10 Celebs Who Look Hotter On Instagram Than In Real Life

A picture is worth a thousand words, or in this case, a thousand lies. As humans, most of us are visual creatures, and easily fooled with our eyes as a result. We rely on sight 90% more than any of our other senses, and as such are convinced we have to, "see to believe." With the social media boom of this current decade, millions of people, namely celebs, over expose themselves in an attempt to, "keep up with the Joneses." Today more than ever it's easier to fool people into believing what you want them to, thanks to social media. Especially when it comes to your appearance.

With a whopping 27 million Instagram followers, 17 year old Kylie Jenner is a celeb who's managed to use the art of  photoshop to her advantage; appearing near perfect in her Instagram photos, but barely recognizable in interviews and paparazzi candids. All of the famous selfie-holics on the list know that there's an art form to taking the perfect selfie. You have to find the perfect lighting, make sure you're holding the cam to catch your most flattering angles, and most importantly, familiarize yourself with a great photoshopping app.

You'd think that social media would actually help to dispel some long standing myths; in a way placing everyone from celebrities to random citizens on the same platform. But nah, people are more easily fooled than ever before thanks to it. Here are 10 celebs fooling us all into believing they're more attractive than they really are.

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10 Nicki Minaj

Over the years we've watched the Stupid Ho singer Nicki Minaj follow the footsteps of the original Queen of Hip Hop, Lil' Kim. Like Lil' Kim, she started off with the ostentatious and eccentric image only to undergo extensive plastic surgery to appear more "natural". Thanks to photoshopping techniques, Nicki Minaj will sometimes alter her figure to appear much slimmer than it is in real life, as seen in the image on the right, which she posted on her Instagram back in May. In comparison to the image on the left, where Nicki can be seen with barely any make up looking as close to her natural self as is possible (despite the numerous cosmetic enhancements, of course). Easily the most duplicitous celeb on the list, the rapper can't choose which angle the paparazzi captures her in real life and as a result, you get her unfiltered and unedited.

9 9.Iggy Azalea

8 Cara Delevigne

22 year old model Cara Delevinge is on a steady rise in her career, and she's no doubt a looker in the magazines, but the young lady owes her flawless look in print ads to a hair and make up team, as well as photoshop. When captured makeup-less by paparazzi, Cara looks near unrecognizable with one of the worst sense of style's in Hollywood. A free spirit, the supermodel is known for posting mostly carefree spur of the moment selfies with pals, and doesn't seem so hung up on appearing picture perfect all the time. Still, a glimpse at the young lady not all made up is quite surprising and somewhat refreshing.

7 Khloe Kardashian

We've seen Khloe make a dramatic improvement in her physical appearance in recent years, not uncommon for the Kardashians, but it's also notable that the reality TV star will often upload very obviously altered photos on Instagram. Many of her selfies slightly deviate from her look in real life. Apparently the thousands spent on cosmetic enhancement isn't quiet enough, Khloe is often caught photoshopping her own photos. In the image on the left captured by photographers on the E! News red carpet, the Kardashian's image is completely unaltered and un-tampered with, depicting the Khloe you may happen upon during a chance meeting on the street. On the right, in an Instagram photo, Khloe's nose appears to be slightly slimmer and her skin looks much smoother thanks to a flattering angle and filter, no doubt.

6 Lindsay Lohan


Actress Lindsay Lohan, who's been looking worse and worse lately, tries very hard to hide her fading looks when posting pics on Instagram. The 28 year old has become more famous for her trouble-making, law breaking antics than for her acting these days. In real life, the Mean Girls star looks to be at least 10 years older than her actual age, due largely in part to her hardcore partying and drug/alcohol addictions. Photographed to the left caught completely off guard in a blonde wig, Lindsay is seen after what looks to be a hard night of partying. The movie star uploaded the image on the right on Instagram earlier this year, and she was caught photoshopping her naturally flat butt to appear rounder; made obvious by the curvy door behind her.

5 Lauren Goodger


TOWIE star Lauren Goodger has frequently been caught photoshopping her Instagram photos to appear much slimmer than in real life. Though beautiful at either size, it would appear the British television star is more comfortable when depicting herself at a smaller weight, however deceitful. Fans have even gone so far as to make the following comments on her Instagram photos: "This looks absolutely nothing like u?" one wrote. "What the hell kind of filter is this?" asked another. "Why Photoshop it so hard?" and "Wow, facetune much? Why try be something your not?! #embracewhoyouare." another user insisted. But as expected Lauren denies ever altering her photos telling New! magazine, "If anything I take it all as a compliment because it means my training is really paying off. Whatever I do I’m going to get judged, but I don’t really care about anyone else’s opinion."

4 Amber Rose

Famous for being famous, Amber Rose is often referred to as a Kim Kardashian wannabe. The mother of one and former flame of Kanye West frequently makes headlines for posing provocatively in her Instagram shots in order to trend on Twitter. We must say both images of Amber altered and unaltered still look appealing, but if these photos are any indication, Amber has cellulite in real life and she's careful to photoshop it out before posting it to Instagram to appear as near perfect as possible. The mother of one recently made headlines when she attacked Khloe Kardashian via Twitter, and accused her of being O.J. Simpson's illegitimate love child.

3 Blac Chyna

Arch nemisis to Kylie Jenner, Blac Chyna is most famous for having her home wrecked by the unsupervised 17 year old. Awkwardly, many have accused Blac Chyna of trying to morph into Kylie; both known to have undergone extensive plastic surgery. Now ironically besties with Kanye's ex, Amber, after her break up with Kanye's bestie Tyga, the two single mothers and former strippers have built a special bond since discovering a common enemy in Kylie Jenner. This after Amber called Tyga out for dating the under-aged teen. Still it's quite odd how Blac Chyna tries hard to emulate Kylie in Instagram photos by making her eyes appear equally as wide, though much smaller in real life, and posing in similar styles. Tyga's baby's mother even went so far as to pick out the same car as Kylie, but in pink.

2 Kim Kardashian

1  1. Kylie Jenner

One of the most popular accounts on Instagram, having amassed way more followers than years she's been alive, Kylie Jenner often uploads selfies of her face looking ever so flawless. When paparazzi get a hold of the teenager however, it's a different story. Some have even gone so far as to accuse the youngest Jenner of catfishing due to how drastically different she appears in real life. In the unaltered image on the left, taken by photographers, Kylie appears to look like her normal teenage self, while in the Instagram photo she posted on the right, the young lady appears much more mature and all around just different. Likewise, in interviews on KUWTK, Kylie looks nothing at all like her heavily photoshopped Instagram photos. Whoever says the Kardashian/Jenner's are talentless obviously know nothing. Kylie's photoshop skills require the highest form of talent to go from what we see in interviews, to what she posts on Instagram. By now, fans are so used to her two different faces, they never seem to question the young lady. A testament to how easily fooled and dumbing social media can be.

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