10 Celebs Who Nearly Let Plastic Surgery Take Their Life

It’s not a surprise that plastic surgery is pretty common in Hollywood. Some stars are even encouraged to have “work done” in order to get noticed for upcoming movies or music videos. Hollywood women (and some men) are constantly doing things to alter their looks in order to increase their fame, but there are also other “civilians” who are obsessed with getting the procedures that make them look like their favorite celebrities. Some of these fans are going to doctors who are not certified to perform these procedures, and unfortunately, some individuals have lost their lives because of plastic surgeries.

There are also a few celebrities who have come close to losing their lives as a result of plastic surgeries. Of course, there are some celebrities who did not survive after a plastic surgery-related incident. There are also several reasons why a famous person chooses to have plastic surgery. Some feel that they have to look younger in order to be considered for certain roles. Other celebrities have had certain insecurities about their looks for years, and finally have the money to do something about it.

Whatever the reason is for plastic surgery, it should always be performed by a trained professional. It’s also important to remember that too much of a good thing can be bad when it comes to plastic surgery. Here are 10 celebs who almost let plastic surgery kill them.

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10 Farrah Abraham

In 2015, former 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham, got some lip injections that went horribly wrong. The procedure left her with lips that were triple their normal size! She shared on The Doctors that she felt the allergic reaction on her lip as soon as the procedure started. Farrah also stated that she was lying down flat during the injections, and started to see the size of her lips increase before her eyes. This is a sign of a very serious allergic reaction, and Abraham very well could have lost her life from anaphylactic shock as a result of this beauty treatment.

9 Dana Delaney

After Dana Delaney had a bad experience with Botox in 2010, she decided that the procedure just wasn’t for her. When she got the injections in her forehead, her doctor accidentally hit a nerve, which created a hematoma. It’s a good thing the hematoma didn’t cause more problems, but it did cause the nerves around the injection to die permanently. Delaney states that while other people may not be able to tell, she can see that her face is no longer symmetrical. This just goes to show you that even something simple like Botox can turn into a disaster if the right dermatologist isn’t doing the job.

8 Mickey Rourke

Actor Mickey Rourke was quite the heartthrob in the late 1980s and early 90s, and was likely cast in movies because the producers figured that men wanted to emulate him and women wanted to be with him. Rourke was also a boxer, and after putting his safety at risk in the ring, he decided to go to a plastic surgeon to repair some facial damage. Unfortunately, he put his well-being at risk on the operating table as well. Mickey admits that he went to the wrong doctor to put his face back together, and says that he regrets having any surgery at all. Now, he’s more well-known for his botched plastic surgery than for his actual talent.

7 Jocelyn Wildenstein

6 Joan Rivers

Late comedienne and host Joan Rivers was very open about the fact that she’d had numerous plastic surgeries to improve her looks. She’d survived all of the face-lifts, injections and nose jobs with no evident issues, and surprisingly had about 700 procedures overall. Unfortunately, Rivers passed away in 2014 at the age of 81 from cardiac arrest while she was undergoing what was supposed to be a mild throat procedure. She was put in a medically induced coma, and never woke up. It was confirmed that the medical staff working on Rivers made several mistakes both before and during her procedure, including performing surgery on Rivers without her permission.

5 Michael Jackson

The king of pop passed away in 2009 from a medication overdose, but he was also known for his obsession with plastic surgery. Getting multiple nose jobs, as well as a chin implant and lip augmentation drastically changed Jackson’s look, and he became almost as well known for his numerous plastic surgeries than his immense talent. Michael Jackson also suffered from vitiligo, a condition that strips the skin of its natural pigment, and this caused him to look significantly different than he did as a child. It is also believed that Jackson had body dysmorphic disorder, which was why he was willing to risk his life to continue getting plastic surgery.

4 Priscilla Presley

3 Victoria Beckham

2 Courtney Love

Singer Courtney Love is the ex-wife of the late Kurt Cobain, but she’s also known for her crazy on-camera antics and drug and alcohol abuse. Love also stated that she got advice from actress Goldie Hawn to get a face lift, so Courtney went under the knife at the age of 35. If you look at some of Love’s before pictures, it’s easy to see that the face lift wasn’t the best idea for her. Courtney has some pretty negative things to say about plastic surgery these days, and admits that she did some pretty drastic things to lose weight and stay youthful in order to make a Hollywood comeback. Of course, Love’s drug and alcohol abuse has influenced her decisions, and may have prompted her to do dangerous things in order to get the results she wants.

1 Heidi Montag

It was no secret that Heidi Montag and her d*uchebag of a boyfriend-turned-husband Spencer Pratt, were obsessed with being famous. When their MTV reality show run came to an end, the couple was desperate to get back in the spotlight again. Heidi tried to have a singing and acting career, but when that didn’t take off, she figured that changing up her look would help. Montag had 10 plastic surgery procedures in a day in 2010. Four years later, she had her breast implants removed, going from an F cup to a C cup. She also said her doctor informed her that her implants were falling through the bottom which could be very dangerous. Montag also ran the risk of losing her life from being on the operating table for such a long period of time to get all of her surgeries.

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