10 Celebs Who Should've Been Tested Before Intercourse

Sex is good. There is an art to having good sex and making people want to come back for more. There are those who study the art of being good in bed. And the more sex people have, the more they expose themselves to other people's diseases. This is where sex can become a bad thing. Now many people can get tested for diseases and generally they don't have too much to worry about. The casual person only has sex with a couple of partners a year. But there are those who make sexual conquests a game.

For celebrities, sex can be as easy as going to the grocery store. Whether you are a musician, an athlete, or an actor on the big screen, sex is readily available for celebrities whenever they seek it. This is when celebrities can get themselves into trouble. A lot of women are open to not using protection when they have the opportunity to sleep with the superstars. Some hope they will be given a potential money-making baby. Others just want the glory of having sex with the celebrity. But what they don't count on is the diseases that may come with their single sexual act.

Some celebrities go completely overboard with the number of sexual acts they have on a year to year basis and it is enough to make anyone cringe. These are 10 celebrities Who Should Be Tested Before Having Intercourse.

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10 Charlie Sheen

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Clearly very little explanation needs to be given here. Charlie Sheen is a self-professed womanizer who has admitted to sleeping with numerous prostitutes and living with three girlfriends at a time inside his home. He has abused both alcohol and drugs to the point where he has been belligerent. He has left a battlefield of sexual conquests behind him and has no problem sharing the information with anyone in earshot. Unfortunately, it was recently revealed that Sheen is HIV positive, a clear result of his many sexual encounters. Sheen will be forever known as a playboy, but nowadays, may be dialed back to red alert status after his recent confessions. Either way, he is the current celebrity cautionary tale.

9 Gene Simmons

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8 Amanda Bynes

Former child star Amanda Bynes isn't an adult film star, she is just a complete mess these days. She has had many, many recent run-ins with the law over driving incidents. Bynes has been spotted smoking weed right out in the open on the streets of New York and that’s the tame version of Bynes. At night she has been seen partying into a frenzy while using cocaine, alcohol and the aforementioned weed. Then there has been the strange string of naked selfies she has been posting to the Internet. That kind of combination leads to bad decision making and a clear disregard for sexual safety. If you’re a guy and she invites you into her bed, better double-strap before you tap.

7 Russell Brand

Drugs, music, celebrity and alcohol along with a stint as a prostitute have all been a part of Russell Brand’s life. He has boasted about having sex with a wide array of females which includes celebrities in North America and Europe. Brand says this about his large amount of sexual conquests: “Know your brand identity: Be in tune with your USP (unique selling point). For me, the idea of a gauche philandering adventurer works quite well. I have the hair of a gauche philandering adventurer, the patter of a gauche philandering adventurer and offer gauche philandering adventures. The brand is consistent.” Clearly, this Brand is consistent to the tune of over 1,000 and growing. Let's just hope he's been tested.

6 Lindsay Lohan

5 Jack Nicholson

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Classic Jack. What can we say about Jack Nicholson that he hasn’t already said about himself? The timeless wonder makes no apologies for being a ladies man who has bedded many women of all ages. In fact, Jack himself has admitted he has had sex with more than 2,000 women. “Every age,” he says. “Their mothers... some of them with their mothers.” Jack enjoys the fact that he has the sexual hat trick with encounters that have spanned three generations of a single family. All we can say is…wow. That’s Jack for ya! Let's just hope he gets himself checked before intercourse.

4 Evander Holyfield

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Boxer Evander Holyfield has enjoyed a very successful boxing career. However, when you have 11 kids with 8 different women, you are definitely going to make some women nervous before they sleep with you. Holyfield has clearly gone around and made a habit of spreading his seed, which means he probably has slept with a whole lot of women. The fact that he landed kids with 8 different women only confirms that fact. Traveling all over as a heavyweight champion has made Holyfield a celebrity all around the world and he has enjoyed every bit of it. Unfortunately for him, he has a hell of a lot of child support to pony up each month, and in all likelihood.

3 Julio Iglesias

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Spanish singers are well known to be hopeless romantics; men who have a special kind of way about them when it comes to women. Julio Iglesias is a Spanish singing icon. He is one of those men who has greatly enjoyed his celebrity, bedding thousands of women across the world. When someone estimated he had sex with over 3,000 women, the Latin singer replied, “that probably was until 1976, so they didn't count the other women,” he joked. Iglesias’s number will forever be a mystery. But it is clear he has reached into the thousands which pretty makes you question why anyone would want to sleep with a man who has had sex with so many women.

2 Hugh Hefner

via Chicagotribune.com

“Hef!” Yes, Hugh Hefner and his old age makes the list. When you sleep with thousands upon thousands of women desperate to be on the pages of Playboy, you get both the best and worst of life. First off, Hefner has pretty much had his pick of the litter over the years. But hot women doesn’t necessarily equate to clean women. The women Hefner has had the pleasure of bedding have generally been desperately attempting to latch on to a wealthy man in the hopes of dawning the pages of his magazine. That kind of desperation scares the heck out of us and raises numerous red flags. With all the partying at the Playboy Mansion, Hefner himself has no idea what the exact number could be. “I stopped counting a long time ago,” he said. “I've never thought in terms of quantity, but more in terms of quality.” Quality indeed, Hef.

1 Warren Beatty

via theredlist.com

Well, Warren Beatty has been famous for having sex — lots and lots of sex. “Using simple arithmetic…12,775 women, give or take, a figure that does not include daytime quickies, drive-bys, casual gropings, stolen kisses and so on,” once boasted the Hollywood actor. Alrighty then. Generally speaking, drive-bys, casual groping and daytime quickies often happen when you don’t have condoms hanging out in the back pocket. So clearly, Beatty has gotten around with a tremendous amount of sexual partners. Beatty has always been considered one of Hollywood’s most dynamic womanizers. Clearly, he enjoyed casual sex up until the day he married beautiful actress Annette Bening.


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