10 Celebs Who Have Shameful Tattoos Of Their Ex Partners

Tattooing is an art form that in recent years, has risen in popularity. It is not as taboo and ill respected as it used to be, which has prompted people of all sorts to jump on the tattooing bandwagon. Moms, hipsters and celebrities alike, have shown their appreciation to the art form of tattooing, however; there can be a downside to permanently inking your body with a catchy saying or a memorial portrait. Many accidents can occur with tattoos, including incorrect spelling, a crappy, unrecognizable portrait or even a Chinese symbol that doesn't mean what you think it does; but worst of all is this newly revived trend of getting a significant others name tattooed on your body. Several entertainers have participated in this act of craziness and a majority of them have lived to regret it. Denise Richards, Heidi Klum, Johnny Depp, Tom Arnold and Colin Ferrell are just some of the celebrities to contribute to the latest craze. They have pictures, names and memorials of loved ones inked on their skin and some of them have their ex-husbands/wives, ex girlfriends/ boyfriends and even casual lovers names etched into their skin. It always starts out the same; the infatuation then the messy end, now many of them are looking for the easiest, fastest and painless way to remove their giant mistake. Below is a list of celebrities that lived to regret their encounter with that mistake.

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10 Denise Richards


This Wild Things actress was once in love with actor Charlie Sheen. Their relationship produced two daughters, drama and a very regrettable tattoo of Charlie’s name on her body. Charlie, also head over heels, got Denise’s name tattooed on his body but when the relationship went sour (who didn't see that coming), he quickly got his tat removed. Denise followed in Charlie’s footsteps although, not to the extent or pain of removing it but opted to have the tattoo covered up (it is a fairy now). Richards has since moved on but hopefully she has learned her lesson and won’t get another man’s name tattooed on her silky skin.

9 Heidi Klum

Actress and Victoria's Secret model Heidi Klum, fell head over heels in love with Kiss From a Rose singer Seal. They were the hottest couple to hit the red carpet during their 6 year marriage; in a bid to express her love, Klum got inked. Unfortunately, her choice of ink was not the smartest choice; she branded herself with Seal’s name across her inner forearm. If we have learned anything it's to never burden yourself by getting your significant other's name tattooed on your body. Of course, at the time she did not realize her marriage would go up in flames and she would be stuck with a man’s name on her porcelain skin. However, her tattoo seems to be slowly fading, she must have opted for that painful laser tattoo removal.

8 Marc Anthony


When singer Marc Anthony fell for Jenny from the block, he clearly fell hard and fast. Married for almost 10 years, Anthony got Jennifer’s name tattooed on his wrist as a symbol of his devotion. Now that the marriage has fizzled out (their divorce become official in June 2014), and Marc has rebounded with numerous women, he decided it was a good time to remove that awkward conversation starter. Anthony covered up this tattoo recently with “state of liberty” which is said to be a tribute and the pet name of his recent fling, Shannon De Lima; this guy kind of goes overboard with professing his “love”.

7 Alex Pettyfer


Magic Mike star Alex Pettyfer is a little like Marc Anthony in the relationship department; he changes partners fast, and he always wants a tattoo to attribute to their relationship. Like Emma Roberts' name on his ring finger, which is now just a black band, or the words “Little Lamb” on his arm, this was his supposed nickname for former serious girlfriend, Dianna Argon. Pettyfer has since moved on from both women (or they have moved on from him because of his bad behavior) however, he has gone on record stating that he does not regret any tattoo related decision he makes because it accurately depicts his feelings at that time.

6 Carmen Electra

You know Playboy model and actress Carmen Electra is in love when she gets your name tattooed on her body. Exhibit A: she met and married musician Dave Navarro in 2003, and inked his name on her wrist in beautiful cursive script. By 2006, Carmen and Navarro had split and she was left with a permanent reminder of a failed marriage. One would think that would scare her out of the tattoo game, but she did it again, a little more subtly the second time around. She got the letter “R” inked behind her ear, supposedly in honor of her relationship with Korn guitarist, Rob Patterson. Apparently, they are now broken up as well.

5 Nas

Hopelessly in love rapper Nas, got his then new wife and baby mama Kelis’ naked body tattooed on his arm, they lived in wedded bliss for all of four years. Then all hell broke loose when they had a very public separation and a lot of dirty laundry was aired. Needless to say, Nas covered up that provocative tattoo in a peculiar way; he blacked out Kelis’ face and left her banging body (is that weird?). Nas has stated that he has no regrets when it comes to that (probably because she is the mother of his child), so why would he black out the face? We will probably never know.

4 Chad Ochocinco


This situation is a slightly weird one; if anyone knows about the crazy drama that went down between former NFL player Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson and Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada, then they know that for about a year after the horrific situation went down, Johnson was doing everything in his power to get her back. This included getting a tattoo of Loazda’s face on his calf and showing it off to anyone who will look at it. What makes this circumstance weird is the order in which it took place. People usually get a tattoo for someone while they are in a relationship, not recently broken up. Johnson is supposedly still pinning for Lozada, who has moved onto another athlete and had a baby.

3 Adrienne Bailon


Resident Kardashian hater and former Cheetah Girl, Adrienne Bailon made a huge deal when she decided to remove Robert Kardashian’s name from her body. Not many people knew she even had Rob’s name tattooed on her and she made no secret of her immense regret for the decision. Bailon decided to tape her tattoo removal process for her talk show, where she discussed her regret and hindered her fans from getting someone’s name permanently inked on their body. In an interview with US magazine, Bailon stated that the real reason why she is so excited to get this tattoo removed is so she can start wearing Brazilian high-cut bikini bottoms again. Hey, we all have something we look forward to.

2 Kat Von D

1 Melanie Griffith

Actress Melanie Griffith was married to actor Antonio Banderas for almost 20 years and for almost 20 years, she has had that same fading, dried up tattoo of his name in a heart on her arm. It almost became a trait that people would associate her with (you now that actress with that fading tattoo of a name, I think it’s Antonio?). Well, it looks like after almost two decades together, Griffith is ready to drop both the man and the tattoo. She has been seen around town with the Antonio wiped clean out of her heart (concealer is literal magic).

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