10 Celebs Whose Mugshots Look Like Photoshoots

Usually, when a celebrity is arrested for whatever criminal offence they have committed, their mugshots tend to be all kinds of crazy. Their make-up is all over the place, or that particular celebrity is crying uncontrollably with their hair all over the place, their eyes appearing gloomy and their hair being all kinds of messy. Well, that’s not quite the case for these ten celebrities, who’ve managed to look their best just in time to have their mugshots taken, because they know that these photos last a lifetime. It’s pretty hilarious how these mugshots don’t even look like they were taken by police officials. They resemble something more out of a photo shoot that may have had a jail-theme to it, and my reasoning for this is because everyone looks relatively good with their hair extensions, their make-up and fake eyelashes. Oh, and no to forget that the majority of them are smiling as they pose for their snapshot. See the full list of 10 celebs with glamorous mugshots below.

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10 Paris Hilton


Paris Hilton has one of the best-looking mugshots of all time. Fake tan, a good amount of lip gloss, fake eyelashes still in place, her hair braided in the front, a huge layer of foundation, and a big smile on her face. Her 2010 mugshot has often been named people’s favorite mugshot of all time, simply because you wouldn’t necessarily see a person be that glamorous and happy knowing that they are heading to jail. Paris probably didn’t care because she knew someone would get her out before she even stepped foot inside a dirty jail cell, but still, her mugshot is an all-time classic.

9 Nicole Richie


I just love the little smirk that Nicole Richie gives off on her face as she has her mugshot taken, clearly not bothered by the fact that she’ll be behind bars for a couple of hours. But then again, when you are that rich, you can easily have your charges overruled through a good lawyer. Luckily for her, the charges weren’t that extreme — Nicole was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, hence the smiling facial expression she gives the camera.

8 Khloe Kardashian


Khloe Kardashian’s infamous DUI arrest in 2008 hasn’t gone unnoticed in the list of most glamorous mugshots ever. Kardashian documented her journey from her Hollywood life to being sentenced to 30 days behind bars on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, but the funny part about this all was that Khloe only stayed in jail for 5 hours due to overcrowding. When we analyse Khloe’s mugshot, it looks pretty decent. Lipgloss, eyeliner, foundation and hair extensions are all still in place. How funny?

7 Lindsay Lohan


There are so many mugshots you can take from troubled actress Lindsay Lohan, and the majority of them happen to look pretty good. My favorite happens to be the one from 2010 when she faced a judge for violating her probation. Her hair was nicely laid to the back, her face was still caked in make-up, and her facial expression just gave the impression that she was completely over the whole jail thing. Well, maybe if you obeyed the law, you wouldn’t be there in the first place. Nice mugshot.

6 Porsha Williams


Reality star Porsha Williams had it coming to her when she was arrested in April 2014, just days after her unforgettable hair-pulling fight with Kenya Moore. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star was said to have been charged with assault, following Kenya’s complaints that she had been severely bruised following the incident that took place during the reunion. After having arrived at Fulton County Jail, Porsha made sure she was looking as glamorous as she could before her mugshot was taken, and people didn’t seem surprised to see Williams sporting so much make-up. She had enough time to get her face done before she turned herself in.

5 Kelis


Kelis found the whole idea of having her mugshot taken quite funny. The songstress, who could just barely keep her teeth from shining through her smile, was unbothered by the whole situation after having been arrested for “screaming racial obscenities at two female police officers who were posing as prostitutes,” sources revealed. She probably didn’t care about being taken to jail because she didn’t consider the charges to be that serious. Who knew you could get arrested for something like that?

4 John Mayer


John Mayer always gives me the Elvis Presley vibes. And that’s not necessarily judged on how he behaves, but more or less on how he resembles the iconic musician. In 2001, Mayer was arrested for driving with a suspended licence in Atlanta, but his mugshot didn’t make its way online until 2009 when TMZ posted the shot on their website. People were surprised at how good John looked in his mugshot, but then again, it wasn’t like he was driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. He was simply arrested for a suspended licence — and he was sober.

3 Carmen Electra


Carmen Electra has also been arrested in the past. Her 1999 mugshot is quite iconic for how glamorous the actress looks in the snapshot. Electra, who was taken to jail after beating her then-husband Dennis Rodman, seemed relaxed as her mugshot was taken. Her eyeliner is a little messy, but aside from that, she looks good enough to make people think she was shooting for a campaign of some sort, and not preparing herself from jail time for beating up her husband. How bizarre.

2 Foxy Brown


‘90s female rapper Foxy Brown might not have looked too pleased when her mugshot was taken back in 2007, but that didn’t stop her beauty from shining through. Foxy actually looks really good in the photo, which was taken just hours after police arrested her for an alleged fight at a beauty salon. The situation was never really discussed to the public, but it was rumoured that the rapper went ballistic on staff members, who didn’t hesitate to call the cops on her. Well, at least, her mugshot looked great.

1 Kimora Lee Simmons


Who knew that Kimora Lee Simmons smoked weed? The business mogul was arrested back in 2004 for marijuana possession, but judging by her mugshot, she didn’t seem too bothered. In fact, Kimora doesn’t even look bad in the photo — it could easily be passed off as a prison-themed photoshoot. And secondly, how do you take a woman seriously when she’s smiling in her mugshot photo? She clearly didn’t think it was a big deal, hence, the hilarious pose she made as the photo was taken. Very glamorous, indeed.

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