10 Celebs Who Shockingly Retired At The Peak Of Their Career

These celebrities literally had it all; the money, the fame and the fans. So how does a successful celebrity in Hollywood all of a sudden make the decision to quit the business for good — especially when most of these names ended up retiring before they even became an adult. Well, one has to consider that the majority of celebs have been acting their entire lives, from as young as five years old. So when you consider the fact that they have worked since they were children all the way up to their late teens, they would’ve made millions throughout those years. And quite frankly, sometimes you realize that acting, singing, or playing sports isn’t exactly a passion of yours until you reach a certain age. And by then, you would’ve already made so much money that retiring wouldn’t hurt you financially or emotionally. Then again, this wasn’t the situation for all of those successful celebs who decided to retire early. Some ended up going broke, tried to make a comeback, and failed. See below for the ten famous faces who retired from Hollywood at the peak of their careers.

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11 Mase


Mase had one of the biggest careers in Hip Hop in the ‘90s. Following a deal he signed with Bad Boy Records at the time, the rapper was releasing hit after hit — it seemed like his career was never going to end. But oddly enough, Mase eventually decided he wanted to dedicate his life to God, saying he had grown tired of the fame and money. He announced his retirement in the early ‘00s and shockingly ended his career on a high note. Well, one has to wonder whether he regrets leaving the music industry for the church a decade later.

10 Miley Cyrus

Yes, Miley Cyrus has confirmed that she will never return to acting, despite the fact that she got her big break from starring in one of the biggest shows on the Disney Channel. The pop star admitted in a 2013 interview: "I thought after my show I was gonna act. I did one movie and I came back and said, 'I'm never doing that again. I'm going to do music for the rest of my life.’" Her music career has been going really well as of late, so one can’t really blame her for this decision.

9 Frankie Muniz

Whatever happened to Frankie Muniz, right? Well, his retirement came as a shock to everyone. Following the success of Malcolm in the Middle, where the actor was making close to $1 million per episode during its final season, Frankie starred in a couple of films after the show went off the air, and eventually disappeared from everyone’s radar. It was reported at the time that acting was no longer a huge passion for Muniz, adding that the star had saved tens of millions throughout his career, so in terms of his financial moves, he’s probably set for life.

8 Kevin Jonas

The Jonas Brothers' split in 2013 came as a shock to fans, who had already been demanding new music since 2011. With initial reports claiming the band was expected to release a new album, followed by a tour, those plans were cancelled along with the news that the band were disbanding. And it seems that while everybody in the band has moved on to do other big things in Hollywood, Kevin Jonas is the only one who’s not really done anything. But then again, the band have made millions over their time as one of the biggest groups in the world.


6 Ken Mitchell


Keenan and Kel was everyone’s favourite show back in the days. The program was considerably noted as one of the highest-rated programs on Nickelodeon, where both stars managed to get their big break. But it was surprising to see that only one of the two would go on to have a successful career while the other supposedly chose to live a quiet life outside of Hollywood. As we all know, Keenan went on to become a part of SNL’s cast, while Kel disappeared from the scene right after the show ended. How strange. Perhaps he just wasn’t in it for the money.

5 Amanda Bynes


Amanda Bynes had been working since she was five. The childhood star, who has made a ton of money throughout her career in Hollywood, announced her retirement in 2011. She supposedly didn’t have a passion for starring in movies anymore, and this was just a few years after she starred in Hairspray. She had been approached to star in potential blockbuster hits at the time, but she refused, adding that she had no interest and that studying fashion was a new venture she wanted to focus her attention on.

4 Lauryn Hill

Lauryn Hill is one of those artists that everyone is still waiting to make a sophomore album. Following her debut record The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, the former Fugees songstress decided to hang it up and call it a day — or better yet, call it almost two decades. The album won multiple Grammy Awards, Video Music Awards, and sold more than 10 million copies worldwide. So what happened? Well, just like many others, Lauryn lost her interest for the music and the fame — instead, she settled for a quiet life with her children somewhere nobody really knows. That’s how private she is.

3 Mara Wilson


Mara Wilson was pretty much everybody’s favourite child star. Her role in Matilda is an absolute classic, and we all thought that this young lady would go on to have one of the biggest careers possible. Well, not quite. Following the success of that film, Mara starred in a few more movies that were hits — not as big as Matilda, but money-worthy. In the end, Wilson disappeared from the film industry; she never announced her retirement, but considering that she has not starred in blockbuster movies for over a decade, it’s clear that she is over the whole thing. Especially since she was still in demand at the time of her last hit.

2 Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan was so confused, he didn’t know whether he wanted to quit basketball or keep playing it, which was quite funny. Jordan, who retired at the age of 30, went on to play golf for two years, having admitted that playing golf was one of his deceased father’s dreams to play professionally. Having grown tired of the game, he returned to basketball two years later, only to retire again… then make another return, playing for the Washington Wizards. 2003 was the year where Michael finally realized it was time to officially hang it up for good, though he was still playing as good as ever. His heart just wasn’t in it anymore.

1 Macaulay Culkin

Macaulay Culkin had one of the most promising careers in Hollywood, following his partake in the Home Alone franchise. Those movies have grossed billions of dollars in earnings, and its lead actor was beginning to get a lot of attention from Hollywood studios. And despite the fact that Macaulay was signing on for many of those movies that were pitched to him, his parents were infamously fighting over his money, which eventually drifted the twosome to split. Macaulay struggled with his parents splitting, especially since the breakup all came over money talks. Following a handful of movies post-Home Alone, he ended his career as a teenager to pursue other things.

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