10 Celebs Who Hooked Up With Victoria's Secret Models

1977 was the year that the world changed forever. Roy Raymond had the brilliant idea to create a lingerie store where men could go and feel comfortable buying lingerie for their girlfriends and wives.

1977 was the year that the world changed forever. Roy Raymond had the brilliant idea to create a lingerie store where men could go and feel comfortable buying lingerie for their girlfriends and wives. With a mere $80,000, he and his wife leased a small space in a Palo Alto mall where the Victoria’s Secret journey began. Despite having built the company up to three stores in San Francisco, a catalogue, and more than $4 million in annual sales, by 1982 Victoria’s Secret was going bankrupt. Then Leslie Wexner, the mastermind of the sportswear boom in the 1980’s, came out to San Francisco and discovered the lingerie brand. Quickly noticing where Raymond had gone wrong, he decided to buy the company from Raymond. Raymond stayed on as president of Victoria’s Secret for one more year, then left to create a high-end children’s store which ultimately failed, leading to; bankruptcy, a divorce between him and his wife and his suicide off the Golden Gate Bridge.

Despite the tragic story that lies at the heart of this one-of-a-kind empire, Raymond forever changed the way women and men shop for lingerie, creating and opening up new doors that never existed before the 80s. The annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show cost between $10 million and $15 million to put on in 2013 and that price does not include the $10 million bra that Candice Swanepoel so eloquently debuted. But, does this cost of one show put a dent into the VS machine’s annual sales? Nope. $6.6 billion is made in annual sales while paying their Angels very generous salaries. In 2012, Gisele Bundchen reached the top of the list at $45 million, Adriana Lima made $7.3 million, Doutzen Kroes made $6.9 million and Alessandra Ambrosio took in $6.6 million. The recently fired street style model, Miranda Kerr, raked in $4 million and Candice Swanepoel brought in $3.1 million. The models do not seem to be lacking anything financially at the moment.

If you’ve ever watched TV, then you know exactly who the VS models are. It isn’t just on our TV’s where the VS models are obsessed over, it’s in real life too. Plenty of celebrities have successfully and unsuccessfully tried to win over an Angel, and it’s always interesting to hear about the ones who made the cut.

9 Adam Levine


Apparently some celebrities only have one type and a very specific one at that. Levine has a history of Victoria’s Secret models, just like a few other playboys on the list. Although the singer is now taken by wife, Behati Prinsloo, he also dated Angela Bellotte (2009), Anne Vyalitsyna (2010-2012), and during a short breakup with Prinsloo, Levine snagged himself another Angel, Nina Adgal and vacationed together in Cabo.

8 Caleb Followill


Kings of Leon rocker, Caleb Followill, met Victoria’s Secret Angel, Lily Aldridge at the Coachella festival in 2011 and then tied the knot later that year. They didn’t waste any time in their relationship. Daughter, Dixie Pearl Followill, was born in June of 2012.

7 Seal


Heidi Klum and Seal are one of the most noteworthy couples that ever graced our TV screens and tabloids. They were everything that most couples wanted to be. They had it all, four beautiful children, a perfect marriage and both had amazing careers. Now getting divorced with varying reasons, the truth has begun streaming out of the media about the truths of their marriage. Now hooking up with her body guard, Klum, has denied for months that she did not have an affair when married to Seal, but she is now publicly dating him. But, ex-husband, Seal, has continuously let the media know that she was indeed having an affair with the body guard. The couple’s relationship also didn’t start off very typical. On their first date, the model informed Seal after being intimate that she was pregnant…but not with his baby. She was pregnant with former partner, Renault Formula 1 team director Flavio Briatore’s child, who would then treat Seal as her own father. What a way to start and end a relationship with this former Victoria’s Secret model!

6 Ricky Martin


Before publicly coming out as gay, Ricky Martin and Alessandra Ambrosio hooked up in 2004. The model went on to date Jamie Mazur, the two are now engaged and have been together for almost ten years. Ricky Martin became a father in 2008 to twins via a surrogate and has recently split up from boyfriend Carlos Gonzalez Abella of three years.

5 Niall Horan


What do Niall and Justin Bieber have in common? They both have spent some time with Victoria’s Secret model, Barbara Palvin. In 2013, Niall and the model had been spending lots of time together while One Direction was taking a break from touring. Both 20 at the time, they were seen leaving the “X Factor” wrap party at the Marylbone One club in London. A source told Us Weekly, “He’s getting to know her…The guys have a few months off so they’re having a good time before he goes back on tour. He plans on being home for the holidays. She’s a nice girl!” They were also spotted together once again in March.

4 Leonardo Dicaprio


Leo apparently has a distinct type of girl that he only goes after; young and a model. With an extensive list of models in his little black book, the actor has been able to briefly win over various Victoria’s Secret Angels over the years. Before Gisele Bündchen married star Quarterback for the Patriots, Tom Brady, she tried to tame down playboy DiCaprio for close to six years (2000-2005) but was ultimately unsuccessful. Bar Refaeli made an appearance in the actors life from 05-09 and then again in 2010-11. A few other Victoria’s Secret models who have graced the actor with their presence are, Erin Heatherton, Miranda Kerr, Anne Vyalitsyna, and Toni Garrn.

3 Calvin Harris


Calvin Harris was seen getting very close with Leo’s ex-girlfriend, Anne Vyalitsyna, after multiple parties. The music producer and the model were first spotted in New York City at the producer’s Provocateur nightclub gig. Vyalitsyna has dated Leonardo DiCaprio, Adam Levine, and Matt Harvey.

2 Justin Bieber


Back in late-May of this year, Adriana Lima (32) and Justin Bieber (20) hooked up while both were attending the Cannes Film Festival in France. The recently separated Victoria’s Secret model, as of early-May of this year, gave into the pop star’s relentless pursuance on May 20th after the two ran into each other at 1 Oak fete at the local French Riviera club Gotha. Lima and her husband made a public announcement of their separation after 5 years of marriage and two children, Valentina, 4 1/2, and Sienna, 1 1/2. Bieber is setting a competition with himself, attempting to hook up with as many Angels as he can. He has also been spotted with Angel, Barbara Palvin, over the years but most recently while he was at a Cannes Yacht party, around the same time of his hook up with Lima. Rumors have gone around about the singer and Miranda Kerr (former Victoria’s Secret model) hooking up, but her lawyer has come to her aid, claiming she did not hook up with Bieber. Miranda was accused of cheating on husband (soon-to-be-ex), Orlando Bloom, with Bieber and our next celeb on the list. In July of this year, news broke out that Bloom had gotten in a fight in Spain with Bieber, most likely over the rumors of the hook up.

1 Zac Efron


The heartthrob High School Musical actor, allegedly, had a bit of an inappropriate hookup with Victoria’s Secret Angel, Candice Swanepoel at the Roxbury in Hollywood in 2011. The two met that night and were inseparable while talking and drinking for hours together. A source says after “Efron wined and dined her at the nightclub, they went into a VIP room.” The source elaborates by saying once the two were in the VIP room, in front of other people, the Victoria’s Secret model got on her knees and performed a well, inappropriate act, “in front of quite a few male and female friends,” says the source who was a close friend of Candice. The two later left the club and spent the rest of the night at her house.

1.Cara Delevingne and Karlie Kloss


Earlier this year, Victoria’s Secret model Cara Delevingne (21) and Fast and the Furious star Michelle Rodriguez (35) had been in a relationship for a few months. It came to a halt when Delevingne decided to share a kiss with fellow Angel, Karlie Kloss in June. The model duo’s romance didn’t seem to last very long since Kloss has been seen various times in public with her new boyfriend Joshua Kushner. Since the kiss, Cara has been spotted with Selena Gomez and is now reportedly dating Jack O’Connell.

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10 Celebs Who Hooked Up With Victoria's Secret Models