10 Celebs Who Think They Have Swag But Don't

Every celebrity wants it. Well, most people want it, actually. Everyone has the desire to walk into a room and grab everyone’s attention. Most people wouldn’t pass up the ability to mesmerize their adoring public with every word. It wouldn’t hurt to always wear the most exquisite clothing pieces to every public event as well.

This collective ability to make everyone want to be you (or want to be with you) is commonly referred to as “swag”. Some people have it, while some people just think they do. For every celebrity who actually has charisma and sex appeal, there’s another who thinks his/her money and perks are enough to buy them an entirely new personality. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Of course, every celebrity has something they’re known for, and some are known for having a false sense of swag. Maybe these celebrities have been advised to behave this way, in order to get more press. There’s also a possibility that they need some assistance when it comes to social graces and personal style. It’s one thing to know you need more swag. It’s another to think you’ve got it, when everyone around you knows you don’t. Here are 10 celebs who could definitely use some improvement in the swag department.

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10 Taylor Swift


9 Lady Gaga


8 Kanye West

7 Christina Aguilera


Anyone over the age of 10 who wears purple and pink hair extensions is clearly in need of a swag intervention. Christina Aguilera has a beautiful voice, but her fashion choices have always been a little questionable. There was also the time she sang a tribute to Etta James while a strange substance ran down her leg. Gross. Christina claimed it was her self tanner, but the incident definitely put her swag in question. There have also been reports that Aguilera, who is one of the coaches of The Voice, has a pretty nasty attitude. When you’ve really got swag, there’s no need to be unnecessarily rude.

6 Kim Kardashian


This famous Kardashian has made the “no swag” list because she’s confused about where her swag lies. Recent reports have stated that Kim wants a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. However, she is not known for her work in movies. Unless you consider her sex tape a movie. She is also not well known for acting in television shows. That is, unless you count her reality show Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Clearly Kim has confused fame for swag. Or, maybe she just hasn’t had enough recognition and knows that the Hollywood Walk of Fame star talk is just another way for people to pay attention to her. Either way, this shows a serious lack of swag on her part.

5 Paris Hilton

To her credit, Paris Hilton has stopped describing everything as “hot,” which is one of the reasons she’s not ranked higher on this list. However, the Hilton heir still has a lot to learn when it comes to swag. For instance, simply wearing expensive clothing doesn’t automatically indicate a sense of style. It’s probably best for Paris to put more thought into her outfits, instead of simply throwing together all the jewels she can find. Some would also argue that it’s time for Hilton to achieve the professional fame her dad has attained, but it seems that she’s well on her way. Although her music career didn’t go well (and understandably so), she’s still got a flourishing line of fragrances and handbags.

4 Brad Pitt


Yes, that’s right. One of the most handsome men in Hollywood is challenged when it comes to swag. After all, Brad Pitt has been seen wearing fake glasses and berets over the past few years. You don’t have to be a fashion expert to know that that’s probably a bad idea. The long, scraggly hair look isn’t exactly working for him, either. Pitt has also been wearing clothes that are a nod to the 1980s lately, and we’re wondering if none of his friends or family has the guts to tell him that this is a bad idea. His swag clearly needs some work, and we’re not sure that he’s aware of this fact. We’re pulling for you, Brad.

3 Britney Spears


To be (somewhat) fair, Britney Spears has never quite said that she has swag, or that she wants to be known for her swag. However, she seems to think that wearing cut-off jean shorts and men’s tube socks is fitting for the Princess of Pop. There have also been times when Spears has gone in public without exercising proper hygiene first, and has worn a party wig in lieu of doing her hair. Maybe Spears thinks she has way more swag than she actually does, and believes that she can get away with these fashion no-no’s without being called out. Not so. We’d prefer that she stick to the form-fitting mini dresses she looks so great in. It wouldn’t hurt to make sure her hair is combed before every public appearance, either.

2 Miley Cyrus

The haircut. The poses that feature her tongue and a peace sign. That horrible MTV performance with Robin Thicke. These are just some of the things that convince us that Miley Cyrus thinks she’s got swag. It’s pretty safe to say that Cyrus is trying way too hard. After all, you don’t have to smoke weed on stage, just to let the world know that you’re “cool.” There’s also the highly publicized relationships she’s been in for the past few years, including an engagement to one of the Hemsworth brothers and a brief stint in the arms of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son. We understand that she’s trying to shed her innocent Disney image, but there’s a classier way to do it. Hopefully, she’s starting to understand that.

1 Justin Bieber

The YouTube sensation turned pop star would probably have more swag if he didn’t try so hard, or tried harder, depending on how you look at it. He wore overalls to meet with a government official, peed in a mop bucket and got into some drag races in his car that could have turned really dangerous. Bieber is more of an annoyance than a public threat. So, it’s best for him to just stick to singing instead of trying to get the world’s attention through bad behavior. He seems to have calmed down recently, partially due to the advice of his friend, Miley Cyrus. If anyone knows how not to have swag, it’s her. Bieber will likely attain swag that is at least average if he puts out more quality music and realizes that no matter how many tattoos he gets, he’ll never be a bad boy.

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