10 Celebs Who Upgraded Big Time After Breaking Up

Going through a breakup can be exhausting, terrifying and extremely upsetting. Many of us run for the ice-cream and shove down tubs of Ben n Jerry's as we cry our eyes out over our exes, but not these celebs. If we're spiteful, we try and upgrade from the person we were with before, just so that they can see how well we're doing without them, right? Well, these Hollywood stars take the word 'upgrade' to a new level. From those who have been cheated on, to those who could no longer bear the thought of staying in a relationship with someone that is 60 years older than them, every single celebrity listed below has upgraded big time after breaking up with an ex. Some have gone to find love in billionaires that are ten times worth the amount they are, while others settled with partners that treat them much better than their exes did. The ultimate revenge when ending a bitter relationship is showing the other half just how well you are doing without them -- stiff the ice-cream, this is how you upgrade.

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10 Ciara

Following allegations that her ex-fiance Future, had cheated on her with his stylist, Ciara wasted no time in dumping the man whom she shares a child with. Despite having seen herself settling down with Future, the rapper clearly wasn’t ready for what the songstress had planned for them. Fortunately for her, just weeks after calling off her engagement to the 31-year-old, Ciara found her new man — Russell Wilson. The NFL player, who plays for the Seattle Seahawks, is undoubtedly a much better look for Ci; they look like they are the perfect couple. 

9 Holly Madison


When you end a relationship with someone as old as Hugh Hefner, any man you date afterwards is considered an upgrade in our books. How Holly Madison managed to sleep with the 89-year-old for six years is shocking and mind baffling to say the least, but the model seems to have eventually come to her senses, finding love in her now-husband Pasquale Rotella. In fact, Madison says she’s so happy that she wishes she had met him before she went on to live in the Playboy mansion — a time she deeply regrets.

8 LeAnn Rimes

Before stealing a married man from another woman, LeAnn Rimes was in a committed marriage to her former husband Dean Sheremet. While all seemed well during their eight-year marriage, things began to crumble when LeAnn signed on to star in a movie alongside Eddie Cibrian. The two eventually hit it off, cheated on their significant others and eventually got married. Although the circumstances in this case are horrendous, the twosome make a much better couple than LeAnn and Dean did together, that’s for sure.

7 Robert Pattinson


Robert Pattinson was heartbroken to learn his longtime girlfriend Kristen Stewart (at the time) had cheated on him with her movie director Rupert Sanders. And despite the fact that he took her back, hoping he could overlook the affair, Pattinson ended up breaking up with the actress for good, stating that he couldn’t trust Kristen after what had happened. The Twilight star is now engaged to British-singer FKA Twigs, and while she’s not necessarily someone who steals the limelight with her beauty, she is most definitely considered an upgrade for the supposed fact that she treats him much better than Stewart did.

6 Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian may have humiliated her ex-husband Kris Humphries to the world, but that does not change the fact that the man she would go on to marry after would be her biggest upgrade to date. It honestly seems that whenever Kim is dating or marrying another man, he always has to be more famous than the last, and she most certainly cracked the jackpot when she got together with Kanye West. After she filed for divorce from Kris, Kim and Kanye got together just weeks later before marriage plans were eventually brought to the mix. Kanye is filthy rich and has helped Kim Kardashian gain some sort of respect in the fashion industry, having famously covered VOGUE US magazine.

5 Ashton Kutcher


Ashton Kutcher most certainly upgraded from Demi Moore to Mila Kunis, following his cheating fiasco. Reports outed the actor for cheating on his ex-wife with women he allegedly slept with on his wedding anniversary to Moore. When you are marrying someone that has a 15-year age difference between the other person, it is more than likely that the younger fellow will end up cheating. Kunis has a steady acting career, she’s good looking and keeps her private life extremely discreet — and most importantly, she acts her age. One could argue that Demi lacks all of these.

4 Rihanna


2009 was a very devastating and upsetting year for Rihanna, who would go on to learn that the man she had called her boyfriend for three years turned out to be woman beating maniac. Following her split from Chris Brown that same year, Rihanna went on to find love again when she was introduced to Drake. The couple have shared an on-again, off-again romance for the past couple of years but it is believed that Rihanna thanks the rapper for helping her get out of the depressive mood she was in after she was viciously attacked by her ex. While Drake and Rihanna are currently not seeing one another, they still remain friends.

3 Nicki Minaj


Nicki Minaj was tied up in a 12-year-long relationship to her ex-boyfriend, Safaree Samuels. The couple, who had been together before Nicki’s career took off in 2009, ended up facing a bumpy road in their romance after Minaj allegedly caught wind of the fact that Safaree had cheated on her with another woman. Not being one to forgive and forget, Nicki ended the relationship and moved on to rapper Meek Mill, who is most definitely an upgrade from Samuels who was said to have made his living off of his ex-girlfriend’s wealth. At least Meek makes his own money.

2 Mariah Carey


2014 saw Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon call it quits on their seven-year marriage. With it being reported that Mariah wanted out of the marriage over Nick’s childish and ignorant behaviour in recent years, Carey could no longer see herself living with a man who still behaved like a teenager, bragging about the women he has slept with, amongst other things. Following their divorce, Carey was introduced to Australian billionaire James Packer — the couple have grown so close since their first meet-up in May, they are already discussing marriage plans. While it’s reasonably rushed to get married so soon, Mariah probably just wants a man by her side that isn’t going to do her as dirty as the last one did.

1 Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt was devastated when he had to divorce Jennifer Aniston over her alleged decision in not wanting to start a family with the actor; she wasn’t ready, sources claimed at the time. Too bad that Brad couldn’t wait as he went on to fall in love with Angelina Jolie as they began shooting scenes for their movie Mr & Mrs Smith. Brad could possibly have the biggest upgrade of all Hollywood upgrades. Right from the jump, Angelina Jolie was on the same page as Brad; she wanted children, she wanted to find love again and eventually get married for a third time.

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