10 Celebs Who Should Be Blacklisted For Their Behavior

Part of being a celebrity is engaging with the public and participating in lots of social events. There's always a party to attend, a press conference to arrange and interviews to confirm. So, it would stand to reason that celebrities should be particularly careful when it comes to being polite to others and maintaining a professional image. But clearly, there are some celebs who don't fit this description at all.

Perhaps some celebrities behave badly because millions of dollars and prestigious awards serve as a seemingly valid excuse to be rude. There's also a chance that because some of these famous figures have been in the business since childhood, they never learned proper social skills. Or maybe, some of these celebrities were already a bit unpleasant and have used their star status as an excuse to act on the unsavory parts of their personalities.

It's also possible that directors, producers and music execs are willing to overlook the "flaws" of these celebrities because of their top-notch talent. Whatever the case, these stars have yet to be completely blacklisted for their awful behavior. Maybe if word gets around often enough, some of these celebrities will decide to change their ways before it's too late.


10 Gwenyth Paltrow

Gwenyth Paltrow isn't known for being rude to interviewers or having adult tantrums on movie sets, but she does have a reputation for thinking she's more important than other people. The actress who was once just as famous for dating actor Brad Pitt, as she was for appearing in the film Shakespeare in Love, recently took on the challenge of trying to buy groceries on a budget to bring about social awareness. She is quoted in Elle UK as saying, "I am who I am. I can't pretend to be somebody who makes $25,000 a year." The statement is tasteless at best, and is proof that sometimes celebrities should keep their opinions about money to themselves.

9 Shia LaBeouf


Shia Labeouf first came on the scene as the inquisitive, trouble-making little brother on the Disney show Even Stevens. He went on to have a successful film career, until he started bad-mouthing the very movies he starred in. In an interview with FHM, LaBeouf stated that "There are a lot of people that liked the second Transformers film, but I hated it." Shia also spoke negatively about big producers Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay, and stated that these professionals have created bad movies that LaBeouf had a starring role in. Shia has had some bouts with substance abuse in the past, so this may have something to do with his outbursts. These days, he seems to be learning the art of silence and taking better care of himself.

8 Lindsay Lohan

The antics that Lindsay Lohan has been involved in are pretty well publicized. She shows up late to work, and sometimes doesn't get to set at all. She's also known for not being prepared for her roles and not knowing her lines. Lindsay has also had her share of trouble with the law. She got into a car accident and tried to pin the accident on her assistant. Lohan has also gone to court for stealing and has been ordered to complete community service. Lindsay and her mother have been on countless interviews to discuss the family issues that may have led to Lohan's behavior. Hopefully the former Disney star will clean up her act and return to the big screen soon.

7 Katherine Heigl


Katherine Heigl starred in the comedy Knocked Up, and was one of the original cast members of Grey's Anatomy. Katherine Heigl was well on her way to becoming a superstar, but she just couldn't keep her mouth shut. She stated in an interview that the writing for Grey's Anatomy was "mediocre" and said that Knocked Up was a sexist film. In an interview for Parade magazine, Heigl shared that "there are some things that, if you say them out loud, will hurt the other person's feelings. I tend to say them anyway." She also shared that she felt honesty was the best way to handle things. Interesting. If she felt so strongly about these projects, why did she participate in them? These statements have caused Katherine to make some enemies in Hollywood, which is why she hasn't been seen as much in movies and television lately.

6 Christina Aguilera

The powerhouse songstress has gotten a bad rap from other celebrities about her attitude. Fellow singers such as Mariah Carey and Mary J. Blige have commented on Christina's difficult ways. Kelly Osbourne has also stated that Aguilera is hard to work with. Christina stated in a People magazine interview: "All I really want to do is be normal. But really, it's other people who won't let me be that way." Well, getting out of the spotlight could help her to achieve normalcy. Aguilera is also known for being selfish and rude, even towards contestants on The Voice, where she is one of the judges.

5 Alec Baldwin


Alec Baldwin, along with his brothers, have been acting for years. But apparently, it took a while for Alec to learn how to behave in public. During his nasty custody battle with ex-wife and fellow actor Kim Basinger, he left a voicemail for this then-preteen daughter, calling her a "pig." The former 30 Rock star has also been known to go on social media tirades, and often makes violent threats to people online. However, this hasn't stopped him from being recognized for his acting talent. He has the most SAG Awards of any male actor, and currently writes a column for The Huffington Post.

4 Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart is best known for her roles in the Twilight movie series. But in the public eye, she often has a stoic appearance and doesn't have much to say on the red carpet or during interviews. Kristen Stewart has a reputation for carrying a lot of resentment toward the media, even before her affair with movie director Rupert Sanders, while filming Snow White and the Huntsman. The incident led to a breakup with her boyfriend, fellow Twilight star Robert Pattinson. Stewart even stated to Elle magazine: "What you don't see are the cameras shoved in my face." Those are pretty strong words for someone who is successful largely because of cameras.


3 Bruce Willis


This dashing actor has been in the business for years, and is famous for his roles in the Die Hard movie franchise. He also starred in the TV show Moonlighting, years ago. Bruce Willis is also known for his lengthy marriage to fellow actor Demi Moore, which ended years ago. Moore went on to marry actor Ashton Kutcher, and Willis has also remarried. In recent years, Bruce Willis has been pretty snappy with interviewers. He even told one interviewer "Has any actor ever told you this? This part is not acting…we're just selling the film now." With all the years Willis has been acting, he should probably know that being snide while trying to promote a film isn't good for box office sales.

2 Kanye West

Kim Kardashian's husband has been quite outspoken in the media. He even stated that "George Bush doesn't care about Black people" during a fundraiser for Hurricane Katrina. In the years that followed, he interrupted Taylor Swift's award acceptance speech, saying that Beyonce was deserving of the award. During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, he said: "…for me to say I wasn't a genius, i would just be lying to you and to myself." West isn't exactly the most humble celebrity, and his social behavior could use a little refining at times, even if he's trying to get a worthwhile message across. These days, West has calmed down a bit in order to be a better example for North, his toddler daughter with Kardashian.

1 Chris Brown


Chris Brown's domestic abuse case with then-girlfriend singer Rihanna, shocked everyone. Fans were just as disgusted when Chris Brown was interviewed on Good Morning America. The singer and actor had a tantrum when he was asked about his personal life and threw a chair out of a dressing room window. When asked about his former indiscretions, Brown stated, "It's not really a big deal to me now, as far as that situation. I think I'm past that in my life." Brown was also arrested for felony assault after getting in a fight at a nightclub. There's also the matter of Chris' irresponsible behavior in relationships. He had a child with a model from Texas while in a long-term relationship with aspiring actor and model Karreuche Tran. It's safe to say that Brown could stand to behave a little better.



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