keisha Castle-Hughes stunned audiences around the world with her performance as Paikea Apirana in Whale Rider, earning critical acclaim and an Academy Award nod when she was just 13. She also reached another life milestone early – motherhood. Castle-Hughes announced that she was expecting a child with her boyfriend Bradley Hull when she was just 16 years old, and officially became a mother one month after Castle-Hughes’ 17th birthday. The duo eventually split, and Castle-Hughes has since married DJ Jonathan Morrison. So far, Castle-Hughes has just welcomed one child into the world, but at only 25 years of age, there’s plenty of time for her to expand her family, and continue to grow her career.

1 Naomi Judd

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Naomi Judd is the matriarch of the talented Judd family, which boasts stars like Ashley Judd and Wynonna Judd. However, Naomi Judd was definitely thrown into motherhood early – she gave birth to her first daughter, Christina Ciminella (who went on to go by the name Wynonna Judd) when she was 18 years old. Judd went through a few relationships, including the one that resulted in daughter Ashley, but ultimately ended up raising the two girls as a single mother. Whatever she did, it obviously worked – Wynonna ended up having a successful music career alongside her mother as The Judds, and Ashley became a successful actress.


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