10 Celebs Who Have Shockingly Let Themselves Go

Sometimes celebrities fall off, too.

From having successful careers to already in a downward spiral, these celebrities have gone through such ups and downs that it’s hard to imagine them getting back on track.

Thinking of all the celebrities that have let themselves go, you kind of wonder how and why. You would think being successful will just lead you to the good. However, that is not the case all the time, especially when it’s Hollywood.

Some of these celebs started in their younger years and you know what happens when they grow up in front of the cameras. It’s hard going from child movie star to a teenager who’s just trying to be as normal as possible. Other celebrities have just had an overall successful career but when it comes to their personal lives, it sometimes takes over their professional life. The press just can’t get enough of what these celebs are up to when they’re not working and it could get out of hand that it becomes the reason why they lose track of themselves. It’s not a really cool thing if you think about it.

Although a lot of celebrities tend to fall back here and there, others just go through a transformation where they look different from when we first saw them. In this case, we were more of a fan of their past image as opposed to the present one. We just wonder, what happened?

Take a look at these ten celebrities who have let themselves go.

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10 Amanda Bynes

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9 Kelly Clarkson

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We first laid eyes on Kelly Clarkson when she became the first American Idol back in 2002. After winning the show’s title, Kelly went on to pursue her singing career and became an instant success with singles like “A Moment Like This” and “Miss Independent.” The 33-year-old was turning heads everywhere with her music and image. She then started taking her career slower and didn’t release her next album until 2011. In 2015, she released her seventh studio album with her single “Heartbeat Song,” also being a success. However, despite her ongoing successful singing career, the American Idol star began looking noticeably different as she seemed to gain a few extra pounds. Kelly didn’t back down from responding to the criticism though and replied to several sources saying that she is fine with the way she is. Although with a different image, her career is still on fire. You go girl.

8 Macaulay Culkin

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You know him from the popular film Home Alone as the adorable, witty kid, Kevin McCallister. Today though, Macaulay Culkin is looking nothing like the child star we used to watch. The 35-year-old appears to be carrying this rocker, hippie look that is nothing like the innocent, good looking child star. He began looking distinctive during his late twenty years, especially when he was more in the spotlight with his long-time famous girlfriend, Mila Kunis. The actor seemed to be sporting a less approachable look than what we expected based on the appealing image he carried throughout his childhood years. Despite losing his charm and gaining this more hipster look, Macaulay seems to be doing alright for himself.

7 Alec Baldwin

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Way back, Alec Baldwin actually used to be a heartthrob in Hollywood. He is still pursuing acting roles and exceeding in them. The difference between now and then was Alec’s recognizable appearance. His first acting role was in the NBC soap opera, The Doctors, in 1980 and it sure looks like he was popular for different things back then. Alec is still considered as an A-list actor today in Hollywood, however, we like him for other reasons today as opposed to what he was more popular for back then. It appears with age and loads of work, you begin to take less care of yourself than before and unfortunately, Alec is a victim of that.

6 Lindsay Lohan

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Like Amanda Bynes, Lindsay Lohan used to be known for her acting career and liked for her popular films such as The Parent Trap, Freaky Friday and Mean Girls. However, things started falling apart for Lindsey when she began acting more provocatively when she got older. It seemed as though the more famous she got, the more lose she started behaving. From befriending famous gal pals like Paris Hilton to denying plastic surgery rumors to partying night after night, LiLo began portraying a different side of herself that no one was used to watching. Not only was she displaying a different image that was unpopular with viewers but also disliked by her professional life. Lindsay was put on blast for being “irresponsible and unprofessional” while working on an independent film in 2006. Then things just got uglier in 2007 when she was arrested for a DUI. Since then, Lindsey has ruined her reputable acting career but is still relevant every now and then in Hollywood.

5 Mischa Barton

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4 Rob Kardashian

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We know Rob Kardashian as the brother of the oh-so famous Kardashian sisters and son of Kris Jenner and Robert Kardashian. The first time we laid eyes on the Kardashian was on their reality TV show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians. On the very few episodes, Rob appeared to be this confident, hot looking guy along with his hot sisters. He was also in the process of graduating from college and doing some modeling gigs. However, as soon as the klan began skyrocketing into this business oriented family, Rob kind of fell behind and took a toll in his confidence. The 28-year-old was seen on a couple of episodes feeling depressed and suffering from low self-esteem. Inevitably, Rob began gaining a few extra pounds and was so ashamed of his body that he refused to come out on the show or anywhere else. He has rarely been seen out and about but sources close to the fam keep noting that he is trying to get back, up and running with the rest of the family. However, when it looks like the Kardashian male is making progress, he falls back to where he started. Friends and family hope for the best for Rob.

3 Mariah Carey

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2 Lamar Odom

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On October 13, 2015, Lamar Odom was found unconscious at a Nevada Brothel after partying by himself at the Love Ranch. The NBA player was then taken to a hospital in Las Vegas where close friends and family, including estranged wife, Khloe Kardashian, stood by his side. Lamar was in critical condition for a while that the whole world was just keeping him in their prayers and hoping for the best. Since, the 35-year-old has been recovering little by little and is soon to be transferred to a rehabilitation center. It was a hard time for many to take in, although the former Lakers player has been accused of using drugs for quite a while now. The athlete is not only a two time NBA champion but he is also known to be a likable guy and so, the news of his downfall was a huge heartbreak for many. This has become one of the most heartbreaking downfalls in Hollywood.

1 Charlie Sheen

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Charlie Sheen is the perfect example of what typically happens in Hollywood. Although his acting career has been successful, he is mostly known for his outrageous behavior surrounded by drugs and hookers. Not that Charlie was a good guy to begin with but it seemed like his bad boy attitude just kept getting worse. From accidentally shooting his fiancée, Kelly Preston’s arm in 1990, to his 1998 hospitalization for a cocaine overdose, to the recent news of being HIV positive, Charlie has sure lived the bad Hollywood reputation. Even though the actor appeared to be addicted to this certain lifestyle, that didn’t stop him from continuing on pursuing his career. But his personal life seemed to always overshadow his professional life and with the recent news, you begin wondering where does Charlie go from here? You can only hope for the best in these kinds of situations.

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