10 Celebs Who Refuse To Work With These Stars Again

It’s become quite common for celebrities to fall out over something really silly; they won’t speak to one another for a couple of years, but eventually fall back and make up. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the names mentioned below, for they have vowed to never work together again. Some people actually have legitimate reasons, such as a famous actor who cheated on his wife for another actress and informed her that he was filing for divorce. Can you guess who? In those situations, one can empathize with the one who’s being hurt — to the point where there is an understanding as to why he or she would never want to work with their ex again. But those who vow to never work with their former friends over petty arguments or on the basis of things that someone else has spread in the media seems pretty childish. Between petty and valid reasons, see below for the 10 celebs who are not allowed to work with one another.


10 Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder

There’s nothing worse than breaking up with your boyfriend who just so happens to be working on the same television program as you. Well, that’s exactly what ended up happening for Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder, who split in the midst of their third season on The Vampire Diaries. The actress eventually left the show, following the news that Ian was set to marry his then-girlfriend, Nikki Reed, and things would’ve been too awkward. Nina is supposedly hoping to stay out of Ian’s way now that he’s a married man.

9 Hugh Jackman, Angelina Jolie

This one is rather funny. Hugh Jackman is supposedly not allowed to work with Angelina Jolie over comments that his wife had made out in public. Deborra-Lee Furness jokingly stated that she wouldn’t let Angelina work with her husband, insinuating that she doesn’t want to end up finding out that her longtime partner has left her for the Oscar-winning actress. Furness is more or less referring to the 2005 incident which saw Angelina Jolie steal Brad Pitt from Jennifer Aniston while the twosome filmed their hit movie, Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

8 Jennifer Garner, Scott Foley

Now that Jennifer Garner is a single lady, she is ready to mingle. Let’s just hope that Hollywood studio execs just don’t make the mistake and end up putting Jen in a movie with her ex-husband, Scott Foley. The couple was married for four years before Garner went on to marry Ben Affleck just one year later. But now that she has divorced the actor, Scott’s new wife has reportedly stressed that she doesn’t want her husband being anywhere near Jennifer. She seems to fear that the two may rekindle their romance and run off together. Yikes.

7 Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson


For obvious reasons, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson cannot work together. Kristen infamously cheated on Robert a couple of years back. But it wasn’t just with anyone; it was with her Snow White and the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders. How shameful. According to sources at the time, Robert struggled to trust Stewart after her secret affair was exposed to the public. He has also allegedly told pals that he hopes to never have to work with his ex-girlfriend again, for the fact that it would just remind him of how much she hurt him.

6 Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian

Recent analytic stats have proven that Kylie Jenner is the most popular member in the Kardashian/Jenner family household. With her lip craze and her infamous relationship to rapper Tyga, who happens to be eight years older than her, everyone is talking about Kylie. Kim Kardashian, on the other hand, has somewhat fallen off from her so-called throne, and reports have since alleged that the socialite has become quite jealous over her younger sibling. She wishes Kylie nothing but the best, but at the same time, she never wants to be overshadowed by a sister, who only has a career thanks to Kim.

5 Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt


Jennifer Aniston could not see herself working with Brad Pitt on a motion picture, simply because he completely left her hanging in 2005 when he ran off with Angelina Jolie. Brad announced his divorce from the Friends co-star, and within weeks, he had moved in with Angie. There was a lot of hurt surrounding Jennifer and Brad at that particular time. Jennifer supposedly felt betrayed to some degree; she loved Brad with all her heart and then learns that he wants a divorce so that he can be with his movie co-star. Ouch.

4 Amber Rose, Kim Kardashian

Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian are anything but friends. While they both share the same Brazilian butt lift procedures on their buttocks and have both dated/married Kanye West, the two can’t stand one another. Amber has often stressed that she is against everything that the Kardashians stand for; one of those things allegedly being a home wrecker and a man stealer. Amber accused Kim of sleeping with Kanye while the rapper was still seeing her, which evidently caused their romance to collapse.


3 Nicki Minaj, Drake


Ever since Drake put out his ‘Back to Back’ diss track against Meek Mill for accusing him of not being able to write his own songs, Nicki Minaj has the rapper out of her life. The two, who are without a doubt the most successful artists under Young Money / Cash Money, have not seen eye-to-eye ever since the whole beef situation went down. Nicki is reportedly engaged to Meek, and while Drake is more or less like a brother to her, she is siding with her man in the petty drama which first took off last summer.

2 Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey has always made it clear that she doesn’t like Jennifer Lopez, and quite frankly, people have never understood why. It is unknown whether the two ever had a falling out between one another, but Mariah has publicly addressed the matter, saying “she doesn’t know” who Jennifer Lopez is. Then in a follow-up interview, Carey throws subliminal digs at J.Lo, saying that the songstress can’t sing. While Lopez is confused over the one-sided ‘90s feud, too, she wishes Mariah nothing but the best and just hopes the two never cross paths.

1 Taylor Swift, Katy Perry

After Katy Perry infamously stole Taylor Swift’s backup dancers, the two have been feuding and bickering ever since. Note that this incident took place in 2013, yet Taylor doesn’t want to let the situation die out and just move on. According to sources, Katy and Taylor avoid each other at all times whenever they arrive at the same awards show. Swift has made it awkward because she’s constantly talking about how Katy stole her dancers, who had originally been working for Perry to begin with. While both artists were said to have been planning on a collaboration, their feud shattered those plans in an instant.


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