10 Celebs Who Were Banned From Talk Shows

There’s a long list of celebrities who have been blacklisted from talk shows for one reason or another. Whether it’s for understandable reasons such as setting a chair on fire, or it’s a personal vendetta, like a 20 year feud, talk show hosts are not shy to confirm who their unwelcomed guests are. There are many celebrities out there who are quick to portray bad attitudes, talk badly about other famous people, swear a lot, and do downright crazy things. As a result of their actions, they are now finding themselves banned from appearing on popular talk shows.

10 10- Madonna- “Piers Morgan Tonight”

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A 20-year feud between Madonna and Morgan is one of the main reasons Madonna is banned from his show. Piers Morgan has also stated that Madonna is ' boring, too vegan for TV, and has far less talent than other musical sensations'. In fact, Piers Morgan banned Madonna from his talk show before it even aired on CNN, just because he could. She’s also banned from his UK show for all of the same reasons, or lack thereof.

9 9- The Kardashians- “Anderson!”

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Host Anderson Cooper has banned any and all members of the Kardashian family from appearing on his show. When asked why in an interview Cooper says “I don’t have anything against them, I just think they’re everywhere.” Basically, there’s no particular incident that caused the ban. Cooper just feels that they are so popular he couldn’t really add much.

8 8- Howie Mandel- “Piers Morgan Tonight”

7 7- Gilbert Gottfried- “The Howard Stern Show”

6 6- Joan Rivers- “The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson” (and Jay Leno)

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Joan Rivers was no stranger to The Johnny Carson show. In fact she was named as a permanent sub-host when Carson wasn’t able to host. However, the perfect set-up didn’t last long once Rivers went to another network to start her own talk show. As a result she was banned from Carson’s show solely because she went behind his back and started a rival talk show. In the end, her show failed, but the ban marched on. In fact, when Jay Leno took over the show he decided to honor the ban out of respect for Carson.

5 5- Gary Busey- “The Howard Stern Show”

Known for his awkward and somewhat scary antics, Busey was banned from “The Howard Stern Show” due to his “multiple personalities.” It’s no secret that Gary Busey is a token bad-boy and has displayed wild and bizarre behavior since his motorcycle crash in 1988. However, while being interviewed by Stern on “The Howard Stern Show,” Busey took crazy to a wackier level. Busey picked up Stern’s co-host Robin Quiver in a bear hug, and then wrestled Stern to the floor, leading the show to forbid him from returning. Busey blamed the incident on one of his thirteen personalities dwelling within him.

4 4- Howard Stern- “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno”

Howard Stern and Jay Leno are no strangers to drama. An ongoing feud has been going on between the two, and started when Stern accused Leno of lying and stealing segments from “The Howard Stern Show.” As a result, Stern has been banned from Leno’s show. It’s even gotten to the point where NBC has reprimanded Stern for the bitter words he’s said about Leno.

3 3- Hugh Grant- “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart”

British actor Hugh Grant made a bad mark in the talk show world when he appeared on “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.” Back in 2009 when Hugh Grant was a guest on “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart,” Stewart claims Grant had other priorities to attend and acted overall very “snotty”. It was also said that Grant was incredibly finicky, demanding, and was the worst guest he ever had on his show.

2 2- Bobcat Goldthwait- “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno”


During his interview with Jay Leno, comedian Bobcat Goldthwait took being inappropriate to a whole new level. In his 1994 appearance, Goldthwait made headlines when he stood up, took out some lighter fluid, soaked his interview chair in it, and set it aflame. He later stated that he was infuriated from hearing “The Arsenio Hall Show” was being cancelled. No surprise here… due to his bizarre and puzzling actions, he has been banned from appearing on the show, fined, and forced to make public service announcements in reference to fire safety.

1 1-Kathy Griffin- At Least 6 Talk Shows…


Never far off from controversy, comedian Kathy Griffin is infamous for being wild, crude, loud, and boisterous. Unfortunately those characteristics, along with her excessive cursing, insulting, and the occasional removal of her clothes, have gotten her banned from quite a few talk shows. Griffin said she has been banned from “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” “Live with Regis and Kelly,” “Late Night with Conan O’Brien,” and “Ellen.” When it comes to the talk show “The View,” Griffin has been banned, unbanned, and then banned again, mainly due to her talking badly about other celebrities. She has also been banned from “The Today Show” a few times by different news anchors.

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