10 Celebs Whose Sex Appeal Made Them Successful

These days, you really have to question yourself on what talent actually has to do with being successful, famous and super rich. Because in all honesty, let's face it, if you are good looking and carry some sort of sex appeal, you are most likely going to be put in the forefront of becoming a so-called superstar. The likes of Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose have proven that you do not need the talent to be successful; all that one needs is to be considered sexually appealing to the world. From there, reality shows are launched, clothing stores are opened, book deals come out of nowhere, endorsement contracts, and so much are is handed their way. And yes, it can be argued that some of the celebrities in this list have talent, but there is no doubt that their sexual appeal has massively helped them in their careers. Most of these names solely rely on their good looks to stay successful in Hollywood, that's for sure. See the full list of celebs whose sex appeal made them so wealthy and famous.


10 Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian’s career was most certainly based off sex appeal. The reality star did start her “career” as an adult entertainer, having filmed herself making love to boyfriend at the time, Ray J. The tape was then leaked to the public, Kim claimed at the time, which had her sign a deal with Vivid, because if the tape was going to get leaked, she wanted to profit from it (obviously). $5 million, including endless back-end earnings to this day, the 35-year-old showed how sex appeal can be marketed from a nobody to a (very popular) somebody.

9 Amber Heard

Amber Heard is a fan favorite when it comes to agencies casting her for movie roles. It has been rumored that Amber’s confession to being bisexual has opened a lot of doors for her in the film industry. She’s supposedly landed herself more roles than she was usually used to getting, and one should not forget that once she talked about sexuality, more people started paying attention to her. Particularly Johnny Depp, who met her on the set of their film, The Rum Diary. The couple would go on to start dating, months before announcing they were set to get married.

8 Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez, who famously starred in one of Janet Jackson’s music videos, went on to form a career in music for herself. But, to this day, many believe that Jennifer’s success was mainly based down to the fact that she had a big booty, and it had quite the appeal to it. Before the likes of previously mentioned Kim Kardashian were injecting their bums with fat, Jennifer was sporting her natural figures, which inevitably helped her music career. At least according to the masses.

7 Janet Jackson

Granted, Janet Jackson is the famous sister to the late Michael Jackson, but that wasn’t what ended up making her so successful. After all, if it was, why didn’t all of the other Jackson siblings succeed in the way that Janet has? It was her sex appeal at a time when the kind of things Janet sang about were not even spoken of in public. Embracing her inner freak, Janet began stripping off more and more as the decades went by, and the music became so much raunchier as we all came to realize.

6 Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj caused quite a stir in the Hip Hop industry when her name began to buzz in 2009. Her body figure was out of this world, especially her booty. A lot of Hip Hop fans adored Nicki’s body, despite knowing that it was filled with silicone and Brazilian fat transfers. It is believed that the rapper also had her breasts done but refuses to admit to any of the procedures she has undergone, preferring for fans to think it’s all natural. Funny, right? Her voluptuous shape and graphic music videos have placed her in this category of women who carry sex appeal.

5 Amber Rose


Amber Rose doesn’t mind showing off her killer curves to whoever is interested. Whether it’s on Instagram, Twitter or on a reality show, Amber is ready to show you what she’s working with. Having made a name for herself through her relationship to rapper Kanye West, Amber is now said to be a model and a businesswoman, who is using her body to sell whatever she’s marketing. For example, her latest book How To Be A Bad B*tch, even shows the socialite naked on the book’s cover.

4 Zac Efron

Zac Efron was nothing more than an innocent young boy who was part of one of the biggest children films of all time; the High School Musical movies, of course. But soon after the third movie’s popularity died down and many of his co-stars began to fade into non-existence, Zac continued an impressive acting career, in roles that saw him strip down to his underwear. We Are Your Friends, Neighbours and That Awkward Moment are just some of the flicks Zac had to show a hefty amount of skin in. Why? Because producers know that Zac’s so-called sex appeal can draw in movie-goers, particularly women.


3 Channing Tatum


Channing Tatum’s claim to fame happened rather quickly. Following his role in Step Up, the actor saw a huge interest from casting agencies, wanting him to star in their movies — most of which would see Channing strip and take part in nude scenes. Step Up gave Channing the platform to really make it in Hollywood, but at the same time, the roles were pretty much all the same. That was until movies such as The Vow, came along. And how ironic is it that the man who left the sexy roles for serious ones, went on to star in Magic Mike and Magic Mike XXL?

2 Taylor Lautner

Taylor Lautner was close to getting axed from New Moon. In case you have forgotten, New Moon was the sequel to Twilight. Taylor, whose body frame clearly didn’t match that of his character in the book, was told by producers that if he did not start packing on muscle mass, he would be replaced for another hunky actor. Fortunately for Taylor, he hired a personal trainer who got him whipped into shape in no time. Taylor went on to star in the rest of the Twilight movies and saw a significant rise in film offers from many different casting agents.

1 Ariana Grande


Let’s be honest. Nobody paid attention to Ariana Grande until she started wearing her mother’s wardrobe. The high heels, the short skirts, the heavy layer of makeup all seemed to have come out of nowhere, considering that Ariana was mainly known for being a Nickelodeon star. But 2014 changed everything. Ariana knew how to work her own sex appeal, singing raunchy lyrics in her songs that include Love Me Harder, and not to forget her infamous relationships with the likes of Big Sean, a well-known rapper. Ariana’s image completely changed; her music sounded different, her style did a 360, and so did the meaning to the majority of her songs.


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