10 Celebs Whose Diva Attitudes Hurt Their Careers

No matter how talented you are, or how rich you’ve become through the success of your career, if you are going to show some sort of diva behavior for a long period of time, you will eventually be blackballed in Hollywood. Nobody has time to deal with diva behavior, that’s the honest truth to it. This is most commonly seen in actors, who think being the highest-paid star on a show makes them the most powerful person on the program. This then gives them the idea that they can start making all sorts of demands, which eventually starts to annoy other cast members, leading to feuds and fights. And even if the diva behavior is put up with by Hollywood studios and other cast members, it will eventually fall back on them when their career falls flat and nobody wants to hire them anymore. No matter how successful one is, one should always be humble to the money and fame they have received, because, just like these celebrities below, if you get caught up with all of it and you become an annoying bratty diva, you will have to deal with the consequences. And they are not very nice.

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10 Katherine Heigl


According to reports, Katherine Heigl has not been landing many jobs as of late, which shouldn’t come as a surprise when you consider how many people in Hollywood hate her. Shonda Rhimes famously admitted to firing Katherine from her show for being a total diva, trying to run the program her way, and forgetting the fact that she is paid to follow orders made by the producers, not the other way around. So not only has she had a tough time bouncing back from being blackballed, studio productions are not interested in her anymore either.

9 Ja Rule

Ja Rule was literally running the Hip-Hop game in the early 2000s. The rapper had endless hits during the peak of his career, but one thing that made everybody in the industry look at him differently was when he was supposedly not wanting to work with others. It was rumored that the reason why Ja Rule wouldn’t work with many other male Hip Hop artists was because he wanted to enjoy the success by himself. He was a diva in that sense. But karma came around, and by 2006, Ja Rule’s career had slumped to non-existence. He is now starring in several reality shows, which just goes to show how far he fell from grace.

8 Christina Aguilera


It was always said that Christina Aguilera was a nasty woman to be around — a real piece of work. But nobody really believed it until Mary J. Blige confirmed those stories, saying she dislikes Xtina with a passion, for the fact that she lacks manners. Ouch. It’s been said that Aguilera often puts herself on top of others, and supposedly doesn’t mind to snub you right in front of your face. She’ll just act like you don’t exist while you try and make conversation with her. All of this has come back to hit her in the backside, seeing that her music career has stalled. She still makes money from The Voice, but as for her music career, it’s pretty much over.

7 Lea Michele


Lea Michele seemed like an innocent girl when she portrayed her likable character on Glee, but according to reports at the time, Lea wasn’t so innocent when the cameras weren’t rolling. She was a nightmare to work with, sources alleged at the time. Cast members found it hard working with her because she often received extra privilege over those who didn’t receive as much camera time as Michele. Lea knew that she was the star of the show and never failed to make that known to the people she was filming scenes with; her way or no way. Well, now that Glee is over, Lea has been struggling to find something new to bite her teeth into. Scream Queens is close to hitting its cancellation, and her music career hasn’t gone anywhere either.

6 Mariah Carey


Yes, Mariah Carey is a living legend for all that she has contributed to music as a whole. But that doesn’t deny the fact that nobody is buying Mariah music these days, which has people assuming that it all came down to her diva attitude. There’s no denying that Mariah is one hell of a diva to work with; she is known to be the one that controls everything — oh, and if you question her, you are sure to believe that you’ll be fired in a matter of seconds. When you treat people awfully, especially those who can actually help you, that’s when you begin to crack yourself. And in this case, Mariah’s last album was her worst-selling album ever!

5 Lindsay Lohan

Former child star Lindsay Lohan will most likely never be able to make a successful comeback. Her time has run out. Having been given endless chances to redeem herself from all the trouble she had gotten herself into over the years, Lindsay continued showing up late to movie sets, interviews and premiere events. She’d argue with executives over the smallest things and would often party the night before work, usually leaving her with headaches during filming. So irresponsible and in so many ways a diva that doesn’t appreciate the things that have been given to her.

4 Charlie Sheen

There’s no way Charlie Sheen can ever recover from his downfall. Sure, he’s made millions over the years, but in terms of ever having a successful career again — that’s very unlikely. After being axed from Two and a Half Men for his erratic behavior, Sheen developed his own program titled Anger Management. The program was later cancelled, leaving Sheen more or less unemployed. He hasn’t had many gigs since his firing from TAAHM, which is a shame. Had he not bossed people around like he owned the show, he would have still likely made $1 million per episode.

3 Teri Hatcher

Back when Desperate Housewives was still everyone’s favorite television show, there were a lot of rumors circulating that the entire cast hated Teri Hatcher. Apparently, the actress would throw the biggest fits before a scene because things had to be going her way. If she didn’t like the setting of a scene, she would complain; if her trailer was too small, she would complain. There was no pleasing this woman, according to reports at the time. And this weighed heavily on cast members and their decision to boycott Teri whenever they didn’t have to shoot a scene with her. Unfortunately for Teri, she hasn’t done much since the show’s ending, while some of her co-stars, such as Eva Longoria are still making their millions.

2 Shannen Doherty

Everybody knew about Shannen Doherty’s problematic life. At least, it seemed problematic for the fact that she didn’t know how to behave herself on any given job she was assigned to do. She was infamously fired from Beverly Hills 90210 for her diva-like demands, trying to push herself over the rest of her cast members, thinking that she was the star of the program. Clearly not. And then when she landed a role on Charmed, the same thing happened again and execs were quick to give Shannen the boot, finding a replacement for her character in a matter of weeks.

1 Ashlee Simpson

While Ashlee Simpson’s music career was going steady in 2008, she eventually chose to pursue other dreams that she had been dying to fulfill. One of them was acting. So when she was approached to star on Melrose Place, she didn’t hesitate to accept the offer. But those who watched the show saw that Ashlee couldn’t act to save her life. And what made matters even worse was that Ashlee had started to act like she was the boss, never failing to point out someone else’s flaws, but never her own. The cast and the camera crew hated her, so she got the boot a couple of months later. She hasn’t done much since then.

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