10 Celebs With The Most Insanely Annoying Pout Faces

Bigger lips have become just as popular as booty enhancements these days. Celebrities have gone by the idea that bigger is always better. Thanks to the likes of Kylie Jenner and the rest of the Kardashian family, many have grown to love the idea of having their lips done so that they can pout for the perfect selfie. As ridiculous as it may sound, this is actually the case, as seen with some of the celebrities listed below. Society has made big pouty lips an essential part to one's appearance, and now that everybody is getting bigger lips, it has gradually become annoying to see celebs pout from left to right. In this list, we have gathered the 10 celebrities that we are sick and tired of seeing with their lips pressed forward into a pout. Some of these famous faces don't even have to squeeze their lips together to pout, as a handful of these stars listed below had opted for fillers that permanently leave the lips in a certain position. It is horrendous and annoying to look at, that's for sure. See if you agree.

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10 Tulisa Contostavlos


Tulisa Contostavlos has experienced one of the ridiculous cases of plastic surgery gone wrong. While it is unclear whether the songstress had opted for lip fillers or permanent surgery to keep her lips resembling those of a duck, the pout that she has been sporting in recent years is quite disturbing. Fans are puzzled as to why the former X Factor judge would have even gone through with it in the first place. Contostavlos can barely move her lips, pouting throughout her entire day. Most definitely not a good look. It is simply irritating and painful to look at.

9 Khloe Kardashian


Having undergone several facial procedures to enhance her features, one of the famous Kardashian sisters Khloe, has not been able to stop pouting all over her numerous social media accounts. The 30-year-old reality star is obsessed with showing off her fuller lips as often as possible, as her Instagram page sees Khloe upload up to three selfies a day — and none of them look any different; it is all pouting and squinting the eyes. Maybe someone should tell her that squinting that much will likely cause creases next to her eyes.

8 Stephanie Pratt


Stephanie Pratt has always been a really pretty woman. Having first found fame on the hit reality show The Hills, the TV-personality seems to have gotten carried away following the tremendous income that was starting to come her way. Having made up to $50,000 an episode, Pratt clearly invested quite a lot of money on her pouty lips, which look significantly bigger and plumper. What is more worrying is that her lips have been like this for the past two years - it is very noticeable, especially considering the fact that she cannot stop pouting.

7 Farrah Abraham


Attention seeking former 'Teen Mom,' Farrah Abraham, will do whatever it takes to stay somewhat relevant in the media. Having first found fame on the MTV program, Abraham has managed to keep herself known by talking trash about other celebs, releasing her own sex tape, and having some of the worst plastic surgery done to her body. Let’s focus on her face, shall we? Farrah had posted a photo of herself on Instagram, showing off a ridiculous set of lips, admitting that she went overboard when wanting to go for a poutier look. Not only are her lips unnatural, the poses she makes on Instagram, hoping to look cute, are unbearably annoying.

6 Ariana Grande


21-year-old singer and pop star Ariana Grande, does not like aging — at least judging by her public antics. The singer has a thing for consistently pouting on the red carpet, in a facial expression as if she was about to kiss somebody. If she is not presenting herself with the ‘kissing’ face, she is usually pouting in another (but similar) pose. It has gotten to the point where you wonder whether she has anything else to give other than the same pout face. Boring.

5 Kylie Jenner


Perhaps one of the most notorious young stars when it comes to pouting, Kylie Jenner has made a name for herself thanks to her famously injected lip fillers. Her enhanced lips have given the 17-year-old the confidence to post dozens of Instagram snaps of herself online, doing nothing other than pushing her lips forward into a pout and look ‘cute’. Khloe Kardashian may have a bad habit when it comes to pouting, but Kylie Jenner easily tops her sister by a mile. Then again, when judging how narcotic the Kardashian/Jenner clan have become, you would not expect to find anything other than their surgically-enhanced features.

4 Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj is convinced that pouting shows off her cheekbones a little better, which doesn’t really make sense seeing that makeup contouring is there for a reason. Draw yourself a pair of higher cheekbones if that is really something you care so deeply about. Nicki is a massive fan when it comes to pouting for the cameras, especially on the red carpet. The facial expression is so often seen on the ‘Feelin’ Myself’ musician, that it has become incredibly tiring to see. There is something incredibly annoying about a 32-year-old “businesswoman” pouting 24/7.

3 Courtney Stodden

Courtney Stodden is the prime example of lips that you do not want at the young age of 20. The famous for being famous starlet hasn’t done much when it comes to forming some kind of credible career, other than to marry a semi-rich has-been. Marrying rich people and taking their money when divorcing them, has become a career, in case some people were still unaware. Nonetheless, Stodden injected herself with a disturbing amount of fillers, causing her lips to look rather weird and uncomfortable. The 20-year-old is pouting non-stop, and it is so easy to tell that she has had lip fillers done, simply by looking at the before and after photos. The fact that Courtney cannot even relax her lips has made this entry to be annoying and upsetting.

2 Megan Fox

People had gotten rather irritated with Megan Fox after she allegedly began investing her hard-earned money on plastic surgery. Having always made the list for one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, Fox clearly did not see the beauty that everybody else saw in her. This led to surgical enhancements that have reportedly seen the actress fill up her lips to a considerably bigger size. Although the 29-year-old is said to have temporary fillers, the actress always sports a big pout whenever she is seen out in public. She must really be loving those new lips. Too bad her fans can’t say the same thing.

1 Kim Kardashian


The Queen of selfies was sure to make the list. Having always stressed to being a natural beauty, Kim Kardashian loves to show off her perfect facial features whenever she can. Though we have stressed how awful Khloe and Kylie’s addictions are when wanting to pout for the cameras, Kim takes it to another level. While her siblings somewhat control themselves when out in public, Kim is on pouting duties at all times; red carpets, casual afternoons to do grocery shopping, and even when she’s sleeping. She’s always pouting! The reality star even takes selfies of herself pouting as she gets ready for bed. How insane is that?

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