10 Celebs Who Used To Have Rotten Teeth

Your smile says a lot about you. Clean teeth would usually signify that one takes care of their dental hygiene, whereas rotten and discolored teeth give the impression that there’s absolutely no interest in sustaining a nice smile. When you’re rich, famous, and pretty much have access to anything you want, why wouldn't you want to have the perfect looking smile? It is relatively shocking to know that so many of our favorite celebrities had awful teeth before they made it big in Hollywood. From those who were already missing teeth in their teens, to severe discoloration thanks to smoking, drugs and alcohol. Fortunately enough, once the money started rolling in, no one hesitated in getting the perfect smile adjusted to them, probably aware of the fact that getting further opportunities in Hollywood is not going to happen with an unappealing set of teeth. That is unless your name is Johnny Depp, and you never tend to smile — ever!

Below, we’ve gathered together our favorite celebs who, undoubtedly, had pretty scary teeth at some point in their lives. Some went on to have minor work done to fix up their smile, while others opted for a quick fix with permanent veneers.


10 Karl Lagerfeld

Fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, has awful dental hygiene. Not only does he have several rotten teeth, the majority of them are discoloured and crooked. You would think a man who is worth $125 million, would find it in himself to see a local dentist, and have some work done on his teeth. But then again, he may be too embarrassed to showcase his unpleasant dentures. While his teeth used to just be rotten, you can now include stained and crooked to that list.

9 Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse’s shocking transformation by the time she recorded her second album, Back to Black, was anything but pleasant to look at. The British-songstress began dealing with an alcohol addiction which would later influence her drug habit — add the constant smoking to the mix and it shouldn't surprise you why Amy’s teeth were beginning to crack and rot. Prior to her death, it was revealed that Winehouse had several dental implants and her teeth looked notably whiter, as she embarked on a music comeback.

8 Charlie Sheen

Former Two And A Half Men star, Charlie Sheen has a long history of dental issues. At one point, Charlie had several missing teeth which he proudly showed off at award shows, clearly disconcerned about other people's thoughts. His smile wasn't too nice to look at either; very much discolored and rotten. Sheen did make somewhat of a comeback following his ax from Two and a Half Men when he had several dental procedures done, making his teeth look much better than before.

7 Nicki Minaj

Before becoming a worldwide superstar, Nicki Minaj was just another girl dealing with poor dental hygiene. The rapper’s teeth were so bad, she needed several trips to the dentist in order to finalize her sparkly new look. During an appearance in 2012, as part of her promotional tour for the second album, Roman Reloaded, Nicki gave photographers a nice snap of her teeth from the inside. By the look of what the photo showed, it seemed as if her dentist had stopped midway through from finalizing Minaj’s veneers. Let’s just say there was a lot of decay behind her teeth that we weren’t expecting to see. Two weeks later, Nicki's dental problems had disappeared, assuming she had taken care of it. Phew!

6 Nelly

Nelly didn't hesitate to get his teeth fixed once the money started rolling in following his global success during the early 2000s. The rapper had some discolouration on his front teeth while his right front tooth had slowly started to rot at the top. It also didn't help that Nelly would then go on to place silver caps on two of his teeth which were in perfect condition. You would at least think that if he was going to put on those caps, he would place them on his not-so-nice looking teeth. Nonetheless, Nelly went on to get a full set of veneers, and he hasn’t stopped smiling since. Money well spent.

5 Lindsay Lohan

Actress Lindsay Lohan has had her fair share of clubbing and partying like a wild maniac. Add drugs, alcohol and smoking to the mix and you get a 24-year-old woman who is showing signs of having lived a very unhygienic lifestyle, that’s for sure. The Mean Girls starlet showed up at the 2011 premiere of Saints Row: The Third, presenting her stained and rotten teeth to the photographers. No shame whatsoever, LiLo grinned right into the cameras, without a care in the world. Fortunately, Lindsay had some money left in her bank account that allowed her to purchase a new and improved Hollywood smile just weeks later.

4 Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise clearly didn't care about his teeth as a teenager, having dealt with discoloration, rottenness, a cracked tooth and a crooked smile. Wow! It raises the question of whether Tom ever bothered going for a check-up to see a dentist, let alone brush his teeth. Following his rise as a movie star, Tom knew he had to get his smile in check as roles where he would kiss another actress most certainly wouldn’t have gone down too well. He opted for veneers, and to us, it looks like it was the best thing Tom could've done. And if Tom still isn't a fan of keeping his teeth clean, the actor now rocks veneers which prevent the tooth from ever discoloring. In other words, Mr. Impossible probably never has to brush his teeth again.


3 Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage may have always been a handsome fella, but as soon as he opened his mouth, that handsomeness quickly turned into disgust. Aside from his crooked teeth, the actor had several dental problems; when he smiled, there was a clear sign that his two front teeth had begun to rot. Nicolas was also missing several teeth at the time, so his handsomeness was totally discredited every time he would crack a semi-smile. Just like Tom, Nicolas ended up settling for veneers after having landed several big blockbuster roles in the 90s — we’re sure his co-stars wouldn’t have appreciated it had he not sorted his teeth out.

2 Gary Busey

Most likely one of the scariest teeth we've ever laid our eyes on, Gary Busey seems to have embraced his rotten teeth. The Hollywood star, whose veneers are far from resembling Tom Cruise's veneers, are incredibly stained and discolored, which is strange considering that veneers usually don’t change color. Perhaps he had them done at a dodgy dentist who didn't know what he was doing because no dentist in their right mind would opt to give their patient such big teeth. Whatever the case, Gary’s teeth are quite awful to look at, and the veneers only make it so much worse. In simpler terms, Gary went from having rotten teeth, to getting veneers that are incredibly stained. How is that possible?

1 Johnny Depp

Ever wondered why Johnny Depp doesn't smile too often in public? Well, our favorite pirate has some dental problems that he seems to avoid fixing with a quick ride to a dentist. Johnny is a serious smoker, so it shouldn't surprise anyone to learn that Depp’s teeth are considerably stained with the bottom of his front teeth having already turned brown. Several of his teeth now have silver caps on them, so there are relatively less rotten teeth showing (if that makes it any better). It’s not a pleasant look, and it also baffles me to think that Johnny is named world’s hottest man on all of these magazines, when he can’t even look after his teeth. If, for whatever reason, Johnny tries to kiss you… kindly decline. You’ve been warned!



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