10 Celebs Who Will Never Be As Famous As Their Siblings

Sibling rivalries are common in many families, but could you imagine being the younger sibling to an A-lister? Trying to share the spotlight and form your own successful acting and/or singing career can be tough. Being a lesser-known sibling of a super star could make it difficult to start your own career and make a unique mark in Hollywood. These siblings are watching as their incredibly successful brother or sister's fifteen minutes of fame turns into forever-fame.

It seems as though no matter how hard these celebrities try, their super-famous siblings always steal the spotlight. Whether for good reasons, such as their fashion career is soaring, or for negative reasons, like scandals and personal issues, they can’t seem to get ahead. Face it, sometimes life has got to be pretty rough for these siblings. Their more-famous kin get all the limelight, money, gigs, awards, while they have to work hard to expand their fame.

Below is a list of 10 celebrities who will never catch up to their older siblings.

10 10- Elle Fanning- Net Worth $1.5 Million

         Dakota Fanning- Net Worth $16 Million

Elle Fanning is the younger sister of Dakota Fanning and got her breakout role in J.J. Abrams’ sci-fi thriller, Super 8. Elle started acting at the age of 2 by playing the younger version of her older sister, Dakota’s, characters. By 2006, she began having lead roles, and has since had major parts in Reservation Road, We Bought a Zoo, and the upcoming film Maleficent.

Having an older sister such as Dakota Fanning can be intimidating, and hard to compete with. For example, at the ripe young age of 8, Dakota was the youngest person in history to be nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Award. She is credited with 54 acting roles and has gone on to win at least 16 awards. It doesn't help with the competition that Elle and Dakota look so much alike. Also, Dakota has ruled the screen since she was a little girl, making it difficult for Elle to make a dent in Dakota's path.

9 9- Haylie Duff- Net Worth $1.5 Million

      Hilary Duff- Net Worth $25 Million

8 8- Elizabeth Olsen- Net Worth $1.5 Million

      Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen- Net Worth- $300 million

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Having one famous older sibling is enough, but having two would be especially hard. Elizabeth Olsen, younger sister of super-famous twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, has had to compete her entire life. No matter how many roles she has, she will never outshine her older twin sisters, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. They began acting when they couldn’t even walk, and have now become moguls in the fashion industry. Elizabeth has to walk in the shadow of two famous siblings, and no matter what she does, she will always be compared to her sisters.

7 7- Trace Cyrus- Net Worth $2 Million

      Miley Cyrus Net Worth- $150 Million

6 6- Dave Franco- Net Worth $2 Million

      James Franco Net Worth- $22 Million

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The Franco brothers are both young, gorgeous, and talented. Dave Franco is the younger brother of James Franco . He made his first appearance on TV when he was 21 in an episode of 7th Heaven. Franco later landed more prominent roles in 21 Jump Street, Warm Bodies, Fright Night, and Now You See Me. His famous brother James has had tons of movie/television roles, and it seems as though he will always be a step ahead of his younger brother. Despite how many times Dave tries to step out from under his brother’s shadow, it seems as though James is always two steps ahead.

5 5- Aaron Carter- Net Worth $17 Million

      Nick Carter- Net Worth- $35 Million


Aaron Carter has had a semi-successful singing career, while his older brother Nick Carter has had major success with the “Backstreet Boys”. Any 90’s girl probably gets goose bumps when they remember their love for the “Backstreet Boys”. Having to compete with that alone would be difficult.

Nick has gone on to have a pretty successful solo career after the “Backstreet Boys.” Despite his stint with drugs, he has moved on to land acting jobs, release solo albums, and write a book. He’s also into charity work, which is refreshing and admirable.

Aaron has tried to have his own music career, but it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Along with a struggling career, Aaron has had a good amount of drama. Scandal has been part of the Carter family for years… Nick has battled with drugs and both have had to deal with the death of their sister. Then in 2013 Aaron Carter filed for bankruptcy to rid himself of over $3.5 million in debt.

4 4- Casey Affleck- Net Worth $5 Million

      Ben Affleck Net Worth- $65 Million

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Having Ben Affleck as your older brother would be hard to compete with in the film industry. Casey Affleck, Ben’s younger brother has been acting since 1988, but hasn’t become well-known until the past few years. Casey got his start in a few small TV roles, and then went on to appearing alongside his older brother in Chasing Amy, Good Will Hunting, and Ocean’s Eleven. His big break came when he landed a starring role in The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. Ben's career has been on the rise for years and shows no signs of backing off. He dominates over Casey in the magazines and entertainment news, and he seems to be the front runner for many desirable acting and directing jobs.

3 3- Solange Knowles- Net Worth $5 Million

       Beyonce- Net Worth $350 Million

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Solange Knowles younger sister of Beyonce Knowles is a singer, songwriter, DJ and model. She has had several small acting roles, such as her role in in Bring It On: All or Nothing, but she mainly focuses on music. Knowles was a back-up dancer for her older sister’s former group “Destiny’s Child”. Having Beyonce as your older sister and career mentor can be rewarding and challenging. She can get awesome advice and learn from her older sister, but the chances of ever exceeding her level of fame are pretty bleak.

Solange has always been compared by the media to her sister Beyonce, and that alone hinders her chances of ever becoming more successful. She is steps behind her sister, and with recent incidents like the elevator ordeal with Jay-Z, her career may have been hindered for the time being.

2 2- Ashlee Simpson- Net Worth $8 Million

      Jessica Simpson- Net Worth $100 Million


Ashlee Simpson and Jessica Simpson are two of the most famous siblings in Hollywood. Both stars have made headlines for years now, but Jessica always seems to be in the lead. Not only is she more famous, but she has built a huge profitable empire.

Ashlee was in the spotlight there for a while, but it was more negative than anything. The Saturday Night Live lip synching incident was insanely huge, as well as when she was “booed” during her Super Bowl performance. Like her sister, Ashlee had her own reality show, but it didn’t get nearly as many viewers as Jessica’s. She also had a few TV roles, but seems to have fallen off the radar the past couple of years. Whereas her sister, Jessica, is still all over the place.

Jessica has had an incredibly successful music, acting, and fashion design careers. She is all over the magazines and shows no sign of slowing down.

1 1- Jamie-Lynn Spears- Net Worth $5 Million

      Britney Spears- Net Worth $200 Million

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Let’s face it, if Britney Spears was your older sister you would probably love it and hate it at the same time. Long known as the kid sister, Jamie-Lynn Spears seems to be holding her own with having such a famous older sister. She is an actress and singer who got her start in the Nickelodeon sketch comedy series “All That”. After gaining many fans from the show, she landed her own series, Zoey 101. After her Nickelodeon roles phased out, it seemed as though her career phased out as well.

Many think Jamie-Lynn will never reach her older sister's levels of fame. It's going to be hard as Britney is one of the most famous people in the world. Britney's career has never weakened, despite numerous personal set-backs, which shows that she is determined to be successful and maintain her impressive empire.

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